Total Trim 11 Review – Lose Weight The Efficient Way?


Total Trim 11 is a weight loss supplement that combines the power of eleven highly-potent ingredients that bring the body back to a state where it is entirely hormonally balanced. The concept being focused here is that it is not just slow metabolism and a huge appetite that cause one to stack on weight but basically an unbalanced hormonal system is what causes the body to store fat instead of burning it. This product comes in pill form and makes it convenient to lose weight minus any strenuous efforts.

Total Trim 11

When it comes to losing weight, there are so many individuals who are just trying to find their way. They have no clue what is wrong with them and why despite pouring so many efforts in, their bodies are just unable to slim down. Fat hugs them adamantly and they are unable to feel their best, most confident versions. Not to forget, that being overweight attracts not just the mockery of other rude people, but it also increases the risks of a number of health destroying diseases such as a heart attack, high blood pressure levels, a raise in sugar or cholesterol, etc.

That said, there is a product known as Total Trim 11 that can assist people in getting rid of the obstinate weight that they carry in the folds of their skin. The creator of this product, Dave, saw his mum go through the devastation that being obese brings along. While looking for an easy cure for his mother, he stumbled across a breakthrough formula that can change the course of living for all those people who have excess and unhealthy weight. Thus, came into existence a product that can turn one’s body into a fat burning machine.

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Features of this product

There are several different paths that one can take to weight loss. However, not all of them help one reach his destination. The end results that most give aren’t that satisfying and each route has some obstacle blocking the way. Take for instance, exercising. Now while it must be an important part of everyone’s day, what most do not understand is that it is not that easy for those who have a weight above average. Because an overweight frame simply keeps one from exhausting workouts. Next option is a restricting diet. A diet that keeps one from his favorite meals and doesn’t work.

Fat blasting injections and surgeries are expensive and risky, so they are not even an option. Likewise, medically prescribed pills bring along adverse side effects on one’s overall health. A natural solution that doesn’t pose all these issues is Total Trim 11. This product comes in capsule form, so it can be easily added in one’s routine. It doesn’t require one to change his eating or living habits any further. Since, it has an organic composition there is no fear of negative side effects on health plaguing one’s life. All the ingredients have been derived from the best sources of nature.

The product has been formulated in a FDA-approved facility in the US. Therefore, there is no reason to worry about the quality standards not being up to par. The supplement is prepared in small batches and the manufacturing process adheres strictly to all the guidelines of health and hygiene. The eleven nutrients that are a part of the formula are also backed by science to be efficient at what they are meant to do, i.e.; help lose excess pounds. The company behind the product is Nutrition Hacks. This company has several other successful products on the market as well.

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Formulation of this product

As the name of the supplement suggests, Total Trim 11 comprises eleven nutrients. There are no additives, fillers, or other harmful substances that are a part of this formula. By going for this formula, one can lose weight and gain energy. He can also curb his cravings as he would feel fuller for longer. It also works to improve one’s mood and overall health and wellness. Below is a list of the eleven ingredients that make up this pill:

  1. Thiamin Mononitrate
  2. Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)
  3. Caralluma Fimbriata
  4. Maltodextrin
  5. CLA (conjugated linoleic acid)
  6. Niacin
  7. Vitamin B9
  8. 5-HTP
  9. Glucomannan
  10. Vitamin B12
  11. Guarana Extract

Pricing policy and other details

Total Trim 11 comes for a fair price of $69 per bottle. This is the discounted price that the website is offering currently. However, the original price of the product is $99. There are also two more deals that the company is offering. One is the standard deal in which one can get three bottles at once for $59 each. That’s a total saving of $270. The second is the premium package in which one can get six bottles at one time with each priced at $49.

This one gives one a chance to save $600. Going for the packages is more economical but it is better to invest in one bottle and try it before purchasing further. Also, the company gives a money-back guarantee that lasts for 180 days. Which shows that Nutrition Hacks has confidence in the efficacy of its product and it is a reliable company as well. The purchase is therefore risk-free and those who do not like the results offered by the product they can return it and get their cash back.


There are several products out there that guarantee weight loss but not all give satisfying results. From the claims of this supplement, it does seem to be promising. Total Trim 11 is a formula that contains a balanced amount of eleven nutrients that enable the body to burn fat more rapidly and also bring about a hormonal balance in the body.

Thus, fat is used up as energy instead of being accumulated in one’s mass. Through the use of this supplement, users can chop of excess pounds without having to work hard for the physique that they want to get.



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