The Truth About Fats Review – Does Kristina Wilds Guide Work?


The Truth About Fats

The Truth About Fats is a weight loss program by renowned author and researcher Kristina Wilds. The concept of this system focuses on a low carb and high fat diet. The fats are “healing fats” which can reduce one’s cravings whilst switching on the “master metabolic switch” of the body. The program doesn’t require one to engage in strenuous exercises or cut down his diet, it simply works by taking an intelligent approach that relies on the right foods and the motivation that is required to achieve a toned physique.

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The Truth About Fats review

Regardless of the advancement of recent years, there is still no organic injection that can immediately slim one down. Losing weight is still a challenging journey. And one would think that after all those movements and speeches, humans would have learned humanity but nope. Most people still laugh or look at obese people with hate and mockery filled glances. They still say those hurtful things without first even imaging themselves in the opposite person’s shoes. They still demotivate others and yank them down.

However, putting all this aside, being overweight is unhealthy. Despite the cause and effect, it can never be seen as something that is good for the bearer. Excess pounds send out invitation cards to other illnesses. But there are several ways one can melt those pounds. No matter how many times one has failed to chop off his adamant weight, there is always scope for trying once more. The truth that most physical trainers don’t tell is that it is not only exercise that can help one get fit.

What most diet plan makers don’t understand is that the answer to weight loss also does not lie in restricting oneself of food. Researcher and author, Kristina Wilds, says that to lose weight one must rely on healing fats. Just like there is good bacteria and bad bacteria, there are good fats and bad fats. And it is necessary to understand that healing fats can, not just assist one in slimming down but also play a role in regulating cholesterol levels optimally, reducing the risks of heart diseases etc.

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For this she has developed a program that one can go for, for not just dropping those obstinate pounds and improving one’s lifestyle but also for working toward fitness success with a goal-oriented community. The system is called The Truth About Fats. It focuses on providing one with easy recipes that can be prepared even by an amateur. It can be accessed via one’s phone so that one can reap the benefits on the go. And it definitely does not revolve around restrictive diets or exhausting exercises. The creator of this program seems confident about the positive results.

How does this program work?

The Truth About Fats by Kristina Wilds works by increasing one’s consumption of healing fats. It gives recipes and makes one aware of weight loss techniques in this regard. There are videos that the program provides which can assist one in his weight loss journey. These explain each step of the recipes easily. Not just that but each recipe is delicious. And can be easily prepared even by those who have not ever cooked a single meal. These on-the-go recipes allow busy individuals to implement the diet that this program talks about.

With most other programs a crucial component is often missing; that of community support. However, this one gives one access to the support of like-minded people who have the same aim; to chop off those pounds. This way one can stay motivated and not decide to dropout in the middle of the program. One can get support round the clock and can even ask any questions that he may have at any time. The program also gives one updates on the latest methods to reduce weight continually. Since the system is mobile-friendly, one can use it on his smart device anywhere. With access to tones of guides and other material, one can conveniently achieve his weight loss goals.

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The Truth About Fats contains all the stuff and know-how that one needs to shed off weight. But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t bring along any freebies. With this program come not one, not three, but five bonus materials! Together with these one finds a sure-fire strategy to healthy living. These five freebies are The Happy Gut Grocery Field Guide, Cellular Rejuvenation Secrets Manual, The Anti-Anxiety & Stress Elimination Guide, The Celebrity Anti-Aging and Weight Loss Secret, and lastly the Healthy Brain Manual.

Features of this program

There are several admirable qualities that The Truth About Fats program boasts of. Some of these have been discussed below:

  • It is a convenient route to weight loss. No injections, or surgeries
  • It doesn’t promote any harmful ingredients therefore there are no adverse side effects of use
  • One can purchase his own ingredients for the recipes given and therefore there is no fear of low quality
  • The meals are easy to prepare and delicious. Even amateurs can make these
  • Those who eat gluten free foods can also follow this diet
  • It comes from a reliable creator, Kristina Wilds, who has several other helpful programs on the market
  • Those who have busy routines can also easily follow this diet
  • The program can be accessed from anywhere on one’s smart device
  • There are no strenuous exercises or restricting meal plans
  • Backed by research as well and a natural route to recovery


Who doesn’t want to be fit with a youthful appearance? With The Truth About Fats one can lose weight without any troubles and gain a younger looking appearance along with increased energy levels. The program switches on one’s master metabolic switch which in turn helps convert fat into energy rapidly. The idea is to consume a diet with low carbs and high “healing” fats. The best part is that it comes online therefore one can conveniently follow it. It currently comes for a fair price of $47 with a solid money-back guarantee of 60 days.

the truth about fats


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