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Probiotic America Perfect Flora

Probiotic America is a renowned company that formulates and distributes health supplements that can be used in everyday life to enhance digestive and immune health. Probiotic America has always produced high quality products best known for their effectiveness. Dr. Carly Nelson is a board-certified doctor who practices family medicine. He is assisted by a resourceful team at Probiotic America to research the latest breakthrough in health industry regarding probiotics and formulate cutting edge supplements to provide a healthier digestive system and refined overall health.

Their most famous probiotic supplement is Perfect Biotics which has got tons of positive reviews. Perfect Flora is the most recent product by Probiotic America. It is a prebiotic dietary supplement comprising of specific viruses called ‘Bacteriophage’ that destroy the bad bacteria in gut and restore balance back into the digestive tract.

How does Perfect Flora work?

Perfect Flora is not a probiotic. Probiotics are those good bacteria that overcome and overrule the harmful bacteria and improve digestion, health and immunity. Perfect Flora work by a method called ‘Phage Therapy’. The objective of both probiotics and phage therapy is the same; that is to bring stability into the gut in the form of inhibiting and stopping the bad bacteria from taking over and causing havoc.

Phage therapy achieves it by special viruses called Bacteriophages. These are the unique key ingredient of Perfect Flora.

Bacteriophages are those special viruses that when ingested, reach the gut and have the ability to identify the bad harmful bacteria (that colonize due to junk-eating, unhealthy dieting, antibiotics and susceptible immune system). This sudden and effective identification of bad bacteria allows the Bacteriophage to invade into the bacterial cell and replicate at high rate. Sudden and extensive virus replication in bacterial cell causes it to break down and destroy, hence there is shifting in the equilibrium of the gut flora towards the good bacteria that promote healthy gut lining.

Perfect Flora has been formulated after immense research and experimentation. Only the best, safest and the most effective bacteriophages were chosen. It stays fresh in air-tight, heat-resistant bottles and does not need refrigeration.

Phage therapy offered by Perfect Flora is highly effective as it builds momentum consistently by persistent replication of virus inside the bacteria until that bad bacterium is destroyed. That means, that Perfect Flora may take time to bring forth its true effects but it eventually happens as these viruses do not rest until almost all of the bad bacteria have been eliminated.

Who is Perfect Flora for?

Probiotic America has always produced healthcare supplementsfor general everyday public. This supplement can be taken by any person of any age at any time, on any occasion. It provides general good health of the gut to the healthy people who have no digestive problems.

But those people who do have digestive upsets and have been living an irritable and dissatisfied life due to digestion problems then this supplement is the key to transforming their lives towards better, stable bowel habits and digestion.

In today’s era, digestive upsets are common because the platitude of junk-eating and intake of unhealthy processed diet has replaced nourishing food. This has led to bad bacteria colonizing in the gut that lead to symptoms like bloating, flatulence, abdominal discomfort, irregular bowel habits, constipation alternating with diarrhea and several other complaints that have become too routine. In such conditions Perfect Flora sweeps in and holds promise to return the health and stability back into the user’s life by repairing the gut lining, destroying bad bacteria that had been inducing inflammation and malabsorption, alongside provide good immune system to fight off anything foreign in the internal territory of the body.

Perfect Flora uses Phage Therapy to help individuals to cope with their digestive upsets by destroying the bad bacteria that had been gradually eating away at their intestines, destroying their ability to absorb vital nutrients.

Probiotic America Perfect Flora can also help immunocompromised susceptible individuals from getting recurrent gut infections. It works on wide variety of populations and has been proven by scientific study that it is absolutely safe to take, even in conjunction with probiotics! This means that user can continue their existing probiotic and add Perfect Flora as an excellent Phage therapy to get the most of the benefits and to get faster results.

What are the ingredients of Perfect Flora?

Perfect Flora is a Bacteriophage Supplement that contains special strains of viruses that can attack and destroy bad bacteria in gut. These strains have been thoroughly researched and carefully-selected to make sure that user is provided with the most high-standard and effective product. The quality of the product has been tested by third-party laboratories who have guaranteed its safety and effectiveness.

The four main strains of Bacteriophage included in Perfect Flora include:

LH01 – Myoviridae

LL5 – Siphoviridae

T4D – Myoviridae

LL12 – Myoviridae

These ingredients have proven to cause reduced craving for unhealthy food, improved bowel regularity and decreased sluggishness after a meal. All these results are apparent in just few weeks.

There are about one million PFU in one capsule which enriches the gut with plentiful aid to vanquish bad bacteria.

One bottle contains 30 capsules and it is recommended to take one capsule in a day preferably with a meal. These capsules are vegetarian without any harsh component. It is gluten-free, fat-free and allergen-free.

Although individual results may vary but customers who have bought the product and have reported to have boosted energy levels, easier weight loss, improved digestion, decreased Irritable-Bowel-Syndrome symptoms, decreased bloating and abdominal upset and many more.

All of Probiotic America Products come with a 90-Days money-back guarantee even if an empty bottle is returned. It is available at very cost-effective prices and there are reasonable deals if more than one bottle is bought.

Perfect Flora by Probiotic America is an important healthcare supplement that works excellently in conjunction with probiotics. It is a supplement that is needed to speed up the results of digestive support, enhanced immune system and to live a healthier lifestyle.


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