SilaLive Review – Silica Supplement Worth Trying?

SilaLive Review

SilaLive Silica is a unique supplement that enhances human health through the power of detoxification as well as cellular regeneration. It yields a long list of benefits by means of its innovative formula. The supplement harnesses the power of organic silica along with diatomaceous earth in order to perform its function effectively. Most health problems today are a result of the accumulation of toxins in the body.

These are harmful substances which find their way into the human body through food, pollution or other environmental factors. This supplement helps in flushing out these toxins so that the body can experience an exhilarating process of rejuvenation. The result is a thoroughly healthy body from the inside out.


The supplement is formulated by Higher Health Foundation – a renowned US based company. The product can be purchased from its official website.

More information about this unique health product is discussed below.

A Combination of Unique Ingredients

SilaLive Silica stands out from other health supplements owing to what it contains. Its primary ingredients are organic silica as well as food grade diatomaceous earth. The latter consists of over eighty-five percent silica. This special formula heals the body by carrying out the process of detoxification. This is the first time that diatomaceous earth has been used to be ingested as a supplement. It acts as a detoxifying agent which speeds up the process of the body’s internal cleansing.

Detoxification of the Body

The body’s healing process begins with a thorough detoxification. When harmful substances are flushed out, the body’s cells begin to rejuvenate. The presence of toxins, such as heavy metals can severely damage the body by deteriorating various organs and their functions. However, by removing such toxins, the supplement ensures that the body is protected against such damage. Likewise, the product also helps in eliminating intestinal parasites.

This boosts the functionality of the digestive system which is extremely important for the proper absorption of nutrients. It also prevents deficiency diseases, obesity and various digestive issues.

This detoxification process is also essential for maintaining hormonal balance. The function of the body depends upon various hormones. An imbalance – created by toxins – can lead to multiple health issues. Therefore, the supplement ensures that hormonal balance is restored.

Accumulation of toxins interferes with weight loss. However, once the process of detoxification takes place, individuals can carry out their weight loss routines effectively. It prevents unwanted water retention which is responsible for weight gain and a chubby appearance. However, the supplement helps users in maintaining a healthy weight along with a desirable physique.

Restoring Youth and Vitality

Vitality and strength come through a well-balanced diet. However, the body is often deprived of energy owing to the poor absorption of nutrients despite taking a healthy diet. The supplement boosts this absorption through the power of silica. With a good absorption, the body is able to utilize vital nutrients for various purposes. The ultimate result is restoration of youth and vitality which are usually lost with age. This is how SilaLive Silica supplement imparts renewed strength to the body regardless of an individual’s age or gender.

Rejuvenation of the Skin

Another noticeable effect of the elimination of toxins from the body appears on the skin. Internal cleansing is very important for a spotless skin. In addition, the supplement also helps in dealing with wrinkles and age-related sagging of the skin. As an individual grows older, the appearance of these wrinkles and fine lines occurs due to a decline production of collagen and elastin. These are important proteins which keep the skin smooth as well as firm. Silicon contributes towards the firming of the skin through the synthesis of both of these proteins. The skin cells are renewed and hydrated deep down. In this way, the supplement maintains outward beauty along with other health benefits.

Optimizing Metabolic Function

Silica plays an important role in the repair of damaged cells. This rejuvenation helps in enhancing the metabolic function of the body. A well-functioning metabolism is necessary for the proper breakdown of calories which release energy for everyday activities. A slow metabolism results in unnecessary weight gain through the accumulation of fats. It also deprives individuals of energy and makes them feel lethargic and weak. SilaLive Silica supplement ensures the proper breakdown of fats in order to deliver sufficient energy to individuals which keeps them energetic and active.

Boosting the Immune System

The body remains weak if the immune system is not strong enough. It is necessary for fighting diseases in order to prevent individuals from feeling debilitated. Silica carried anti-inflammatory properties and makes the immune system resilient. On the other hand, it also offers anti-oxidant benefits which lead to an enhanced protection against free-radicals. The latter are the primary culprit behind early ageing and related deterioration of various cells, tissues and organs. However, this silica supplement protects the body from such damage. As a result, the body remains youthful inside out.

Enhancing Cellular Self-Regeneration

The body’s cells experience damage owing to different factors. It is an inevitable process which results in ageing and subsequent damage to various parts of the body. However, the supplement possesses the power of leading to cellular self-generation. Old and damaged cells are replaced by fresh cells which keep the body’s tissues and organs functioning properly. This process contributes towards keeping the body youthful.

The Bottom Line

This innovative supplement benefits every single part of the body. It improves the internal functions and maintains an outward beautiful appearance. The benefits of silica are immense. It improves the skin, boosts immunity, maintains a steady blood pressure and fixes weak joints and muscles. In fact, the entire body is rejuvenated by warding off the harmful effects of toxins so that youth, vitality and beauty can be maintained.

This wonderful silica supplement is available with a hundred percent money back guarantee. Therefore, it can be purchased with complete trust. Those who feel SilaLive Silica does not work for them can get a refund while others can enjoy the huge list of silica benefits.


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