Vintage Burn Review – How Effective Is It?

Vintage Burn Review

Developed by Old School Labs based in California, Vintage Burn is a wonderful fat burning system and not only a system it is a complete package, that enables one to lose weight burning fat, boost energy, increase mental alertness and shape muscles as desired.



  • Weight loss: Vintage Burn helps burn body fat which is unwanted and unhealthy, plus it cuts the cellulite in the body. There are also times when the body looks FAT just because of the inflammation and swollen muscles. Vintage Burn helps decrease swelling too and ultimately gives body a better shape.
  • High energy: when the body gets rid of the unwanted fat, the blood flow gets stable. Insulin in the blood is able to utilize blood glucose more efficiently and so the body feels active and electrified all day.
  • Improved mental alertness: Vintage Burn helps improve the mental coordination with the body. It strengthens the neurons’ structure and so helps the mind get alert. This way, it removes the symptoms of mental disturbance like anxiety and depression. It also reduces the conditions of mood swings and helps relax the temperament.
  • Desired muscles: when unwanted fat is burnt, Vintage Burn further helps the muscles attain better shape. There are longer muscle pumps and shaped biceps and triceps.


  • Green tea leaf extract: it helps improve metabolism. Treats most abnormalities related to blood like leukemia. Green tea leaves have been reported to clean and cleanse the blood vessels. Plus, it helps strengthen the bone cartilage. It dissolves the kidney stones and does not allow them to stay in the kidney, instead they get easily excreted out, with the other bowel waste.
  • Green coffee bean extract: Green coffee beans have an element that greatly functions as an antioxidant, namely Chlorogenic acid. It helps to control the blood pressure as well as helps with weight loss by purifying the body from inside and specifically the intestinal lines.
  • Raspberry ketones: Raspberry ketones help with weight loss by increasing a hormone called adiponectin. This hormones directly works for cutting up the extra fat in the body.
  • Olive leaf extract: Olive leaves are excellent ingredients that safeguard the body and heart against cardio vascular diseases, as well as stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and arthritis. It helps to strengthen arterial health as well. It is also reported to reverse the age-related degenerative symptoms.
  • Caffeine: caffeine is effective in treatment of mild headaches to severe migraines. It tends to improve mental alertness and back up mental performance and that’s the sole purpose of using caffeine in energy booster drinks.
  • Bacopa leaf extract: It helps the brain get relax and calm. Also, treats the symptoms like hyperactivity, anxiety, mental disturbance and heals sleeplessness. It stimulates the chemicals that are responsible for effective functions of learning, thinking and retaining memory.
  • Garcinia leaf extract: It helps prevent bad appetite and controls fat storage in the body. It aids the fat burning and proves to make significant improvement if taken along with exercise routines.
  • Chrysin: Reported to increase the male hormone Testosterone, Chrysin belongs to a class of flavonoids and is helpful in body building, treating erectile dysfunction, anxiety and inflammation.
  • Forskohli root extract: It is a herbal mint that helps in weight loss by aiding the utilization of blood glucose. Plus, it helps reduce inflammation and swelling in the body because of pus cells. It helps in muscle building by simply cutting off the extra fat from the muscle mass so they get in shape.

Customers say a lot more:

Vintage Burn has an average rating of 4 out of 5. Users have reported that it is an excellent fat burning supplement. Many have also commented that it helps reduce fatigues and joint pain. Other have remarked and praised the customer service, which is said to be very dependable, reliable because each customer is dealt with individually.  There have been transparent reviews about people who had contacted the website and were unaware of the present deals and discounts and so were ready to buy on a higher price. Conversely, they were informed by the company of the lower prices and how they could be availed.


Vintage Burn, as the name indicates is a 4-in-1 product that suits the daily needs of the body in terms of nutrition, care and attention. The ingredients are carefully picked that suit the people on fat burning routine and with that, protect the mental and heart health that could have otherwise be compromised because of adverse exercising routines. Other than controlling the blood glucose and working on insulin, it ensures excretion of total toxin waste by regulating the bowel movements and also supports heart burn and ulcers.

Needless to say, after burning fat and controlled weight, the next target is the increment in the muscle mass with a perfect shape. Its function can be made to 100% optimum, if the dosage is accompanied with intake of fruits and vegetables every day and junk food is lessened. Healthy habits like sleeping for 6-8 hours daily and brisk walk in the morning support greatly the functions of Vintage Burn. One more thing specific to mention is that Vintage Burn would have effects depending upon the physique and habits of people, some might take couple of days for the product to go effective while some may take up to weeks.

Dosage recommendations:

The experts suggest that two capsules should be taken a day, 30-35 minutes before meal. This is said to be the ideal quantity, however, if one is generally sensitive and has a fear of body reactions, should consult medical practitioner or to satisfaction should begin with a capsule a day and gradually bring it to two a day.

Orders and pricing: 

Vintage Burn can easily be ordered from its official website for only $49. There are other discounts that keep getting changed time to time and more information can be found on the same website. The best thing about the product is that it has a money back guarantee of sixty days and the product, if does not satisfy, can be returned any time within this trial period for a FULL cash refund.


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