Black Cumin Seed Oil Benefits – Top Reasons To Try This Oil


Where pharmaceutical medications aren’t always as effective as one would like them to be, herbal remedies have helped mankind thrive on despite being inflicted by seriously deadly diseases. One of the natural elements that helps the human body heal through its anti-inflammatory abilities is black seed cumin oil. This highly potent oil has been used for 3300 years since it was first used by Egyptians in the time of the pharaohs.

Black Cumin Seed Oil Benefits

It is known as Nigella Sativa as well. It contains several efficient ingredients, but the most significant and active of these is crystalline nigellone. Some of the other chemical compounds that are included in it are thymoquinone, beta sitosterol, palmitic acid, myristic acid, palmitoleic acid, stearic acid, oleic acid, arachidonic acid, linoleic acid, proteins and vitamins B1, B2 and B3. It also consists of calcium, zinc, copper, folic acid, phosphorous, and iron.

It is said that Cleopatra used it for maintaining her beauty, Queen Nefertiti used it for keeping her nails and hair in great shape, Hippocrates used it for solving the digestive and metabolic issues of his body. It was considered so valuable that King Tut had it stored in his tomb for using in his afterlife. Even scientific research and studies back the fact that black cumin seed oil is beneficial for maintaining health.

Here are some black cumin seed oil benefits:

Strengthens immune system

Consuming black cumin seed oil is directly proportional to increasing your body’s immunity to the extent that it can fight off cancerous cells! What it does is that it enhances the production of bone marrow along with increasing interferon. It protects normal cells from coming under the attack of damaged ones.

The oil also increases the amount of B cells’ producing antibodies. In this manner, it saves from a wide variety of illnesses. Even if a person who is not sick takes this oil, he would just be bettering his overall health and wellness, saving himself from potential health risks.

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Protects the cardiovascular system

The heart is one of the most vital organs of the body. This oil protects the health of the cardiovascular system by reducing capillary frailty and permeability, making the blood vessel walls more elastic, decreasing the pressure on the arteries and preventing thrombus formation.

It contains a high and concentrated content of omega 6 and nine fatty acids along with phytosterols to keep the health of the heart nourished. It prevents the overall system of the heart from inflammation, reduces blood cholesterol and combats various cardiovascular diseases.

Helps in weight loss

Obesity has so many people worried. Shedding off weight by depending on home remedies is always better than consuming medications. Another black cumin seed oil benefit is that the use of this oil can help people get rid of excess weight along with eliminating the many problems related to being overweight.

This it does so by helping glucose get absorbed in the intestine, balancing blood sugar levels and reducing cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. It also curbs cravings so that a person doesn’t eat more than the amount that his body requires. By taking these approaches, it supports people in their weight loss journey.

Fights diabetes

Black cumin seed oil can also be used to prevent type 1 and two diabetes. Without bring along any side effects, it treats diabetes by increasing glucose tolerance effectively. It slowly regenerates pancreatic beta-cells, raises the concentration of serum insulin and reduces elevated serum glucose. This is how it functions to help treat diabetes.

Betters hair health

Hair loss and hair graying can be substantially reduced by the intake of black cumin seed oil. That is probably because the oil is filled with powerful antioxidants and has antimicrobial properties. It works by strengthening hair follicles. Once the hair roots are strong, hair loss decreases.

Helps with skin conditions

This oil heals and adds to the glow of the skin by increasing melanin production. It saves the skin from acne and problems as bad as eczema. It removes dark spots and betters the complexion of the skin as well. It soothes inflammation under the skin, and that is how it heals it from the inside out.

Improves digestion

Another incredible quality of black cumin seed oil is that it betters the digestive processes of the body. It also helps with getting rid of the embarrassing problems of bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation and what not! It is even used to treat intestinal parasites. It battles fungal and candida infection in the digestive system as well.

Treats asthma and allergies

Yet another benefit of using black cumin seed oil is that studies have shown that it also helps one eliminate asthma depending on the cause one got it. Similarly, it also acts as an antiallergic herb that can save people from a multitude of allergies.

Combats muscle and joint pains

Black cumin seed oil helps with the pain that resides in muscles and joints as well. It gives relief from backache too. What it does is that it loosens rigid muscles and strengthens bones. It is so efficient in its working that it can even treat arthritis.

Reduces anxiety

Anxiety can totally mess up a person’s day. It can make him lose several opportunities, and it has the ability to induce unnecessary fear of mainstream situations. This potent oil also calms down an overly excited nervous system. It decreases anxiety, and in turn, it saves from stress due to overthinking. It helps with lethargy and depression as well.

Other advantages

Since there are so many black cumin seed oil benefits, it should be noted that it helps eases cold and flu as well. It also helps a person stay active and keeps fatigue away. It treats bronchitis, migraines, insomnia, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, prostrate issues, gallbladder stone and kidney stones as well. It is so helpful that some of its benefits have not even been discovered yet.



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