Turapür Pitcher is a new water filtration device that produces hydrogen-rich water which provides antioxidant benefits for the drinker’s health. The Water Pitcher is described as the “fountain of youth” for its benefits to a person’s health. Read below to find out if it actually works.

If water can become contaminated can’t the opposite of it be done as well? Can water not be made even healthier for drinking? One might think that this cannot be done. However, that is not true. Turapur, water filtration system, is one that can make a person healthier, make his skin more radiant and even make his joints stronger.

This water filtration system comes in two models; the pitcher and the countertop device. It might as well be the fountain of youth. It is a water ionizing system that enriches water by increasing its hydrogen content and level of antioxidants giving an improved taste, smell and quality.

IMPORTANT: Turapur Water Pitcher is only available from its official website and comes with 100% 3-year warranty. It is not available on Amazon, or any other online store. Interested folks should only buy it from its official website. Click here to activate your $20 off discount coupon and reserve your free filter. 

What is the Turapür Water Pitcher?

The Turapür Pitcher creates hydrogen-rich water in just three simple steps. Just pour water into the top, wait for it to pass through the filter, and see the filtered water come out from the bottom.

Hydrogen-rich water is known to have several benefits including:

  • Body detoxification
  • Lubricates joints and muscles
  • Body temperature regulation
  • Improved digestion
  • Enhanced energy
  • Keeps the mind alert
  • Better nutrient absorption by the body
  • Reduced effects of aging

Scientific research has also claimed that drinking water rich in hydrogen helps reduce the risk of diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, arthritic symptoms and even some types of cancer.

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How does the Turapür Water Filtration System work?

The makers of Turapür claim that they have carefully selected the mineral layers for the system. When the water is passed through these mineral layers – a chemical reaction occurs. As a result of the effect, freed hydrogen ions are released in the water.

Hydrogen ions are beneficial for the body since they help balance the free radicals in the body. The free radicals are responsible for destroying the cells in a person’s body making it vulnerable to disease and illness. However, antioxidants are chemicals that can safely interact with the free radicals and prevent them from damaging the person’s cell system.

The main sources of antioxidants are fruits and vegetables. Another way to get antioxidant rich nutrition is by drinking hydrogen water produced by the Turapür Water Pitcher. The hydrogen water has “a super powerful antioxidant” that gives the drinkers more energy, reduces the risk of diseases, and combats the effects of aging.

Drinking water is always healthy. And by drinking water from the Turapür Water Pitcher, the users can double the benefits that they get from drinking plain tap or bottled water.

How is hydrogen rich water produced through Turapür Water Pitcher?

Hydrogen rich water is created in two stages.

In the first stage, a special filtering layer is used. The layer is a NSF-certified activated carbon and is used to take away the foul odor and bad tastes from the water. The next layer is made of “Ion Exchange Resin” which works to soften the water. The water softening process removes the magnesium, calcium, and other metal elements from the water. As a result, the water immediately tastes better.

The second and final stage of the Turapür Water Pitcher is to enrich the water. A mixture of the three elements is used for the purpose. These include:

  • Magnesium
  • Tourmaline
  • Infrared ceramics

It has already been agreed upon that water is made from H20 that is two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. When the water interacts with magnesium, the magnesium attracts the oxygen atoms and links with them. This separates the hydrogen atoms from the oxygen.

The other elements – tourmaline and infrared ceramics free up more hydrogen making the water a healthy choice.

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Benefits of using the Turapür Water Pitcher:

The makers of Turapür Water Pitcher have used their expertise along with the research of Japanese scientists to create great tasting water that refreshes the cell from inside out. Some benefits of purchasing the Turapür Water Pitcher include:

  • Great tasting water rich with free hydrogen
  • Can even be used for cooking
  • Alkaline water is produced by 9 PH
  • Easy to store. Even fits in the refrigerator
  • Easy and convenient to carry even in picnics and parks
  • No assembling or installation required

There are several reasons one should get this filtration system. It is excellent for health. As the water, it provides is rich in hydrogen and antioxidants it is very beneficial to health. It can reverse the effects of aging and make a person feel more energized. It reduces the chances of getting diseases as it balances the free radicals in the body.

The antioxidants in the filtered water combat the free radicals that increase the risks of illnesses like cancer and other heart and blood-sugar related diseases. It has been proved by research that hydrogen-rich water helps prevent diabetes as it improves metabolism in the body.

Drinking this water aids in reducing joint problems as well by strengthening muscles. One would think how it helps in making him younger? The answer is simple. The water makes sure one’s skin remains glowing and bright, the body stays in shape and spirits remain high.

Apart from that, the water tastes substantially better, and the smell is also good. As it raises the pH to 9, it makes water more alkaline, adding to its merits and making it healthier. The system filters out the contaminants from water and makes it tasty and healthy. It’s an excellent alternative to bottled water and the overall costs are also less.


One drawback of Turapür Water Pitcher is that it is only available in United States of America. This pitcher cannot be shipped to consumers outside USA. So, if you are in USA, you can get your hands on this amazing pitcher.


Currently, the price of the pitcher as stated on its website is $59.95 + shipping and handling. But you can use our coupon code and get $20 off + free filter with your purchase. At the time of ordering, consumers are automatically enrolled in the “Priority Pass” program.

Unless the priority pass is cancelled by the buyer, the company sends out replacement filters after certain periods and automatically charges on the credit card used to purchase the water pitcher initially.

The makers advise changing the filter every two months. Those who are members of Priority Pass program will automatically receive three filters (6 months supply) after 60 days of ordering. Every six months thereafter, the buyer will continue to receive 3 more filters for $45.00

The Turapür has a 100% three-year warranty. During the time period, any broken or damaged parts will be replaced. However, the company will not be liable to change any part if the damage is caused by user’s own negligence.

There is also no satisfaction guarantee. The makers disapprove of the “trying out” phase where consumers try the product and return it if not satisfied.

The makers of the product:

The Turapür Water Pitcher is created by Nate Rifkin under the company “Laissez Faire”. The company is based in Baltimore, Maryland.


Turapür Pitcher is backed by scientific evidence and research which shows that hydrogen rich water is good for health. It has also been observed to enhance the energy levels in cancer patients.

Interested folks should purchase the water pitcher by Turapür now as supplies are limited. It is not available on Amazon, or any other online store. Use the link below to activate $20 discount and get free filter with your purchase.




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