Zenith Trim-14 Review – A Unique Approach to Weight Loss?


Zenith Trim-14 is a dietary supplement that helps individuals reach their fitness goals by being the one solution for all fourteen belly fat triggers. This premium quality product has been created by the dedicated Dr. Ryan Shelton in collaboration with his team of experts at Zenith Labs. Containing high-quality, natural ingredients that have been derived from rich sources, this product not only comes for a fair price but is also backed by a money-back guarantee.

Trim-14 Review

With all those slim models that media keeps promoting, the commoners have an image set in mind of what a woman should look like. Women start comparing themselves to other women, men have these high expectations and standards and worst of all, the younger generation grows being impacted by all this, learning to respect and admire people on the basis of what they look like. All this compare and despair is ruining the lives of overweight individuals.

These people find themselves lonely in crowds, left out among people they love, only because they are fat. Even for those who are basically happy and okay with what they look like, this need to be perfect eventually inflicts them too. Because as silly as it may sound, the life of a fat person is very much more challenging than that of someone who has a fit physique. An overweight individual misses several opportunities whether be it in his professional life or personal one.

He is mocked and disrespected. And even if one has nerves of steel and doesn’t let these things get to him, there is no denying that weight gain is directly proportional to illnesses and diseases. Obesity is a bad health condition, one that needs to be addressed. It doesn’t just have negative physical impacts, but way worse mental and emotional influences on a person as well. It takes one’s confidence down and makes one feel inferior.

That said, there are several programs and supplements that a person can go for. One of these is Trim-14. This is a product of Zenith Labs. With it, one can easily slim down his belly, regardless of the reason that stands behind his increasing weight. A blend of natural and helpful ingredients, no such harmful components have been added in the formula that can trigger negative side effects. Backed by science, this supplement is effective and reliable.

The approach this product takes

There are so many programs and products out there. Some say that the root cause of obesity is a slow metabolism, others say it is hormonal imbalance, yet others blame it on an abnormal appetite. A program that works for one person might not work for another. The reason behind this is simple; different people have different belly fat triggers. This is what this product stresses on. And therefore, it combines all the ingredients that are needed to combat each of these triggers.

So that everyone who struggles with his weight may be able to conquer it and successfully slim down. Zenith Trim-14 is a way to combat fourteen types of belly fat triggers as the name of the product suggests. So the product doesn’t just target one type of obese people. Additionally, it does not require one to cut down his diet or eat foods that he doesn’t like. One can not just become fit but also energetic by going for this product.

Ingredients of this product

Zenith Trim-14 combines the power of a lot of nourishing components that together make this product highly potent and help one chop off those extra pounds. One doesn’t have to try different programs to figure out which is the one that would work for his system. With this product, he can easily find his fix.

Acetyl-l-Carnitine (ALC):

Backed by scientific research, this element helps one with his slow metabolism and Imbalanced blood sugar levels. It boosts metabolism and regulates weight by melting fats rapidly and regulating sugar levels.

White Kidney Bean Extract:

Most people are unable to lose weight because the carbs they consume are stored instead of being converted into energy. Thanks to the addition of this ingredient, carbs are melted away instead of being accumulated as fats.


This element combats three other fat triggers. The first being that it is an appetite suppressant. Secondly it solves the issue of inflamed fat cells. Thirdly, it also helps drop the weight that is put on due to slightly haywire insulin levels.


This ingredient beats two other reasons behind weight gain. It stops the aggressive multiplication of fat cells. Next, it also increases one’s energy levels as most people put on weight because they are very inactive.

Rhodiola Rosea:

Owing to this compound, imbalanced cortisol levels are maintained. One’s mood is improved, he feels motivated, weight that is put on due to stress and fatigue is also dropped as all these problems are treated.

Other ingredients:  

The formula comprises of several other components as well including raspberry ketones that boost metabolism and melt fats. Irvingia garbonesis seed extract, hoodia gordonii and guarana seed that curb cravings. Korean ginseng root, garcinia cambogia, green coffee bean extract, and citrus aurantium have also been included in the formula.

Pricing and other details

The pricing policy for Zenith Trim-14 has been discussed below. It must also be noted though that a 6 months’ long money-back guarantee backs the product.

  • A single bottle for a 30-day supply comes for a discounted price of $49. Original price $79
  • A package of three bottles with each bottle priced at $39
  • A package of three bottles with each bottle priced at $33


There are a lot of weight loss products out there but this one, Trim-14 from Zenith Labs, is among those few that take an all-rounder approach to weight loss. By taking this pill, an individual can get the slim figure of his dreams despite the fat trigger that stands behind him being overweight. A top-notch product with a solid refund policy that takes the risks out of purchasing.

Date Last Updated: 31st Jan, 2018

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