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Pixotine, the Original Nicotine Toothpick is an incredible solution to the global issue – smoking. Since many public spaces don’t allow smoking and e-cigarettes are also under consideration by the legal authorities – regular smokers are having a difficult time satisfying their cravings. Apart from that, smelly clothes, spits, fire hazards, and looks by passersby also make it a challenge for smokers. The solution for these troubles lies within Pixotine toothpick which can be used anytime, anywhere – without worrying about what others will think. Read on to find out how to use it.

What is Pixotine?

An estimated 40 million American adult’s smoke on a regular basis. Cigarette smoking is one of the leading causes of preventable disease and death in United States accountable for more than 480,000 deaths every year.

Apart from being hazardous to health, cigarette smoking is detested by many individuals who find it hard to be around smokers mainly because of its smell.

Most smokers are aware of the risks that can take a toll on their health as a result of smoking. However, just having an understanding of being smoke-free doesn’t help much. Users who wish to quit smoking cigarettes do try several ways to help them combat the craving for nicotine through patches, pills, and chewing gums. Unfortunately, these ways don’t help much in the long-run.

Another trend that is popular is the use of e-cigarettes which are somewhat better than traditional cigarettes but they are still unhealthy and FDA is researching the effects of it through various studies and testing phase. Regulations for the e-cigarettes also vary from state to state, making it harder for smokers to satisfy their needs in public places.

So is there a natural alternative for smokers? What can they do to satisfy the need for nicotine without compromising much on their health?

The Pixotine Original Nicotine Toothpick is the solution to the frustrations that smokers face everywhere. Pixotine Toothpicks can be used anywhere, anytime – just like one would use a regular toothpick. The difference lies in the tobacco flavor that is used in the making of these toothpicks.

How does Pixotine toothpick work?

Pixotine Toothpick are made from birch wood and formulated with high quality propriety blend of natural nicotine. It uses more than 99.8% of USP grade nicotine extract along with kosher vegetable derived glycerin and distilled water.

The toothpick is designed for oral use. When placed in the mouth of the user, the saliva aids in drawing out the nicotine which is thus absorbed in the blood stream giving the user the rush they require.

The makers also recommend chewing on the toothpick to enhance the release of nicotine. When used properly, the makers claim that the toothpick can give the user satisfactory effects within 1 – 15 minutes.

Each nicotine toothpick lasts the users 10 minutes to 1 hour.

What are the advantages of using the toothpick?

There are many benefits of using nicotine-laced toothpick in which maintaining the health is the number one advantage for the user. Some more benefits of the toothpick include:

  • Can be used anywhere, anytime without the others knowing
  • Odorless toothpick
  • Helpful in replacing the craving for nicotine
  • helps stop smoking permanently
  • easy and a fun way to enjoy the effects of smoking
  • made from natural ingredients

Side effects of using Pixotine toothpick:

Pixotine is made from all-natural tobacco extracts and no additives have been used in the making of the toothpick. They are safe to use. However, it is only suitable for individuals over the age of 18. It is also only created for oral use and should not be swallowed under any circumstances.

The Pixotine Original toothpick is not intended for use by pregnant or lactating mothers as well as those with heart troubles, high blood pressure, psychological issues, and allergies to nicotine.

Who are the makers of Pixotine toothpick?

The Pixotine toothpicks are made by a Florida based company named Pixotine Products Inc.

Price and Guarantee:

Pixotine toothpicks can be purchased from its official website or various online retailers. A single pack of 15 toothpicks can be purchased for $5.99 while a carton pack of 150 toothpicks can be availed for only $44.99.

There is no mention of a guarantee on the website.

The Final Verdict – are the toothpicks effective?

Nicotine-laced toothpicks are the perfect solution for those who wish to enjoy the benefits of smoking without breaking any law. The Pixotine toothpicks are safe for use and are effective in combating the craving for cigarettes.

Users who have used the toothpicks have commented that they have helped them quit smoking and lead a healthy lifestyle. Smoking is injurious to health and excessive use of smoke can lead to:

  • heart damage
  • increased risk of developing osteoporosis
  • low immune system
  • lung damage
  • damage to the blood vessel

All the above mentioned damages can lead to further infections which are often fatal for the users. Second-hand smoke which is exhaled from the mouth of the smoker and inhaled by passerbies is also extremely dangerous especially for babies, children’s, and pregnant women. Exposure to second-hand smoke is as bad as smoking a cigarette and results in more than 40,000 per year in America.

Due to the above stated reasons, smoking is mostly prohibited in public areas. Tobacco is addictive and smokers find it hard to break the addiction. They also have trouble finding the right place to satisfy their need for nicotine in public places and social gatherings.

Pixotine makes it easy for them by providing them a safe and convenient method to enjoy the benefits of nicotine without the harmful effects that smoke can have on their health as well as those who are around them. It is one of the best smokeless alternatives available to cigarettes.

The discrete product can be conveniently taken anywhere and everywhere – even in flights. No need for smokers to get up from “non-smoking” areas. They just have to take out a toothpick and chew on it to enjoy the rush!

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