Warburg Method Review – A Cure For All Diseases?


The Warburg Method, also known as the Natural Health Response is a collection of some unknown health tips that has the capability of curing cancers and other illnesses. The Method was discovered by the country’s best scientist during the days Hitler ruled. Unfortunately, the cure was unable to reach the medical industry which is why so many people from today’s generation are suffering from the life-threatening illness.

Luckily, the method has been uncovered by top scientists of today including John Hopkins researcher named Pete Pederson. By following the techniques described in the Warburg Method, symptoms of cancer can be cured and reversed for good.

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History Behind the Warburg Method:

The story of the Warburg Method began in 1935 when Hitler was ruling. Although, everyone knows about Adolf Hitler’s political history – not many know that the man who was feared by all was scared of CANCER.

Since, his mother died from breast cancer, Hitler was paranoid that the disease will take him too. His worst nightmare came true when he was diagnosed and  operated for a polyp found in his vocal chords. This led him to hire Dr. Otto Warburg, who was instructed to find a cure for the disease.

Surprisingly, Dr. Warburg not only found a cure for cancer but also ways to reverse symptoms of diabetes, arthritis, heart attacks, and other illnesses. During the research, Dr. Warburg also found a way to stop people from getting the disease in the first place.

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Unfortunately, his revelations were concealed which is why the many people suffering from cancer and other illnesses are spending thousands of dollars in the name of treatment. The treatment method is also not uncovered for the general public due to the Big Pharma industry who wish to make money off the patients by selling them expensive medications and treatment plans.

However, the secret is out and has also been verified by a John Hopkins researcher named Pete Pederson. Another researcher actually tested the theory on 19 cancerous rats and believe it or not – all the rats were cured from the disease and went on to lived a normal lifespan.

The theory was also tested on the 65-year old Beverly who was diagnosed with a deadly type of brain cancer. Upon following the Warburg Method for 60 days, Beverly’s cancer was completely cured and completely disappeared from scans.

How does the Warburg Method work?

The Warburg Method is based on the belief that tumor cells are multiplied due to the nutrients that it is fed. Once its “fuel supply” is shut off, cancerous cells diminish and completely disappear.

Advantages of using the Warburg Method:

The main advantage of following the Warburg Method is its affordability. Since, the treatment plan and medications for cancer are very expensive – the average budget individual is unable to follow it thoroughly. But the Warburg Method only requires some easily available ingredients that removes cancer from the roots and never comes back to threaten one’s life.

Where is the Warburg Method available?

Unfortunately, the Warburg Method is not available at the doctor’s office or any pharmacist. The secret therapy is hidden from the eyes of general public by Big Pharma companies who wish to make money at the patient’s expense by prescribing them different medications and treatment plans.

Luckily, the Warburg Method is exclusively described in the book, “The Secrets of Underground Medicine”.

The 510-paged book contains 25 other treatment plans for age related illnesses apart from the deadly cancer. These include:

  • Solution to diabetes in just 8 days without depriving from one’s favorite foods
  • How to re-grow healthy, young, and pain-free joints for arthritis patients
  • How “Nutrien-K” deficiency can be improved to overcome the chances of heart attack
  • Plus a lot more secret treatments that are not taught at any medical institute

Along the book, bonus materials are also provided to the interested consumers. This includes:

  • Beat the System: How to Survive a Hospital Stay
  • How to Save $5,000 on Medicare
  • How to be Diabetes Free in 7 Weeks

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The complete set of books can be availed by subscribing to the Natural Health Response by paying only $49.00 for one year or $89.00 for two year subscription. Each subscription comes with all three bonus materials that are stated above. All purchases are backed with a complete money back guarantee which the consumer can claim if they are not satisfied during their first year of subscribing.

More about Dr. Otto Warburg:

Dr. Otto was a famous scientist even before the war and had earned his first Nobel prize in 1931 for his research on human cells. He was also nominated for 46 Nobel prizes from 1923 to 1932. The Jewish medical doctor held a phd in Chemistry.


Approximately 39.6 men and women are diagnosed with cancer. According to statistics of 2013, there is an estimated 14,140,254 people living with cancer in USA alone. It has also been noted that more than $65,000 dollars are spend on chemotherapy and other treatments every month by each cancer patient.

Sadly, even after paying so much money and investing time and effort – cancer still remains uncurable and life-threatening for many. In 2012, there was an estimated 8.2 million deaths from cancer in the world.

Lucky for those who bumped into this review can now save themselves and their loved ones from the deadly disease. The Warburg Method along with several hidden secrets can now be availed by just clicking one button. The Secrets of Underground Medicine along with the bonus items and a monthly subscription of Natural Health Response is filled with tips and techniques to make one’s life better, healthier, and longer. By following the simple remedies in all the materials that come with the subscription, users can improve the quality of their life and be free from all diseases including cancer.

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