Perfect Biotics Probiotic America Review – Real Truth Revealed


Probiotic America is a renowned pharmaceutical company which works in research and development of new strains of beneficial bacteria to revolutionize nutrition through introduction of probiotics. It has launched a probiotic supplement under the name of Perfect Biotics.

Dr. Cary Nelson, a board-certified family practitioner is the mastermind behind the transforming supplement. He claims that the product provides guaranteed effectiveness because he has experienced its miraculous effects firsthand when his own digestive health deteriorated and Perfect Biotics not only repaired and stabilized his digestive system but also provided enhanced immunity to strengthen body defense.


Perfect Biotics is especially developed to protect and restore digestive health. It is a scientifically-formulated probiotic supplement that balances the bacterial content of gut. Simply stating, probiotics are those beneficial bacteria that help in digestion of foods, aid in nutrient-absorption through intestines, cleanse out the toxins and produce essential vitamins that enhance health.

Perfect Biotics contain 30 billion Colony Forming Units (CFU is the unit of measuring probiotic concentration). These probiotics destroy and inhibit the growth of bad infection-causing bacteria and produce a protective lining around the digestive tract. This leads to strengthening of immune system and body’s increased defense against infections and other inflammatory conditions.

This supplement works by properly digesting food so that important nutrients can be absorbed from them. The strains in it are bile and acid-resistant so that they are not destroyed by stomach acid/digestive enzymes and reach the intestines in full concentration where they show their effect in a narrow time span by suppressing bad bacteria and enhancing good bacteria, ultimately maintaining gut-bacteria equilibrium.


Perfect Biotics Probiotic America comprises of plentiful ingredients, each of which is carefully developed and selected for a specific purpose.

It contains fifteen vital probiotic strains (that’s more than double of average probiotics available by other brands!). These strains are highly potent hence they show appreciable effectiveness and user can experience the positive change in their health immediately.

The detailed review of every strain is as follows:

  1. Bifidobacterium bifidum: It is the most common probiotic found in human digestive tract. It prevents infections causing diarrhea and colonizes the gut, destroying the pathological bacteria.
  2. Bifidobacterium longum: It produces lactic acid that inhibits the growth of bad bacteria. It prevents allergies, aids in breakdown of sugars and scavenges free radicals, lowering a person’s chance of heart attack and stroke.
  3. Bifidobacterium infantis: It breaks down sugar and fiber hence relieving gas and bloating and maintaining daily and easy bowel movements. Some strains even produce vitamin B research says.
  4. Bifidobacterium lactis: It helps relieve symptoms of lactose intolerance and boosts immune system. Furthermore, it reduces the incidence of antibiotic-associated diarrhea.
  5. Bifidobacterium breve: It relieves constipation by digesting fiber and fermenting sugar that produces acetic and lactic acid which destroys bad bacteria preventing infections. Studies also show that it fights against the fungus Candida and stops its growth in the human body.
  6. Lactobacillus bulgaricus: It helps in excretion of antibiotics and forms a protective lining along the walls of intestines so that bad bacteria cannot penetrate it. It is also a self-regulating good bacterium that stimulates the growth of other bacteria.
  7. Lactobacillus salivarius: It helps boosts immune system by producing acid and also prevents oral infections. It is said that also improves troublesome symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
  8. Lactobacillus rhamnosus: It ignites and stabilizes the metabolism, improving digestive health. Studies also show that prevents and treats respiratory infections and atopic dermatitis (Skin rashes).
  9. Lactobacillus casei: It produces the enzymes amylase which digests sugar. Also used as a natural fermentation of beans to reduce flatulence and gas after meals. It prevents and treats acute and infectious diarrhea.
  10. Lactobacillus paracasei: It is also one of the lactic-acid producing probiotic which prevents and treats digestive infections. It reduces pollen allergy and decreases fatigue by energizing the circulation.
  11. Lactobacillus plantarum: It has very important antioxidant activities that reduce free radicals, preventing cell death and diminishing inflammation. It maintains intestinal permeability which leads to effective absorption of nutrients.
  12. Lactobacillus acidophilus: It improves cholesterol levels and produces vitamin K. It ferments sugar and produces acid to fight bad bacteria. It forms a protective mucus-lining around intestinal wall to form potent defense against toxins and germs.
  13. Lactococcus lactis: It is very popular in food fermentation and supports digestive enzymes.
  14. Streptococcus thermophilus: It makes diary digestion easier for people who are lactose-intolerant. Studies also show that this strain helps improve growth rate in children who had previous growth retardation.
  15. Lactobacillus brevis: It helps prevent infections and enriches immune function, improving body’s systemic defense to fight common infections.

Perfect Biotics contain various other valuable ingredients that include Microcrystalline Cellulose (it’s a bulking agent, fat-substitute and emulsifier that reduces fat requirement), Stearic Acid (essential fatty acid to improve metabolism), Rice maltodextran (extra energy stores), Anhydrous dextrose, vegetable dextrose and silica.


Perfect Biotics does not need to be refrigerated. It is packaged inside a sterile, heat-resistant bottle that is easy to carry for everyday travel. Informed requirement is one capsule per day with meals. This supplement comes with a ninety days money-back guarantee so that if user is unsatisfied for any reason then their money can be fully refunded.

This product does not contain any meat or beef components so it’s a perfect inclusion in a vegetarian diet. It does not contain any additives that induce allergy (Gluten-free, Soy-free, and yeast-free). It has no artificial flavor or preservatives hence its usage is absolutely risk-free and can be continued for extended period.

Perfect Biotics is a breakthrough probiotic supplement that provides heavy load of good bacteria that hold momentous potential to repair and rejuvenate the digestive tract. The secondary benefits (immune-boost-up and energized spirit) transform the person as a whole. It can be taken by anyone, anywhere, anytime whether male or female, old or young, healthy or sick. This probiotic supplement is a fantastic addition to nutrition which promises to restore energy and health back into user’s life.

Disclaimer: This is an independent third party review. The owner of this website does not own Probiotic America, Perfect Biotics or related trademarks.


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