TestMax Nutrition Review – DOES IT REALLY WORK?


TestMax Nutrition is a diet plan that aims to help men reach optimal levels of testosterone without taking any harmful pills. The eating plan is developed by Clark Bartram, the celebrated nutritionists at YouTube and targets male over 40 who are often found suffering from low levels of testosterone.

Read on to find out more about the program.

What is TestMax Nutrition?

Testosterone is a male hormone that is produced naturally by the testicles in the body. When a boy hits their puberty age, they have sufficient levels of testosterone that promotes better sexual performance, facial hair, weight loss, and muscle gain. However, as a men ages and hits the big 40, the levels of testosterone gradually decreases. As a result of low T-levels, man usually have trouble leading a healthy sexual life. They also find losing weight and gaining muscles a challenge. Moreover, the low testosterone levels have a negative impact on men’s mood.

The markets are flooded with supplements that aim to increase testosterone levels. Exercise routines are also said to improve levels of testosterone as well as surgical procedures. However, most of them are costly and full of adverse effects.

Luckily, Clark Bartram, one of the most followed nutritionist of YouTube developed a diet plan that helps man achieve sufficient levels of testosterone. The diet plan is created exclusively for men above the age of 40 and includes several easy to follow and delicious eating plans that can help men reach optimal levels of testosterone – in the most natural and safest way possible.



About Clark Bartram:

Clark Bartram is reputed as one of the most trusted fitness professional for having the largest number of subscribers on the YouTube channel. He is considered one of the most successful fitness model in the industry and has appeared on more than 130 fitness publications.

He has also achieved the rare title of ISSA Master Trainer. Additionally, he has helped thousands of men achieve better health and fitness through natural modes. In this guide, he explains several ways men can benefit from adequate levels of testosterone by selecting the right foods. He has recently been revealing his T-boosting tips on TestMaxTips.com which you can take advantage of by watching.

Included in the program:

The program includes a diet plan that is easy to follow and men of all fitness level can gradually adapt in their respective lifestyle. Upon subscribing to the program, each man will receive instant membership to the program video series.

Each meal plan that comes with the program consists of food that contains specific Micro and Micro Nutrients that are known to effectively raise the testosterone levels in men. These recipes are easy to make and take less than an hour to prepare. Each recipe makes 7 servings of food that is not healthy but also delicious.

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The program also comes with several bonus materials. These include:

The T-Boosting Food Catalogue: A complete list of foods that are known to improve male hormone. These foods can be used to plan testosterone boosting meals and adjusted according to one’s preference after the 90-day meal plan is completed.

TestMax Meal Plan and Recipe Guide: A 30-day trial is complimentary with each subscription. The TestMax Meal Plan and TestMax Tips and Recipe guide includes new recipes and meal plans every week. After the one-month trial period is completed, subscribers have the offer to purchase the guide by paying $67 for the next five months.

Each week the subscribers will receive a meal plan, recipe video, and a list of grocery shopping that includes T-boosting foods.

The Kick-Starter Recipe Guide: The printable guide includes several recipes developed by Clark himself. Since, the modern society is filled with junk food which is very unhealthy, the guide makes the transition easy by providing users with better tasting and healthier alternatives. The collection of 10 fully detailed recipes are designed to help men reach adequate levels of testosterone without compromising their taste buds.

Easy Portion Guide: The printable chart allows men to customize their meals without getting into the hassle of measuring and calculating food portions. The handy guide utilizes easy methods to portion foods eliminating the need of scales and utensils.

Who are the ideal users of this guide?

TestMax Nutrition Guide is highly recommended for all men who have reached or crossed the age of 40. The guide specifically targets men who are experiencing the symptoms of low testosterone and wish to enhance these hormones in the most natural way as possible. By following the diet plan of this program, men can achieve better fitness level, lose weight, and of course – enhance their sexual performance.

The ideal candidates of this program are:

  • Middle aged men (above the age of 36)
  • Those who have average body weight (10-30 pounds of belly weight)
  • Not obese
  • Living in USA
  • Understands the changes their body is going thorough as a result of age and wish to reverse the symptoms


Price and order details:

TestMax Nutrition program is available for purchase from the official website of SixPackShortcuts for only $97.00. The complete set comes with various CD packs that are customized especially for men and helps them increase their testosterone levels by altering their food intake.

Final Note:

Lack of testosterone is a major challenge that most man face after they reach the mid-age. Unfortunately, most men disregard the insufficient levels of testosterone as a natural part of aging. Even with the presence of many treatment methods – the male fraternity usually remains in vain when it comes to finding the solution to their hormonal imbalance.

Luckily, with programs like TestMax Nutrition, men too can enhance the levels of their hormone and lead an active as well as healthy lifestyle. The diet plan is easy to follow and simple to prepare so no men will have trouble incorporating it into their daily life. It is effective, reliable and thoroughly researched to work. Give it a try and let us know.




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