Simple Spinach Extract Review – Suppresses Appetite and Provides Nourishment?


Simple Spinach is a dietary supplement with a high concentration of spinach which is the primary ingredient of the formula. By going for this nutritional supplement that is based on a healthy superfood, a person can suppress his hunger pangs without damaging his health in any manner. According to the manufacturer of this product, it contains a 20:1 ration of spinach which does make it one of the most high-quality spinach supplements on the market.

Simple Spinach Extract Review

When it comes to weight gain, often the biggest culprit of a person is his own self. That is because he contributes greatly to expanding his waistline by constantly munching on one food or another, snacking the night away, filling his body with junk foods that mess up his hormonal balance and cause harmful chemical reactions in the body that can damage his health.

Whatever, the reason behind why one has a hard time controlling his appetite, be it stress or be it habit, one solution a person can go for is Simple Spinach. This is a dietary supplement that contains a high content of spinach extract. It is nourishing, and it makes one feel full, curbs his cravings so that hunger stops knocking the door of one’s stomach every now and then. It doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients hence there is no need to worry about adverse side effects kicking in.

Features of this product

Simple Spinach Extract has several admirable qualities. First off, it doesn’t bring along any adverse side effects since its composition is natural. That is a major plus point, as with other supplements there is always the fear of getting tangled in other health problems caused due to the harmful reactions they cause in the body due to their low-quality formulation.

Another thing is that this product is not only backed by nature, containing a highly-potent and rich content of spinach extracts, but it also has the backing of scientific research which has proven it to be efficient when it comes to reducing hunger pangs and increasing the feeling of being full. The product works to help one control his cravings for both sweet and salty foods.

The product has been manufactured in the USA and the company behind it, strictly follows all health, hygiene, and production standards. There is no compromise on quality and hence one doesn’t have to worry about these factors. No harmful chemicals, additives, fillers, etc. are a part of the formula. There is no gluten, GMO, or dairy in it either so for those who are allergic to these items, they can take this supplement without any problems.

Additionally, adding this supplement to one’s lifestyle is not only helpful but convenient as well. When one consumes less junk food, and controls unnecessary eating habits not only does he do a favor to his weight but overall health too. There are sixty capsules in each bottle of this product. each pill comprises 750mg of spinach extract. Recommended dosage is two capsules per day.

How does it work?

Now one cannot spend his entire day cutting spinach and stuffing it in his mouth to gain max benefits. What he can do, is incorporate this spinach extract supplement in his routine. What it does is that it slows down the speed of digestion, making users feel fuller for longer. When it does this it stops the release of ghrelin, the hormone that is responsible for making one feel hungry all the time.

The reason junk foods need to be taken in huge amounts to make one feel satiated is that they cause the body to release more ghrelin which in turn makes one feel the need to consume more. By including this supplement, one can live a way healthier lifestyle, chop off excess pounds, and better his health.

What makes this supplement better than its alternatives?

The question does pop; why go for this Simple Spinach extract? Why not any other product? The answer is that this supplement contains a high and balanced amount of spinach extract as needed by the body. Even if it is the best among spinach based supplements out there, why go for this vegetable as a source of nutrition and why not some other?

That’s because spinach is a rich source of nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants. It is one of the most powerful superfoods and an instant dose of nourishment. It therefore has a lot of health benefits as well. Then the next question that pokes it head out in this is why go for spinach extract and not just spinach? Firstly, because going for spinach extract is way more convenient. It can be made into a supplement that can be easily added to one’s routine.

Secondly because spinach extract has more nutrients, some of which are not found in spinach alone. For example, thylakoid is present in spinach extract in a way more abundant quantity. That said, by taking this veggie supplement, one can easily better his health and curb cravings. Which in turn can help him drop some pounds and stay away from health-compromising junk food.

Pricing policy

The product is fairly priced with a single bottle of the product coming for a price of $39.95. However, there are two more packages as well that offer more of these bottles, each at a discounted price. So, purchasing those packages is an economical move. In a package of three bottles per bottle is available for 34.95 while in the 6-bottle package, each one costs $29.95. One bottle contains ample capsules to last a month.


There are a whole lot of appetite suppressing supplements on the market, but from the info mentioned on the website of this products, it is easily one of the most reliable and effective supplements out there. It comes for an affordable price and works to save one from his own bad eating habits. This is how it works to help keep overall health in check; by curbing cravings and nourishing one’s body.



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