Worst Carb After 50 – Avoid These 10 Carbs

worst carb after 50

Worst Carb After 50 – Top 10 Cars You Must Avoid If You Are 50 Or Above

As the age notch goes up the ladder, so do those pesky little digits on a person’s weighing machine, leaving him utterly distressed. Even though one might eat in moderation yet, he may be unintentionally adding inches to his weight and hence he is left with a perpetual frown forever. Because like others, the individual who just hugged a few extra pounds, believes that the body’s metabolism slows as he ages and therefore, putting weight becomes easy and losing becomes tougher from already being a tough nut to crack.

However, there is one tiny trick out of the weight loss bag, which can help one keep the adamant pounds at bay and it’s not observing moderation, it is called avoiding the 10 Worst Carb After 50.

Although carbohydrates break to yield glucose that is great for metabolism yet, not all carbs are friendly. An excess of these carbs go to the storage zone of the body, and of course, more storage takes more space, which parallels to a fat body. So, here is one service that a person can do to his body by cutting back on these foods that are loaded with carbs:


First in our list of worst carb after 50 is Bagel. Even before one has treated the innocent looking bagel with cream cheese, butter, or anything else, it is already packed with empty carbs. A single bagel is a source of 50 grams of carbs with about 250-300 calories. Judging by the figures, one can already imagine the favor that he’d do to his body by subtracting bagels from the health equation.

  1. Soda:

Soda is second in the list of worst carb after 50. Deep down inside, everyone is aware of the real identity of soft drinks but they have denied the truth for far long now, and by the time a person has struck the chords of the 50s, the ugly truth of soda being an overload of carbs and a bad choice for your heart health cannot be put off. Rather the truth needs to be punched straight in its gut so that one does not get drunk on 40 grams of carbohydrates and 150 calories from a 12-ounce can of a soft drink.  If this does not blink a red danger light in one’s face than the numbers can be further simplified: each can of soda contains a number of carbohydrates equivalent to 10 teaspoons of sugar.

  1. Jelly and Jams:

Even though one may have several memories associated with preservatives such as growing up stories, yet these aren’t as carb-free as they seem. Because jellies are small chunks of fruit smothered in a layer of juice and lots of sugar thus only a single tablespoon hands a sweet 13 grams of carbs. And here, many people take two slices with minimum two tablespoons of jelly spread.

  1. Cheese Crackers

Cheese crackers are no fruit, no protein, no nutrition only a crunchy does of carbohydrates layered in cheese. Period. So, by now one has a bright idea that crackers have zero nutritional value for they are only rectangles of 18 grams of empty carbohydrates each and high-fat cheese, calling for a big ‘no.’

  1. Cupcakes and all things baked

While mostly everyone feels that cupcakes have a naughty habit of whispering to people, beckoning them closer every time a person passes by so that there is no way to ignore these tempting little treats except one reverse antagonist in this tiny little happiness tale. And this antagonist is none other the weight widening carbs with a muffin containing about 69 grams of carbs and 30 grams plus sugar. With the sizes of these bakery items increasing and becoming cakier by the day, it is better to cut short the life of such sweet fairy tales.

  1. Popcorn

Popcorn comes at number 6 in the list of worst carb after 50. Ouch! That hurts because just as one cannot leave the movies, he cannot ditch the popcorns with it too, but the steps have to be taken for the sake of a healthier future and slimmer body. One medium bucket can cost a person about a whopping 1200 empty calories that makes popcorn a serious ‘no way.’

  1. Rice

White rice aren’t exactly as nice as one may have thought because most of the nutritional value of this staple food has been stripped off. Once upon a time, a plate of rice was all about antioxidants, fiber, and nutrients but now it is all carbs and calories. Whole grain rice is the healthier option one should seek instead.

  1. Fries

Here is another once upon a time tale when potato was the king as an incredible source of nutrition. However, cut the king into peasant-ly slim sticks with no skin and all that is left is a significant source of fats and carbs because the vitamins, fiber, and proteins made their departure with the skin that was peeled.

  1. Pizza

Even though there is no other heaven on earth such that as a thick-crust, cheesy pizza yet the truth lies more in favor of the negative underlines than one is aware of. The thick crust is nothing but a dough of carbs and empty calories that offer little nutrition and more cravings with a spike in one’s insulin levels.

  1. Pancakes

Typical mornings might include pancake aroma wafting through the room and making one hungry for a disk of butter, eggs, milk, salt, sugar, and white flour. But the pancake disk is not as healthy as it might appear. All the ingredients have a low nutrition density so that one is only left with carbs and calories to feed on. The additional chocolate or honey syrup doesn’t help either.

To cut to the core, advanced aging years require more care than one can imagine including special care if one wants to continue to preserve his trimmed and toned body. Carbs take the top position in this regime and are completely ‘avoid-me’ situation so that one continues to remain healthy, fit, and active. And as is general knowledge, prevention is better than cure so people should definitely avoid these worst carb after 50 because that is when a person is allowed only healthy parties.


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