TRU Niagen: How is it a good formula for well-being?


While several people turn deaf ears to the scientific myth that left handers die early or such and such superstition can shorten the life span, there is no denying that at the bottom of everything, everyone just wants to live a healthy and happy, long life. Life can be cut short due to the cellular malnutrition or wear and tears that affects the body at the later stages of life. These factors also contribute to the early signs of aging. There is one way to break free from the aging spell though and lead a healthy life and this way is called TRU Niagen.

Weak or undernourished cells tend to slow the body metabolism, reduce energy, and culminate in the onset of aging. This supplement works to reverse these symptoms so that an individual can see an improvement in one’s health. All this is afforded to a person without any side effects or hidden harms in the long run.

What is Product?

TRU Niagen is a dietary supplement that aims to expand an individual’s life span while simultaneously ensuring good, healthy and an energized body. The supplement is specifically dedicated to the aging class in the population as it name suggests so that a person can recover from any necessary lack of energy and aging problems.

With age, the mental and physical functioning of the individual goes down so that a person is weaker and less resistant to other infections and diseases. This unique formula with the key ingredient of NAD+ aims to eliminate these problems and enhance the time frame of an individual’s survival.

Moreover, this formula has been made only after extensive research so that the side effects can be minimized and a person can stay fit as a fiddle in a natural way.

The Key Ingredient of the Product

The unique composition of TRU Niagen is based on the main ingredient of NAD+. It stands for Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, which is a co-enzyme that exists in all the living cells. The functions and responsibilities of these molecules are limitless. Some of its major contributions in the cellular functioning include improving the metabolism, promoting the rejuvenation of cells, and prevention of accumulation of free radicals so that damage from these could be minimized and health can be maximized.

NAD+ is also responsible for the activation of mitochondria also known as the power house of the cells. It helps in transmitting of significant nutrient in the cells and converting the food taken into energy.

The rest of the composition of the supplement is also pure. It consists of all the natural ingredients and is nut-free and gluten-free. There is no use of artificial flavors or colors in the supplement as well, which is vegetarian and vegan.

Expected Results

The TRU Niagen works to improve the overall health of a person so that he is healthy, energized, and agile throughout the day. The supplement is effective and it shows results gradually. There are subtle changes that a person will start feeling such as energy consistent, improved quality of sleep, better cognitive functioning, quicker recovery from regimes of exercise, and an overall feeling of well-being.

These can be felt within 4-16 weeks of starting the intake of the supplement. The results may vary from individual to individual.

Proven and Tested Formula

The TRU Niagen is a scientifically proven formula. Clinical studies show an improvement in the cellular metabolism with increased levels of NAD+ with the consumption of this dietary supplement.

A cherry on top is that the formula of this supplement is also tested for its safety and is produced in facilities that meet the requirements attributed by the FDA. The supplement has also been subject to purity testing so that the end product for the consumers is a safe and healthy formula.

Dosage of the Supplement

To derive the optimum health benefits of this formula, individuals are recommended to take two supplement on a daily basis. There is no restriction of when and at what time to take this capsule so a person can have it during any time of day, the pills daily with an adequate amount of water can help show several healthy improvements. These may be taken with or without food.


Every single bottle of TRU Niagen lasts for a month. The prices vary according to the needs and quantity purchased by an individual. The prices also differ if a person has a subscription already. A clear idea of the price ranges includes:

-A single bottle of this health supplement for $50

-3 bottles of the health supplement for $119.75

-6 bottles of the supplement are for $221.

These prices are quite economical. The rates are, however, lighter on the pocket if a person has a subscription of the supplement. Such as consumers with a subscription can get a bottle for $45, which lasts for a month. Three bottles will be available in $114.75 and will last for 3 months. Likewise, the six supplements bottles packages will be for $216.

With the subscription plan, an individual will be able to save $100 annually. It is, of course, best to get a bottle first and check its tolerance before placing a huge order.


There are numerous benefits of this supplement. Some of these are:

  • A natural way to boost energy and maintain health
  • Effective results
  • No side effects
  • Made in the FDA approved facilities
  • Tested for purity and safety
  • Improves cellular metabolism
  • No artificial colors or flavors in the formula


The TRU Niagen is an effective formula that works to improve the cellular metabolism wits its key ingredient of NAD+. In addition to NAD+, there are no artificial, chemical, or impure chemicals used in the making of this supplement. Positive results are slow yet significant and a person needs to take two capsules daily with a good amount of water. Moreover, the prices are also reasonable so that everyone can afford the supplement.


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