Power Floss Water Jet Review – Powerful, Efficient yet Simple Flosser?


Power Floss Water Jet is a hand-powered flosser that conveniently removes plaque and debris. The technology combines air pressure and water for gentle cleaning of the mouth. It is easy to handle as well and can be used by kids and adults alike. All one has to do is fill the flosser’s reservoir with water or mouth wash and direct it toward the gums and teeth and power away the buildup of debris and plaque.

Unclean teeth with food particles stuck between them don’t just look ugly, but can also contribute to bigger dental problems. It is essential to take good care of one’s oral hygiene because dental problems can be very painful to deal with. While visiting the dentist per month is necessary, it is also vital to continuously keep your teeth and gums in good shape.

This flosser doesn’t require any batteries or have any cords, the water jet technology gives out a brisk stream that is charged by hand applied pressure on the button. Sometimes regular brushing and flossing are not enough; stubborn debris build-up hides in inaccessible areas of the mouth which can only be removed through a powerful flosser. This flosser is amazing at its job as it keeps dental health in check optimally.

How to use this product

The Power Floss Water Jet is not complicated to use. All one has to do is fill it up with either water or mouth wash and then point it at the area that needs cleaning. Then pressure is to be applied to the button which would release the stream of water from the tip for about 30 seconds. This would remove debris buildup and other stuck waste particles by loosening them first.

The flosser can be used to clean braces, implants, etc. gently. One would have to figure out how to point the jet technology in the right direction for effective cleaning. The ergonomic design of the flosser makes it easy to reach even the most difficult areas of the mouth such as the back teeth. The air infusion technology that this flosser sports, doesn’t require to be battery or electrically powered, just simple hand powered usage.

Benefits of using this product

There are several advantages of choosing Power Floss Water Jet for keeping the teeth and gums clean and the mouth fresh. Some of these merits have been discussed below.

No more painful flossing:

Flossing teeth with a pesky thread can be irritating and uncomfortable. Not just that but it can cause bleeding and soreness for some people as well. One can get hurt by the incorrect usage of the thread. This jet technology makes for easy and comfy cleaning. If someone’s gums are unhealthy, then this flosser can improve their condition.

Ergonomic design:

The flosser has an ergonomic design and low profile tip that makes it even better. People who have dental implants, wear braces or face some sort of teeth or gum problems can conveniently use this tool for cleaning their mouths. It reaches the mouth’s tough to access areas, so one doesn’t need to fret about tartar or other waste building up at some corner of the mouth and contributing to gum or teeth damage.

No cords or batteries:

Since there are no batteries involved one doesn’t have to worry about replacing them every now and then. No cords or electricity are used to it as well. The air infusion technology means that this flosser is powered by air and just uses a blend of air and water to clean away debris and plaque.

Water or mouthwash:

The reservoir of this power flosser can be filled with mouthwash or another mouth cleaning solution as well to remove waste from between teeth and gums. So, it is not just limited to cleaning by water and allows for more efficient cleaning through mouthwash as well.

For both kids and adults:

Since the flosser is easy to use and can be handled by anyone without any problems, there are no age restrictions. Children and adults alike can use it. Kids are allowed to use it as the tool has an ergonomic design and is hand held and powered.

What does this flosser come with?

Power Floss Water Jet comes with two units of Power Floss device. After using the product for some time, one would require replacing the tip by investing in a new one. This is important for sanitary reasons and to make the most out of this flosser. The plastic material and container are lasting and just need to be washed once in a while which is also a trouble-free task.

Where to buy and pricing 

One can buy Power Floss Water Jet from an online manufacturer or any local store. Prices are the same in both cases with the only difference being that buying from a store would save one the charges of shipping and handling. The price of this flosser is approx. 15 dollars and shipping and handling costs would be almost 14 dollars.

If one is unsatisfied with the product, then he can return it and get his cash back as the product comes with a money back-back guarantee with less shipping and handling costs. This shows that the company is authentic and that it has confidence in its product which proves that the flosser is effective and reliable.


Taking care of dental health is as crucial as taking care of the overall health. With Power Floss Water Jet, one doesn’t have to worry about unclean teeth, debris buildup or unhealthy gums. It is an easy to operate and dependable product. It reaches the recesses of the mouth thanks to the incredible ergonomic design and low tip. The flosser works efficiently and is definitely a simple and innovative way to keep the gums and teeth clean.


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