Seniority Health Review – Perfect Route to Stay Fit After 40?


Seniority Health is a health and fitness website targeted toward men who are above 40 years of age. This platform provides a wide range of services to men that are full of benefits. Easy to comprehend and follow, it is a detailed guide on how after entering the senior phase of life one can maintain his physique and energy levels right along with staying nourished.

What exactly is it?

With age, the human body loses a lot of its vitality. One feels less productive and agile. The body takes longer to heal, the process of muscle tissue building also slows down. But there are a lot of people who stay in shape even after crossing the age of 40. Why is that so? That’s because they make better lifestyle choices.

Making a change in one’s routine and diet can benefit one greatly. Who doesn’t want to stay fit forever? However, doing so is not as easy as suggested. Because in younger years, it is convenient to get a ripped body because one is naturally more able to do so and the functioning of the body allows it as well. Aging takes its toll on a person in numerous ways and one of the ways it negatively impacts is that it doesn’t let one easily maintain the toned muscles he once had.

But this is the time when a person needs to care for fitness the most. Being a senior means being more prone to the risks of diseases and illnesses. And it one totally gets lazy and stops taking care of his health and body, he is bound to suffer at some point. One must reduce those risks and take care of proper nutrition and wellness.

This he can do so with the professional help provided by Seniority Health. This website reveals all the important information on how one can maintain muscle mass, keep away from the 40’s signature protruded belly and keep his health in check. That it does so by offering workout videos, diet guides, supplement recommendations and what not!

The mastermind behind this website

Mark Mcilyar is the genius behind this website. He is a fitness guru, with years of expertise and experience backing him. He is one of the fittest men above the age of 50 in the world and is the spokesperson for the Abs After 40 workout. According to his word, he was inspired to do something for men to stay fit and healthy after 40 when he noticed the condition of his colleagues at the 30-year high school reunion.

They had all become unfit, fat and lazy. This encouraged him to develop a fitness program for mature men, and soon that program evolved into something much bigger; Seniority Health. Through this platform, he assists thousands of men in their older years in maintaining a toned body and optimal health.

Features of this website

The most essential thing to know about Seniority Health is that it is reliable. Coming from a man who knows what he is talking about, this website is not a scam. With such programs and sites growing more and more common one does begin to think what if this one is making false claims as a marketing tactic? But one need not worry at all, as this guide is trustworthy.

Secondly, it is easy to understand the content and the instructions because everything is mentioned in a clear tone despite there being details about every crucial thing related to men’s health and fitness. Videos make it even easier to get ahold of every single thing explained. The YouTube channel of the website also uploads content of other well-known trainers like Joe Rogan, Clark Bartram, Toby Buttle, and Marcus Bondi. Each video that is available is free to stream which means that one gets access to this amount of information all without having to pay.

The website can be easily accessed by a cellular device as well, and that means that one can access it from any part of the earth. So, for someone who is traveling or always on the go that is a helpful feature. With this amazing quality, one is all set to conveniently stay young, fresh and healthy forever.

All one has to do is download the website’s app on his smartphone. The app doesn’t just allow viewing videos, but one can also download material without any problems. It also enables one to enroll into training programs. One can also track his progress as well. This is one of the easiest ways to keep the body functioning optimally even after entering the mature age zone.

What does one get to learn?

There are a lot of things one gets to learn with Seniority Health. From training programs to diet recipes, from short workouts to supplements that can be trusted there isn’t even a single aspect that has been left out. The website has it all. Some of the things that it teaches are the following:


The website tells one about the exercises that are best suited for this age. Mature men have a hard time keeping their body ripped with a balanced muscle mass. At this stage of life, one cannot even engage in all types of gym activities. This website consists of workout videos that can be followed and performed with ease to keep the body fit.

Testosterone boosting guides:

This content is available as well in video form. After a certain age, the major hormone of men; testosterone starts dropping, and that can cause a lot of issues for them. It is important to raise the lessened levels of testosterone in order to become more energetic and manly. The website provides one with diet guides and a list of reliable supplements that can help enhance testosterone levels.

Nutritional videos:

Another thing that one gets with this website is access to dozens of recipes on how to keep diet and nourishment in check after 40. With these videos, one can know which foods would help him naturally raise the levels of testosterone and maintain virality. This way one can stay healthy and keep diseases and illnesses at bay.

Weight maintenance:

When a person ages, metabolism slows down, and one puts on lots of weight due to the fact that fat doesn’t get processed easily. Through this website and the guides, it provides, one can learn how to keep his weight in check. A person can get rid of the budging belly and disproportionate physique of his and opt to have a well-balanced body with this program.

Supplement recommendations:

The website also talks about which supplements etc. one can rely on. There are a whole lot of those on the market, but not all of them are worth trusting. With this site, one gets to learn which ones are actually healthy and can be taken to support health and wellness. This way one can conveniently balance hormones, energy and the overall operational ability of his body.


By gaining access to Seniority Health, individuals can gain several advantages. It is a reliable way to lose weight that doesn’t make use of any methods that may prove to be harmful. Easy to understand and simple to follow in video format, it is self-explanatory as well. There is no other such convenient way to get rid of belly fat, diseases associated with excess weight gain and lack of proper nourishment. It shows one how he can maintain a physique as fit as a fiddle even after crossing 40.


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