Brian Flatt’s 2 Week Diet Plan Review – Astonishing Results!

the 2 week diet

Just a couple of weeks ago, I got my hands on a new diet called “The 2 Week Diet Plan”. Created by Brian Flatt, the diet claimed to assist users in losing 8 – 16 pounds in just 14 days.

The best thing at that time was the diet plan was available in digital format. This means no waiting weeks for the shipment to arrive.

Anyways, I being a little on the “chubby” side jumped at the opportunity, just like I do for every other diet plan that makes a similar claim.

However, to be very truthful, none of the tried diet plans that are backed with money back guarantee work as they claim to and in the end, I’m left running around behind the manufacturers for a refund on my investment.

But the 2 Week Diet Plan seemed different.

And I was sure of its positive results even before making a payment.

I guess because it is made by Brian Flatt, a renowned author, nutritionist, and personal trainer who has been in the health industry for many years. His vast experience shows in his creation and after studying the manual thoroughly, I was keen to incorporate it from the very next day.

The Components of the Program:

As I mentioned above, the 2 Week Diet Plan is available in digital format and can be downloaded instantly, after making a payment through the website’s secured gateway. The makers are offering several payment modes and interested consumers can select the one that best suits them. The e-guide is currently available for only $37.00 which seems really less for such an effective program.

The 2 Week Diet Plan contained the following manuals:

  • The Launch Handbook:
  • The Diet Handbook:
  • The Activity Handbook:
  • The Motivation Handbook:

The Launch Handbook is the main manual of the diet plan. It contains complete information on why one gains weight and why it is difficult to get rid of. By understanding the science behind “weight gain”, I was more able to avoid such triggers and maintain better health.

The Diet Handbook contains a list of foods that should be consumed in order to shed off the unwanted weight. The guide also contained a list of foods that we consume regularly which aid in weight gain.

From the list of these ingredients, I was surprised to find some foods that I eat every day. (Of course, I’ll not tell you about the foods that should be avoided and are the main triggers of weight gain. You have to purchase the guide yourself to find out).

The third manual of the diet plan is the Activity Handbook. As the name suggests, the activity handbook provides information about the physical activity one should perform to lose the desired weight. Since most “weight watching” individuals don’t enjoy going to the gym, the makers of this program make it easy for them.

The Activity Handbook contains a simple workout plan that can be followed from the comforts of one home. The “activity” also didn’t take up much time – just 20 minutes a day, and 3-4 times a week is sufficient.

Last but not the least, the Motivation Handbook offers enlighten to one’s mind. Being focused and strong willed is the main aspect of a successful weight loss and the program covers it for you and me.

The Motivation Handbook offers simple tips and tricks that not only helped me remain focused towards my goal during the span of the diet plan but also keeps me motivated presently – when the desired outcomes are reached.

The good and the bad:

The best thing about this specific diet plan is that it required no artificial stimulants like slimming pills and drinks that can be harmful to one’s health. The program is simple and easy to follow. It only requires users to eat the right foods, avoid the “weight gaining culprits”, and follow an easy workout plan.

It is easy as it can be!

After following it religiously, I was surprised to find myself 5 pounds lighter in just 1 week.

Above all, I felt that I had lost all bad eating habits and the laziness that kept me sitting in the same place for hours.

And you know what; I’m still losing weight 2 weeks later.

Apart from better energy and of course, the lost weight – I found myself in better overall health. My skin is fresh and even my hair is becoming strong and not falling, like it was before.

The final verdict:

For me, the 2 Week Diet Plan was a lifesaver. As mentioned before, the plan did not only help me loose the unwanted weight and get rid of the “fatty layers”, it made me healthy overall. I feel younger, more energetic, and above all, I’m getting better sleep.

I’m completely satisfied with the results and for me – the $37 investment was definitely worth it!

Of course, diet plans can’t be classified in a “one-size-fits-all” category. Something that works for me might not work for the other person. The maker of this program also understands this, which is why he is offering a 100% money back guarantee on all purchases.

Users who are not satisfied with the results of the 2 Week Diet Plan can contact Brian on his personal email address (given on the brand’s website) and claim a refund. Brian will, without any further questions will issue you a prompt refund, freeing you from the investment you made.

However, it does seem that this may not be necessary as users who have tried the program previously have been satisfied with the outcome of the program and have left positive reviews on the product’s website.

So what are you waiting for?

There is no harm in trying out the all-natural method. The current price of the program is $37 but it can increase anytime to its regular price of $97.00. So hurry up and purchase your copy of The 2 Week Diet Plan now and be amazed with the results, just like I was!




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