Twitch Cube Review – Stress and Anxiety Relief?


Do you drum fingers while at work? Or play with your hair during a (read: boring) lecture?

According to experts, wringing your hands, playing with something in front of you, and/or tapping the table are just some common signs of fidgeting.

The reasons for doing so are usually nervousness, anxiety, boredom, stress, and/or lack of control.

Regardless of the reason, fidgeting destroys your productivity and makes you more anxious than you already are. On top of all, fidgeting is downright rude!

To reduce the occurrence of stress, most people take anti-depressants or partake in meditation. Some even go ‘old school’ and invest in a stress ball that helps relieve stress and anxiety to some extent.

A newly introduced gadget for the same purpose is the “Twitch Cube”.

With the use of this nifty and miniature device, you will be able to reduce anxiety, eliminate stress, increase attention span and improve productivity. The six-tactile surfaces of the cube are designed with various cool features so the users can flip, switch, and roll all day, anytime, anywhere.

Why do we fidget?

As mentioned above, fidgeting is a way to response to feelings of anxiousness or nervousness. Since you are in a place from where you can’t run away – the energy in your body finds its way out through the jittering of legs, tapping off fingers, and even biting the fingernails.

Fidgeting has a bad reputation!

Just imagine how you would feel if the person opposite you continues to drum his fingers on the table while you are giving a speech. Or what if your date keeps biting her fingernails during dinner?

You would definitely find these behaviors rude and consider the person opposite you obnoxious, ill-mannered and even arrogant.

However, when the tables are turned you will justify yourself as being nervous when put in the same position.

To help individuals relieve the stress, fidget cubes such as the one in review come very handy.

Unique Design:

According to experts, sensory items that are designed to ‘de-stress’ the users are a good way to keep the fingers busy while you fix your mind to the task ahead.

Whilst the stress balls only allow users to ‘squeeze’, the fidgeting cube has something interesting on each side. In short, each side has something that you can play with.

  1. Click: So you don’t have to click that pen anymore.
  2. Glide: No need to fidget with the roller on the mouse.
  3. Flip: The switch pivots back and forth soundlessly.
  4. Breathe: Designed with traditional worry stones which aid in reducing anxiety as you rub the surface.
  5. Roll: The rolling side is equipped with gears and balls so you can roll away all your worries.
  6. Spin: By spinning the dial continuously, users are more able to concentrate on the movement of their hand that reduces fidgeting.

Lightweight and attractive:

Fidget Cubes are pocket-size and lightweight so you can easily carry it in your purse, wallet, pocket, and even hand. They are discreet and can be used anywhere, anytime.

The cubes come in 10 different color schemes including Graphite, Midnight, Berry, Retro, Fresh, and Backer designed.


The best thing about the cube is that regardless of the feature you use, the cube doesn’t make a sound. The clicks, rolls, and spins are all noiseless so you don’t have to worry about disturbing others will you relieve your anxiousness.

The cube is ideal for the use in:

  • Office
  • Class
  • While studying
  • During commuting
  • In a meeting
  • And even while watching TV


The plastic used in the making of the cube is high-quality while the materials used on the six-sided figure are also durable. Those who purchase the stress reliever can use it for long periods of time without wearing it down. The cube stays in great shape for years.

To clean, just wipe it down with a wet washcloth and dry it completely. The cube will be as good as new.

Based on solid research:

The interesting part is that the cube is backed by solid scientific research. The makers of the device have claimed that they have spent countless years studying the basics of fidgeting and how to overcome the condition.

After coming to the conclusion that most individuals use their hands to relieve stress and anxiety, they created the Twitch Cube.

The makers of the cube have claimed that they too were fidgets which negatively impacted their professional and personal life. According to them, by using the multi-featured cube during the periods of nervousness, one can eliminate:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Distraction
  • Boredom

And increase:

  • Productivity
  • Concentration
  • Happy feeling
  • Energy

Appropriate for all ages:

How many times have you heard mothers of young children saying, “Stop Fidgeting!” however, young children have a lot of energy which just wants to get out. Children are also unable to sit in one place for long periods of time, thus leading to fidgeting.

Of course, we cannot give young kids anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medicines. But you can give them the cube that will help them concentrate on the object in hand and relieve their abundant energy.

The cube is appropriate for ages 3 and above which means that you can give the same to young children as well as adults.

Where to buy the cube?

The Twitch Cube can be purchased from the official website of the company. The current price of the gadget is only $39.00. If you buy more than one, you can qualify for a good discount.

The best thing is that the makers are offering every purchase with free shipping so you don’t have to pay any amount extra to cover the postage fees.


Overall, the cube is a great way to keep your fingers busy while you endure boredom or even go through an uncomfortable situation.

Those who have added this product to their regular routine have experienced complete satisfaction with the results offered. The cube has also been endorsed in many media publications which prove how effective the product is.

If you are also suffering from embarrassment due to your nervousness, then don’t delay and purchase your Twitch Cube now.



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