Vital Stem Review – Ingredients and Side Effects Revealed


Live Cell Research Vital Stem is a revolutionary supplement that consists of a potent formula for enhancing longevity. It helps in bringing about anti-aging effects along with enhancing the cognitive function. As a result, a large number of common age-related issues are prevented. These amazing results are achieved by improving the body’s levels of stem cells. In this way, the product is able to deal with age-related health issues at the cellular level. This supplement is the first of its kind. It is composed of natural ingredients and is free of side-effects. Regular use of Vital Stem can bring about a noticeable change in the quality of health.

The discussion below explains more about this unique supplement.

A Potent Formula for Longevity

Live Cell Research has introduced an extraordinary way of improving life expectancy. A healthy and long life can be enjoyed by effectively fighting the culprits behind age-related issues. Damaged cells can be replaced by stem cells. These are precursor cells which possess the ability to be converted into any type of particular cell that can further grow into a tissue or repair damaged organs. Aging individuals have decreasing natural levels of stem cells. This is the reason why internal damages lead to degeneration of different tissues and organs of the body.

Vital Stem by Live Cell Research focuses at rebuilding the levels of stem cells in the body. This is a unique approach that no other product in the market has offered so far. By using this supplement, one can help stimulate the repair of damaged cells. As a result, age-related issues such as cognitive disabilities and joint problems are alleviated. Consequently, longevity is enhanced so that one can enjoy a long and healthy life. Live Cell Research is the company behind Niagen and Midogen, two of the best selling anti-aging supplements in the market.

More About Dr. Rand McLain

This special formula has been developed by Dr. Rand McLain. He specializes in formulating sports medicines and supplements for longevity. Vital Stem is one of his most recent developments. It is sold by a reputable company known as Live Cell Research. Many supplements – which aim at improving health in various ways – are sold under this name. Some focus at enhancing the function of the heart while others offer a formula for supporting the cognitive function. All of these supplements work at the cellular level to bring effective as well as long-lived results. This is another product by the company which promises such results.

Five Potent Ingredients of the Supplement

The supplement is composed of five effective ingredients which combine to produce a rejuvenating formula. Each one of the ingredients helps in achieving the desired results in a natural way. Therefore, Vital Stem carries no risk of potential side-effects.

One of the five potent ingredients is L-carnosine. It brings about several positive health effects. It has been tested in the lab where it enhanced the lifespan of human cells. It has also been tested on mice and showed the same results. In addition, L-carnosine also prevents neurodegeneration – a common age-related problem. Damaged neurons lead to memory loss as well as more serious conditions including Parkinson’s, Huntington’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. The supplement prevents the onset of these irreversible conditions through the power of L-carnosine.

Another effective ingredient found in the supplement is leucine. Clinical studies have revealed that this substance strengthens the muscles by encouraging the production of muscle protein. Therefore, individuals can retain their strength as their longevity is enhanced.

The formula also contains vitamin D3 as one of the key ingredients. It is vital for improving the strength of bones. A deficiency can be developed if individuals do not have sufficient exposure to sunlight. Likewise, a diet lacking the vitamin can also lead to problems. Aging individuals often face the issue of weakening bones. Vital Stem deals with this problem by supplying vitamin D3 to the body.

Green tea extract is another important part of the supplement. It contains EGCG which is well-known for its numerous health benefits. Apart from bringing about weight loss, the compound also enhances brain health. In addition, it possesses cancer fighting properties. Overall, EGCG helps in enhancing the quality of life.

Lastly, it contains blueberry extract. Blueberry is packed with antioxidants – substances which effectively fight against aging. Therefore, it helps in preventing age-related degenerative diseases. In addition, the extract also imparts a favorable taste to the supplement.

The combined effect of these potent ingredients boosts the natural levels of stem cellsin the body. This is how various age-related diseases are prevented and overall longevity is enhanced.

The Amazing Results

The powerful ingredients of Live Cell Research Vital Stem combine to improve the life span of individuals. The quality of life is enhanced so that people can enjoy a healthy living even after crossing a ripe, old age. One of the most remarkable effects of the supplement is improved cognitive function. The brain retains its strength and power since the process of neurodegeneration is prevented. Secondly, this product also significantly improves joint and muscle strength. This is very important for old age.

The Bottom Line

Vital Stem by Live Cell Research is a revolutionary anti-aging supplement. It consists of natural ingredients. The formula is gluten-free as well as lactose-free. Therefore, it can be used by all individuals without fear of allergic reactions or other side-effects. It improves life expectancy and maintains strength. Individuals can enjoy a long and healthy life through regular use. It is different from most other types of health supplements available in the market which fulfill nutritional deficiencies.

This supplement, however, functions at the cellular level. It helps in fixing degenerated cells and tissues by stimulating cell repair by the power of stem cells. This is a unique treatment that makes it one-of-a-kind supplement.

The use of this formula is safe. Individuals do not have to quit other medication since this supplement can be safely taken along with other medicines and supplements. However, it is always advised to consult your physician before starting any supplement. The promised results are amazing. The company also offers a 90-day money back guarantee. This proves the reliability of the product. Interested folks should hop over to the official website of Live Cell Research Vital Stem for more information.

Disclaimer: This is an independent third party review. The owner of this website does not own Live Cell Research, Vital Stem or related trademarks.


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