Pure Greens by Zenith Labs: How Is It An Effective Greens Formula?


If one puts together a sizzling hot bucket of fried chicken on one hand and fruits and vegetables on another, what would a typical person opt for? Most definitely the chicken over the veggies. This is what normally most people do. And such choices are always poor but attractive. The need to include fruits in one’s diet is utmost. Although a person may not be able to do that on account of their boring nature, there is a natural solution too. It is a powered supplement that is packed with and provides the powers of all greens. And it is called Pure Greens by Zenith Labs.

This supplement energizes the body and facilitates it with all the benefits that green vegetables and fruits can provide. The formula of the product is a fully natural one, therefore, it does not pose any side effects. Furthermore, it comes from the brand of Zenith Labs that manufactures supplement only after thorough research. The supplement is also made under high-quality standards and safety supervision.

Pure Greens by Zenith Labs Review

The Pure Greens by Zenith Labs is a greens formula. It comes in the form of a green powder that dissolves easily in water. It has to be taken orally. A glass of this product can help replenish one’s energy and turn him fully agile.

The formula is based on all the essential fruits and vegetables, which one should be consuming in their raw form. However, owing to busy schedules, lack of interest, and several other reasons, one might not be able to take the recommended daily 5-9 serving of greens. This can lead to mineral or vitamin deficiency in one’s body. It is also unhealthy to exclude such an important source of energy and fiber from one’s body.

Such a scenario best explains the significance of such a supplement. It is important that a person takes it so that he can avail the advantages that are otherwise reaped by taking raw fruits and vegetables.

The entire composition of this product is natural. There is no worrying about any side effects from the use of this powdered formula. Additionally, it is made in the USA and is GMO-free as well.

How Does It Work?

The Pure Greens by Zenith Labs is an advanced green formula. This means that works naturally. It also tries to target all the main systems of the body so that improvement on the overall health is good. In short, it works in a manner that the greens work to boost the health of a person and improve the quality of his life except that one does not end up eating 5-9 required daily servings of fruits and vegetables.

The major work areas of this supplement can be divided into:

-Immune system:

A strong immune system translates into a healthy body that is able to fight and fend off disease. It is significant to have strong resistance, thus, this supplement works to this important end.

-Gut health:

The formula also targets gut health. This is crucial for the overall health of a person.

-Maximum nutrient absorption

Eating and still not being able to absorb nutrient is like adding fuel to one’s car but being unable to drive it. This unique greens formula works to promote greater absorption of nutrients in the body so that one is able to have enhanced energy levels. And a person will also be able to be more active.

-Detoxification: detoxification is crucial for removing harmful toxins from one’s body. This supplement helps to get rid of the unwanted toxins from the body too.

-More alkaline environment: the body thrives well in a pH inclined towards the alkaline side. In the case of an acidic environment, there are lots of problems such as acidity and heartburn. This formula works to encourage a more alkaline state in the body.

Expected Results

A glass of Zenith Labs Pure Greens is fully enriched with vital nutrients. With its regular intake, one can expect the following outcomes.

  • An increase in the energy levels of an individual and that to without any cost of jitters such as those shown by the consumption of caffeine
  • Heightened concentration levels. This is essential so that a person is able to focus on the task based on hand
  • Improved cognitive performance that also means that a person has improved memory. It also equated to improved mental skills that are more sharpened along with honed concentration
  • Improved and increased productivity as well as agility
  • Better sleep that is more restful
  • Health and young looking skin
  • Detoxification of toxins and neutralization of acids in the body that promotes increased blood circulation


There are several benefits that the Pure Greens shows. These account for its safe and effective usage. Some of the points include

  • Based on a healthy formula
  • Natural ingredients
  • Made in the US
  • GMO-free, no preservatives
  • High-quality ingredients
  • No artificial flavors, colors, no soy, no diary or salt, no wheat, soy or corn sugars
  • Provides a range of health advantages
  • A good alternative to eating large servings of fruits and vegetables


There are three packages that are present concerning the purchase of Pure Greens so a person can select the one that suits him the best. These include:

-30-day supply of the product comes for $49 and contains one bottle of the supplement powder. Shipping costs include $19.95.

-3 bottles of the supplement as part of 90-day supply. Each bottle is set at a price of $39. Shipping costs add $19.95.

-6-month supply of the supplement with 6 bottles of the product for $33 per bottle. The package also offers free shipping.


Pure Greens by Zenith Labs is a good green formula for energizing one’s body. It is based on a natural ingredient list with no artificial coloring or preservatives. The supplement is safe for use and also comes with a 6-months money back guarantee. Hence, if a person is not satisfied with anything, he can always get a refund of his hard-earned money.


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