Pitcher Of Life Review – Is It Better Than Turapur Pitcher?


One might eat the healthiest food, have a balanced diet, a modern lifestyle and what not, but if the water he drinks is unhealthy, then he’s not really living a healthy life at all. No matter how many people speak in favor of tap water, the sensible ones know that more often than not unfiltered water is contaminated. It has microorganisms in it and other toxins that are dangerous for health. Impure water is the cause behind many diseases including life-threatening cancer. It is thus essential to drink healthy, filtered water.

A quality water filter one can rely on is Pitcher of Life. This water filter is manufactured by Life Ionizers. This company is renowned for making water filters from simple pitchers like this one to entire house units. Pitcher of Life is a water filter that cleans the water and makes it healthy and fresh for use. It keeps the alkaline water levels high, makes water increasingly antioxidant to neutralize free-radicals in the body that damage cells. Like this, it makes certain that one is free of the risk of diseases. Another filter that has been creating a buzz is Turapur. Learn more about Turapur pitcher here.

Features of this product

This water filter has many commendable qualities. It makes drinking water safe for one’s health. Some of the features of the Pitcher of Life are the following

  • The Pitcher of Life has a capacity of 2litres. This is a good enough capacity that allows one to fill water bottles for a day.
  • It has a sleek and portable design. This way one can take the water filter along wherever he is headed or fit it in the pocket of his refrigerator.
  • It’s BPA free. Meaning it doesn’t drain chemicals in the water.
  • It adds calcium and magnesium to the water to alkalize it to a pH of 9 or 10 depending on the existing pH of the water as this is beneficial to health.
  • The item comes with a warranty of 1 year.
  • It is very convenient to use.

Why one should go for the Pitcher of Life?

There’s no cause why one should drink water that obviously has toxins and leaves an unpleasant after taste. Such water is immensely bad for health. Whereas buying bottled water every single day costs a lot. Alkalized bottled water bought from general stores doesn’t offer any benefits of alkaline water. On the flip side, alkalized water from the Pitcher of Life subtracts harmful chlorine from water and adds alkaline minerals providing substantially higher health benefits.

There are several reasons behind why one should go for this product. First off, it’s of top-end quality and that also at a reasonable price. The company Life Ionizers is one that a person can rely on. The Pitcher of Life eliminates contaminations from one’s drinking water and ensures that every sip is clean to drink. This way the water is 100 percent safe and healthy. It alkalizes the water and makes it heathier for consumption. Not only does one feel more fresh drinking it but also feels more energetic.

It alkalizes water slightly. Alkalized water is more nourishing in that it has smaller molecules which result in keeping one more hydrated. It also takes the notch up on the body’s pH and in this way, it creates a more natural alkaline state. As alkalized water has higher anti-oxidants it keeps one away from diseases as these anti-oxidants fight off the free-radicals that are the cause of diseases.

The design of this water filtration pitcher is modern and portable. A modish construction makes it look classy and doesn’t ruin the look of the place where the water filtration pitcher is kept. The portability is an excellent feature as it enables one to take the Pitcher of Life along with him even if he is moving across the country or just going on a road trip with his friends. One can also smoothly place it in the fridge.

Pitcher of life is also hassle-free and easy to use. It has a handle that can be comfortably gripped and an easy to fill, easy to pour pitcher. The cartridge can be smoothly replaced. The mineral deposits that form at the opening and sides of the filter can be wiped clean using vinegar. It is also conveniently sized to save space. The filter is an innovative and money-saving replacement over plastic bottles.  It gives one two months of pure water without having to change the filter. But that more or less depends upon how many glasses of water are drank per day.

Above all, this product comes at an affordable price. It also cuts down the overall cost of having to buy bottled water every day. The quality is not compromised, the water is made clean and has a fresh taste and odor. After all, there’s nothing as expensive yet precious as health. This is why, when it comes to health, one should not delay and immediately take vital measures that are required to remain heathy.

What users have to say

Majority of the reviewers have only praises to sing about this water filter. People have mentioned how easy to manage and use this water filtration pitcher is. They have praised it for the way it cleans and purifies water. Its portability has been complimented by many. The water is so nourishing, that a customer mentioned how it made his ill dog well. The fact that it does its job very well topped with it coming at a reasonable price has been appreciated.


Pitcher of Life is an excellent product. It not only eliminates the toxins in impure water but it also enriches the water with alkaline minerals. This way it ensures that one gets all the health benefits of alkalized water and doesn’t drink unhealthy and impure water. One can make his lifestyle healthier using this product. It comes at a budget friendly price and is backed by a 1-year warranty. So overall, this water filter would make a great addition to one’s life.

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