The Truth About Cancer Review – All One Needs to Know About This Deadly Illness?


The Truth About Cancer is a 3-day event that will take place from the 5th of October to the 7th of October at 9am US Eastern and 6am US Pacific. In this event the best doctors, scientists, and physicians from around the world would come forward and talk about everything related to cancer; from how the ailment can be prevented to how it can be fought and defeated.

What is it about?

Being sick with flu seems like the worst thing that can happen to an individual. He misses out on work, family moments, get-togethers with friends and what not. He is confined to bed with tissues surrounding him and he can’t even eat ice-cream. All he wants is to feel better and get back to normal. That is how one feels when he is a victim of such a minor health problem, just imagine how challenging it must be for cancer patients.

People who are inflicted by cancer live with the constant fear of death. There are days they can’t move, nights they spend crying. There are weeks they find themselves at hospitals going through procedures in the hope their lives would be elongated if not saved. They miss out on so much and independence is not even an option for them.

Cancer is one of the worst illnesses; it can be very difficult to bear. Not only does one feel helpless but hopeless as well. Unfortunately, the sickness attacks several people and takes into its fold one out of two people every day. There are not many people who get through it successfully and thus it has become increasing essential to find a solution. Operations and procedures are risky and hence there must be found some natural way to keep the illness at bay.

For this Ty and Charlene Bollinger have travelled around the world, met and collaborated with a whole lot of experienced experts who are in the medical field of cancer. These determined men are the hosts and co-founders of The Truth About Cancer. This is an event which will be held for three days. In this online event, there will be about 36 speakers from around the world.

This program would be for all those who have someone they know suffering through cancer. It is even for those who are nor patients of the disease neither have someone they know going through it. As everyone needs to be informed. One can never what tomorrow has in store for him. In this event one would be introduced to a lot of information.

It would talk about the a to z of cancer. Not just those repetitive things that everyone knows about. But also about the science backed yet natural ways to actually treat the ailment. According to what the official website of the event says there will be a discussion along with intervals for the audience to get a chance to ask their questions. A perfect opportunity that no one should miss.

Features of this event

The Truth About Cancer is one way, cancer patients can combat their greatest enemy. The founders of this program are dedicated to the cause of saving people from this deadly disease. In this three-day long event, they along with 36 other doctors, scientists, researchers from around the world who have studied cancer in depth would explain to their audience how this sickness can be prevented. They also discuss methods one can employ to beat cancer.

Through this program one can learn a lot that also from the comfort of his home as the event would take place online. By registering to it on the official website one would be gain alerts about when the program would start and other such essential details. People would be able to access it from their laptops and cellphones. Not only would they get to listen to experts but they would also get a chance to ask their questions.

Additionally, one would get the contact information and directory of all 36 experts that also for free. The treatment and the recovery process these doctors will talk about is natural. So that one can go for it without any worries. Other than that, it is also backed by science. The live stream would give one all the answers he needs about this horrible illness. The registration is free so there is really no reason to wait and miss out on the chance.

What will one learn?

There are scores of benefits of attending The Truth About Cancer. One is taught a lot of things, experts’ views, opinions, suggestions, and much more. As the official website of the event claims it tells one about the prevention and even the treatment of the sickness. Below given is a brief overview of the components of what one gets to learn.

Natural healing:

Individuals are taught how they can heal from the ailment naturally. Dr. Rashid Buttar would come forward and introduce people to seven naturally healing strategies which could help people get rid of cancer without chemo, radiations, and drugs.

Anti-cancer diet:

Cancer like all other sicknesses comes with its own requirements. And like any other sickness it can be treated or prevented by making changes in one’s diet. In The Truth About Cancer, experts Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr. David Jockers, would inform individuals about the ideal anti-cancer diet that they can go for, for prevention and treatment of cancer.

Evidence and results:

Each presentation and word is backed by real results and evidence. Scientific data, patient case studies, real results, and peer-reviewed literature are presented as proof for the audience. This way one is sure that what one is being told isn’t just true in theory.


The Truth About Cancer is one way a person can be informed about how he can fight off cancer that also naturally. This is not the first time Ty and Charlene Bollinger have introduced such a thing. In fact in the past too, they have made efforts to spread awareness regarding the deadly disease. Through this event, people get a chance to learn and recover.


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