VersaPeel by PriyanaMD – All-in-One Skin Care Solution?


VersaPeel is a skin care product that exfoliates, detoxifies, cleanses and rejuvenates skin to give it a brighter glow, better complexion, and smoother look. It is a part of Priyana MD’s “Make Over In A Bottle Collection” and is actually an exfoliator that combines the properties of a cleanser and an anti-aging cream. It corrects whatever harm the skin goes through due to pollutants, sun exposure, and other such factors.

Spending a lot of time outdoors is a necessity, but it comes with its negative impacts. It’s not just about the environment outside but even staying a lot indoors can dull the skin. Nothing suffers as much as the skin does. It goes through so much and eventually all the factors take a toll on it. A woman might think that her skin looks great despite everything but on the inside of the surface, there is a lot of damage churning that shows up with age.

Talking about age, there are several effects that it also has on a person’s skin. With age wrinkles and lines get sketched on the skin and dark circles form under the eyes, the shadows dulling one’s overall appearance. Not just age, but exposure to toxins is also very harmful to the skin. There is just so much that can ruin the look of the face from acne and its scars, to dullness and discoloration.

This amazing exfoliator VersaPeel by PriyanaMD is one product that a lady can truly rely on. Where there are several alternatives out there, none of them is quite as magical as this one. It doesn’t have any horrific side effects either. It just gently regenerates the skin, scrubbing off the dead cells and impurities that one cannot see though they strive on the skin.

How to use this product?

For maximum effectiveness, one should use VersaPeel on a daily basis. The treatment product must be applied on the face gently in upward motions and left to rest on the skin for almost three to five minutes before being removed. The product must be used at least twice a day. How fast the results kick in depends on the skin type and condition and history of products used on the skin.

Ingredients of the product

VersaPeel has been made using only the finest quality of ingredients. It contains five kinds of AHA/BHA Acids, Arbutin, and Licorice. Both AHA and BHA are exfoliators. Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) hydrates and moisturizes skin, it reduces dryness and makes skin suppler as it is water soluble. It also brings about a decrease in the damage caused by the sun.

Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA), on the other hand, is oil soluble. Thus, it helps people with oily skin by unclogging blocked pores and reducing acne. Together both of these, work to exfoliate the skin, remove dirt and toxins. Arbutin lightens the skin and reduces melatonin and pigmentation cells and spots.

Then there is Licorice which also has lightening properties thanks to its glabridin content. Glabridin is a chemical compound that occurs naturally. It deals with melatonin creation, decreasing it to maintain the tone of the skin and save it from discoloration. It also reduces dark circles, spots and scars on the skin. Together these ingredients, improve the condition of the skin and give a flawless look.

Benefits of using this product

There are several advantages of incorporating VersaPeel by PriyanaMD in one’s skin care regimen. Some of these have been mentioned below.

Eliminates impacts of the sun:

It’s no secret that sun exposure has every individual worried. The one complaint that everyone has from the sun is how it darkens their skin colors, causes pigmentation, and in some cases, it’s heat triggers oil production as well which causes pimples. This product helps one recover from all these harmful impacts of the sun.

Minimizes skin irregularities:

The product decreases the appearance of pores. It brightens the skin as well. Many women complain of dullness that is due to exertion, stress or some other reason. This product is nice on the skin yet intense in its working as it optimally adds a radiant glow to one’s skin.

Reverses aging:

After a particular age, all a woman wants is the look of her youth back. Everyone is in search of a magical potion that can turn back the effects of time on their appearance. This product has anti-aging properties as it smooths out wrinkles and lines. It reduces the effects that age has had on the skin.

Hydrates the skin:

Lack of water or over dryness can suck the moisture of the skin leaving it crinkly and damaged. This product balances out the moisture level of the skin. It hydrates the skin, bringing about a substantial reduction in dryness.

Reduces oil, bacteria, and pimples:

What triggers acne? Oiling and bacteria. Excess oil production, even if it doesn’t cause zits, can coat the skin in a sheeny and sticky layer, in particular, the t-zone area. Whereas, bacteria are so destructive that they can cause skin diseases as well. This product, decreases oil production, fights off harmful bacteria and puts an end to acne.

Overall freshness:

Another favor VersaPeel does is that it improves the overall texture and color of the skin giving one a refreshing appearance. It cleans the skin deeply and removes all types of toxins and harmful substances, reduces pigmentation, melatonin and what not! It does an all-in-one job and provides the skin complete care.


VersaPeel by PriyanaMD is an incredible treatment option for perfect and whole skin care. There is not a problem that this product doesn’t combat. It is an exfoliator with qualities of other helpful facial products as well. Currently, it is available at a cost of 139 dollars which might sound like too high a price, but the product is entirely worth the money. The ingredients are potent and of the highest quality. The formulation is backed by research. Indeed, a reliable and efficient product.


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