Peloton Cycle Review – The Latest Workout Trend


Staying fit requires one to follow a regular workout routine in order to gain a number of health benefits. However, most people find it hard to be a regular member of the gym. Similarly, going for a morning jog or an evening run in the park is also not everyone’s cup of tea. That is why a new workout trend has been introduced in the form of the Peloton Cycle. Although exercise cycles are not a new concept, this revolutionary bike does introduce several new features which make workouts fun as well as easy. This is no ordinary workout cycle with all its high-end traits.

The company was formed in 2013. It has rapidly grown and flourished since then through a large database of satisfied clients. In fact, after the introduction of the cycle, the company was able to cross its expected earnings of $250,000 by making a whopping $300,000. After this amazing success, the company now plans to expand to several others parts of the world as well including Europe and Canada.

This indoor exercise bike has made working out easy for many people. At the same time, it also makes workout sessions more interactive through live exercise classes.

More details about this revolutionary workout equipment are discussed below.

Incredible Features of the Bike

The first noticeable feature of the Peloton bike is its sturdy design. The frame consists of carbon steel along with aluminum. This makes the bike strong and durable – qualities which make the product worth the money spent on it.

The bike weighs 125 pounds and offers incredible stability. This is due to its special magnetic system – Neodymium Rare Earth. This means users will never lose balance during a full-fledged workout session.

Apart from its sturdy construction, the bike also features the best of the latest technology. Users will find everything they need to make their workout sessions more interactive. To begin with, there is 100 Mbps of Ethernet connectivity, Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi connectivity. In addition, the cycle also houses a 21.5 inches screen, two stereo speakers as well as a connector for headphones or mic. Users can connect with their buddies during a workout session or a join a class over the internet.

In short, the Peloton cycle is a combination of a well-built design as well as the latest technology with user-friendly features.

An Interactive Screen

This high-end bike features a state-of-the-art screen with a multi-touch system. This 21 inches screen makes it possible to connect to Live workout classes offered by Peloton. These classes are provided by some of New York’s most renowned fitness trainers.

The screen is sweat-resistant which is a very important feature for users during their workout sessions. It displays all useful information including the distance, burned calories, resistance as other related data. By doing so, it performs an important function for users who wish to keep track of how much calories they have burnt during their time spent on the bike.

Connecting to Exercise Classes

Peloton offers its 101 video series to users who wish to learn as they exercise. There are user-friendly options for browsing through this entire gallery of exercise videos. At the same time, users can also opt for live class sessions or on-demand classes. For the latter, there is a preview option available so that users know what they are signing up for.

Live classes make the Peloton bike stand out from any other exercise equipment. People sign up for these sessions enjoy the reminder service so that no class is missed. There is also an option available for recording each of these live classes. This way, users can watch the recorded videos at a time that suits them best. The main purpose of these sessions is to provide users with the motivation and energy they require to carry on with their workout routine. Each live class lasts for 45 minutes which is more than sufficient for a rewarding exercise session.

Another great feature of these live classes is that users can switch instructors even while a session is going on. If a user is not satisfied with one instructor, he or she can easily opt for another class.

Currently, the classes are offered in English and Spanish. Peloton is working towards introducing more languages so that more and more people can avail this opportunity.

Peloton Cycle Cost

This high-end exercise equipment costs $1,195. The Peloton bike is a good investment for those who wish to stay in a good physical shape. The entire family can use it to maintain physical fitness.

After purchasing the cycle, users can get access to the live classes and on-demand videos through a monthly subscription fee of $39. With this subscription, one can enjoy unlimited streaming to make their exercise sessions more interactive and fun.

The Bottom Line

Purchasing the Peloton cycle is actually an investment made for one’s health. As compared to other such exercise equipment, the bike is sturdy and offers a better quality. It makes exercising at home simple as well as more enjoyable.

The HD touchscreen does not only offer exercise class sessions, it also enables users to connect with friends. It is also possible to make new exercise buddies through the Peloton Friends Ride feature. This means users can join others in the circle.

It is the perfect piece of equipment for those who do not have the time to hit the gym regularly. Buying this bike is like bringing the best of the gym right to one’s own home. It is not just an ordinary workout bike. In fact, it is a complete package which includes instructions provided by the best fitness trainers as well as the motivating energy of a spin session. This means users can actually avail true value for money.

Peloton Cycle is an innovative product which is rapidly growing in popularity. Many people have already benefited from it. More will soon be joining the Peloton family.


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