Panaseeda Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil Review – Another Quality Product by Activation Products!


Activation Products, the company is well-known for producing quality supplements that are beneficial for their consumer’s health and well-being. Specifically, their line of Panaseeda Oil is renowned for providing users with the advantageous properties from a wide variety of nutritious seeds. The Panaseeda Styrian Pumpkin Oil is recently added to this line and is known to provide the body with extraordinary antioxidant properties.

Benefits of Styrian Pumpkin Seeds:

Although most of us eat pumpkin seeds for their awesome taste, pumpkin seeds have long been known as one of the “world’s healthiest food”.  Rich in zinc, magnesium, omega-6, and omega-3 fats – pumpkin seeds reduce the risk of several health conditions including heart diseases, cancer, prostate, and osteoporosis.

Pumpkin seeds are helpful in regulating bowel movements, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, heart rate, and inflammation. They are also useful for cognitive functions as well and sharpen the memory as well as keep brain-related illnesses at bay.

Same goes for their cosmetic properties. Regular use of pumpkin seeds helps nourish hair, skin, and nails.

Since it is not possible to get the required nutrient from eating the seeds alone – health experts recommend taking pumpkin seeds in oil form.

Why choose Panaseeda oils?

Although the markets are full of pumpkin seeds oil in a wide array of sizes and prices – it is not recommended to trust every product that you come across.

Most consumers are not aware of the oil making process which is rather complicated and requires constant supervision. The biggest mistake most oil vendors make is during the roasting process. Seeds should be roasted at optimal temperature and if they are roasted at high temperatures, there is a chance of nutrients being destroyed.

After the roasting procedure is completed successfully, the seeds are placed into a press, after which the oil is extracted.

Unfortunately, most companies use unlawful practices that usually result in low-quality oils. There is also a risk of rancidity (unpleasant odor and flavor) especially if the oil is not stored properly.

This is why we highly recommend the line of oils by Activation Products. The company follows the same principles during the making of each and every batch of oil.

Additionally, they make use of Styrian pumpkin seeds which are known to be the most nutritious kind. The seeds are roasted on a perfect temperature while oil is extracted using a special pressing process to ensure that no damage is caused to the nutrients.

The company also makes sure that each batch of oil is delivered immaculately to their consumers. This is why they utilize UV protected Miron glass bottles to store the precious oil in order to reduce the risk of rancidity.

The makers recommend that consumers should avoid placing the bottle of oil in direct sunlight and refrigerator. The cap should remain tightly closed when not in use at all times. By following the simple strategy, consumers can benefit from fresh pumpkin seeds oil for up to 36 months.

Who is the oil for?

The oil can be used by anyone and everyone who wish to enhance their health and wellbeing by following a natural protocol. The oil is safe to be ingested and there have been no reports of side effects from its use.

Of course, there are certain limitations involved on who shouldn’t use the oil. Firstly, the oil is although safe for children – it is not recommended for children under 1.5 years old.

The product should also not be used by pregnant women or those who are nursing. It is also highly requested that interested consumers take advice from their health care provider before using any such supplement.

How to use the supplement?

The recommended dosage of the oil is 1 teaspoon, two times daily. The makers strictly request users to avoid over exceeding the recommended dosage.

Can it be used in cooking?

Since pumpkin seeds oil is developed from raw seeds, it is not advised to use it in cooking. Health experts agree that cooking the oil in the high flame can destroy its nutrients.

However, consumers can enjoy the aromatic flavor of the oil in their favorite (cooked) foods such as salads, smoothie, and juices.

About the company:

As we mentioned above, Activation Products creates all their products with just one aim in mind – their consumer’s health and well-being. The company created by Ian Clark is well known for their quality products and ensures that the best manufacturing practices are applied on each product. Apart from the line of Panaseeda Oils, Activation Products proudly manufactures Oceans Alive, Ease Magnesium, and PanaSilver.

Price and guarantee:

Each bottle of the Styrian pumpkin seeds oil costs $59.00. The bottle(s) can be purchased from the official website of Activation Products as well as few leading online vendors. However, if you consider buying from another source, ensure completely that the product is authentic as several mockups are popular in the market, especially brick and mortar locations.

The Activation Products website accepts all major credit cards and online payment methods. After the order is placed, you can accept your order to arrive within 3 – 5 working days.

Just like every product by the company, this one is also backed with a 60-day money back guarantee which the users can avail if they are not satisfied with the results for any reason whatsoever.


Overall, we find the line of oil by Activation Products one of the most recommendable. Although, we review several health supplements on this platform – there is no other one that can compare to Panaseeda oils.

The oils are extracted from the original source and strict measures are taken to ensure that no nutrient is damaged during the process. Additionally, the pressing process of the company is one of a kind and we can assure you that there are 0 risks of side effects from consuming the oil.

So give it a try and order your bottle now. And don’t forget to update us on how the Panaseeda Styrian Pumpkin Seeds Oil worked for you.




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