Six Degree Flow Review: How Is It A Healthy Yoga-Based Fitness Program?


Shedding the adamant, greedy kilos is really a tough nut to crack. A person may try a number of ways such as specifically planned diet plans or supplementary pills but results are rarely effective. In cases where there is success, it is almost always at the cost of some side effects. Nonetheless, there is always a solution, a natural one that shows no hidden harms at all. In this one, it is called Six Degree Flow.

This is a natural plan that sketches out exercises and yoga steps from the start to the end so that users can effectively lose weight. The program is designed not only to help a person bring down the weight digits but also to build strength. When losing weight, it is critical to shedding the additional pounds along with toning the muscles well. This is essential for an end result where a person achieves a trimmed mass with a well-built inner strength too.

Six Degree Flow Review

The Six Degree Flow is a comprehensive compilation of yoga movements. These help a person to not only lose the additional weight and slim down but also to develop core stability and strength. Obtaining inner stability is as important as getting a well-shaped and a toned down body. Yoga is the best end to such a means.

Yoga is also known for carrying a number of health benefits. These merits extend beyond a healthy immune system and relief of stress into the peace of one’s mind. Such a form of exercise does not culminate in extreme fatigue too and since each step is presented properly, fatigue is again out of the equation.

Each step is demonstrated in an effective and clear manner so that a person does not feel any ambiguity in following the exercise regime. This makes this exercise regime a fully comprehensive one, which makes it easy for a user to grasp it.

On top of all this, there has been an extensive research on this guide. The entire workout regime has been exhibited with the help of both illustrations and videos. As the way to losing weight and reaping the other health merits are all natural and based on simple and specific yoga steps, there are no side effects or any harms with the use of this program.

Features and Components

The Six Degree Flow is packed with some essential characteristics that add comprehensiveness to the program and subtract any confusion. These factors make it easy for a person to follow the yoga regime. Here are some of the prime factors:

  • Handbook

The handbook for the program uses clear language to explain to the user the steps that need to be followed. These steps are accompanied with illustrations for greater understanding. The book is packed with about 26 pages of illustrations that clarify the positions that need to be followed. Each step of the body shaping, weekly routine is explained including the stretching and preparing for the workout sessions.

  • Video Library

The video library boosts around 70 videos that show how the yoga steps are to be conducted. Another important helping factor is that the videos are shot from two angles so that users are better able to understand how to set themselves in positions. The library also contains coaching cues by Scott Sonnon. Users can also take the advantage of following along sessions that last for 50 minutes each.

  • Mandatory Manuals

The full package of the program also contains two necessary manuals. These include the Flow Fit DVD programs. Along with this, there are two bonuses present as well. These are the Unbinding Mobility Routine video and the Prasara Demo DVD.

Benefits of this Program

Six Degree Flow is an efficient way to cut down the stubborn fat reserves on one’s body. This is considered as the primary benefit of this program. It must, however, be borne in mind that this regime is not simply based on exercises but on yoga moves. This translates into the opportunity to reap the advantages of yoga too.

In addition to this benefits, this program revolves around three more main health advantages. These include an immediate balance in the hormones of an individual, stress relief, and an improved immune system.

These are some essential gains for a person. A stronger immune system helps one to keep multiple health issues, concerns, and diseases at bay. Likewise, stress has become an almost omnipresent parcel of one’s life. Therefore, getting rid of stress by means of yoga and exercise is a great plus.

Lastly, one will also notice a balance in one’s hormones, which is crucial as these chemical messengers play a significant role in several matters of health including weight management and mood alteration.


There is no specific time frame set for the results to show themselves. The website of Six Degree Flow does not mention that the potential outcomes will be visible in so and so time. This makes sense as every individual has a unique starting point for shedding weight and different health condition.

Therefore, it is critical for a person to follow each step accurately and achieve the desired result in some time period. Such an end is both efficient as well as healthy and stays for a long-term.


The Six Degree Flow program is up for grabs for $117. The content of the program is delivered digitally, which adds to the convenience. A person does not have to wait for the program to be delivered.

Moreover, there is a 60-days money back guarantee that comes with the purchase. Hence, if a person is not satisfied with the results of the program or any part of it, he can always have his green bills refunded within the time frame of two months.


The Six Degree Flow is a comprehensive program to help a person to achieve strength and reduce weight. It is based on yoga steps that assist a person in more ways than one. Since the path to weight loss and improved immunity is natural, there is nothing to worry about side effects too.


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