Rejuvalex Review: How Does It Work To Promote Hair Growth?


Life doesn’t always arm an individual with a plan B. And in most cases, several people try to come up with alternate solutions. Sadly, however, those are either short-lived or ineffective. This situation holds specifically true in the case of hair fall. Life doesn’t always give one second chances with thick hair that don’t hit the floor with the comb’s stroke. Therefore, individuals resort to risky solutions such as laser treatment or temporary solution such as hair wigs. There is a solution provided by mother nature in the form of natural ingredients that re-boost hair growth. One supplement that taps into such a solution is Rejuvalex.

This is a broad spectrum dietary supplement. It works to restore hair growth and strictly discourage hair fall. After all, hair are best suited on the head for a stylish look then on the floor. The supplement is fortified with natural hair growth ingredients such as Biotin, essential nutrients, multivitamins, collagen, and more. These promote hair growth in a natural manner by nourishing the scalp and replenishing the hair follicles.

Rejuvalex Review

Rejuvalex is a potent solution for hair fall. The supplement is a blend of natural ingredients that not only put a full stop to the loss of hair but also add a continuation to hair growth. The product is specially formulated for men. This means that the product taps into the hormonal measures in the male body that boost hair growth.

The composition of this supplement is all-natural. It is an effective blend of Biotin, essential nutrients, multi-vitamins, and more. These work to naturally enhance hair growth and halt hair loss. The gist of the matter here is that the natural formula works naturally, which translates into zero side effects.

This is a must requirement when it comes to availing a solution for any health concern. It is only wise to solve problem naturally then solve it at the expense of side effects that show later on. A natural ingredient list ensures that there are no chemicals, synthetic compounds, additives or fillers in the making of the formula. This guarantees that supplement is safe to incorporate into one’s daily schedule.

Also, this formula promises to show effective results in a short time frame. The manufacturer mentions that one will be able to see the growth of healthy hair within 90 days of regular use of the supplement. Additionally, there is a lot of research that backs this formula.

What is this supplement for?

Rejuvalex is dedicated specifically to the male population. It has been chalked out and studied as per the needs and requirements of the male body. Broadly, this natural formula is for hair loss problems of all sorts. On a more narrowed scope, here is a look into which hair conditions can make the use of this supplement:

  1. Hair Fall

Hair fall can be triggered due to several reasons. Some of these are air pollution, extreme stress, a poor diet, lack of sleep, and a lot more. Regardless of the reason though, it is clear that one faces the problem of losing hair every now and then. This supplement is helpful in helping to retain one’s hair on his head.

  1. Androgenetic Alopecia

This condition is also referred to as male pattern baldness. It occurs as a result of some faulty gene that triggers patches of missing hair or gifts one complete baldness. Some might think that there is no saving from what can be nicknamed, The Fault In Our Genes. However, this solution is an antidote to this genetic problem. A complete cure is not possible, but the formula works to slow the symptoms of Androgenetic Alopecia, therefore, delaying hair loss in one’s youth.

  1. Hair Breakage

It is possible that an individual has strong hair at the root but midway through the length, the hair break. Such a problem of loss of hair can also be solved with the use of this supplement.

  1. Hair Thinning

Thinning hair is another serious concern. It garners a lot of attention since thin hair are difficult to style and almost always pose the threat of breakage and culminating into baldness. This solution can also be solved with the use of this supplement.


All ingredients in Rejuvalex are natural. These include green coffee bean extract, horsetail powder, silicon dioxide, coleus forskohlii extract, garcinia cambogia, and caralluma powder. These active ingredients in the supplement but their dosage is not mentioned. Other major ingredients include:

Beta Carotene

Beta-carotene is important as it is enriched with antioxidants. These help to fight the harmful free radical damage. Consequently, the ingredient protects hair and makes sure that hair grows long, healthy, and thick.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is another essential ingredient in the supplement. It plays a two-fold role in encouraging production of collagen and aiding in the absorption of iron. This promotes the growth of thicker, stronger, and fuller hair.


Silica plays a crucial role in balancing the disturbed hormone balance in the body. Hormones have great responsibilities to render when it comes to skin and hair growth, development, and maintenance. Therefore, silica helps to restore any imbalance in the hormone levels.


Biotin is Vitamin B7 that protects the hair from damage and breakage. Biotin also promotes the regrowth of hair by reactivating dormant hair follicles.

Folic Acid

Folic acid helps to promote quick and effective hair growth. It hastens cell division, resulting in hair production and growth.


  • Stronger, voluminous hair
  • Healthy hair regrowth
  • Natural composition
  • No split ends
  • Formula works on all stages of hair growth
  • Shows quick and definite results as per the manufacturer
  • No side effects


Rejuvalex is a potent solution for hair growth. It not only stops hair loss but also encourages the growth of healthy and strong hair. The solution is based on a natural formula that works to solve most of the hair conditions concern hair loss, breakage, thinning, and baldness. It shows no side effects and is safe to use on a regular basis.


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