Panaseeda Amaranth Seed Oil Review – Scam Or Legit?


While everyone takes all the necessary measures to have a fit and healthy life, there is one thing that slips them mind and does not get its due credit. Eating healthy and routine exercise is one way to ensure a healthy life. However, the role that oils play cannot be ignored. One of the best oils that has served humanity with its multiple benefits is the Amaranth Seed Oil.

There is also no denying that only purity can guarantee positive results. One source of pure amaranth seed oil is Panaseeda. The Panaseeda Amaranth Seed Oil makes sure that each cell of the body properly and adequately absorbs all the nutrients consumed. This increases the health of the body as well as enhances the immunity.

What is this supplement?

This oil is more than a supplement and shows various benefits for a body. It has helped to improve the health of people over the centuries. The amaranth seed oil, in particular, is useful in nourishing each cell of the body so that the full health of the body reaches its optimum. The good news is that the product is completely natural and fully pure. Hence, it is free from any side effects and adverse reactions.

The results of the oil

The supplement shows many benefits. Some of these are protection from radiation that is an increasing source of discomfort and illness, defense against cancer and heart disease. The pure seed oil also helps in solving sexual dysfunction and balancing problem the hormone problems. Amaranth seed oil also helps in oxidation in the body.

The reason for the effectiveness of the oil

A small supplement with a range of benefits sounds pretty impossible and difficult to believe. However, a strong science backing makes things possible to understand. The real ingredient that accounts for the efficiency of this pure oil is known as squalene.

Squalene plays a paramount role in the body. The component makes sure that all the cells of the body receive oxygen. This concept that is the main objective of the oil’s formula is known as the Blue Zone Effect.

Oxygen is the main source of all life, and it does not take research papers or incredible knowledge to know this fact. When cells start having a replenished source of oxygen, they deteriorate and die. Squalene ensures that the oxygen supply for each cell is optimum so that all cells function to their best, in turn leading to a healthy body and healthy life.

Plenty of oxygen is also essential for healthy organs and muscles the have the maximum strength. Enough oxygen also promotes a healthy environment for all the organs so that waste of cells is easily eliminated and nutrition reaches each cell easily.

The Blue Zone Effect can be summarized to provide the following advantages:
• Helps protects the cells and prevents the transmutation of cells into cancer cells
• Sterilization of the cells that is helpful in killing bacteria and curbs fungal growth
• Enhancing the functioning of the cells so that wastage does not accumulate in the body

Other ingredients of the pure oil supplement

In addition to the squalene, there are other components that make up the composition of the Panaseeda Amaranth Seed Oil. These are:

Oleic Acid
The ingredient helps to enhance the metabolic activity of the body to flush out excess cholesterol and fat from the body. It also supports the health of the human body.

Linoleic Acid
It assists in the cellular process

Folic Acid
This ingredient is essential for women who are expecting and helps in the growth and development of the fetus, specifically the brain and the spinal cord

This ingredient aids in preventing the growth of cancer cells and stops these carcinogenic cells from growing and multiplying.

Vitamin E
This vitamin is significant in providing antioxidants and supports sexual health.


The procedure of using the oil or the dosage is not prescribed in the description of the oil on the official Panaseeda website. It must, however, be present on the instructions available on the product package.


A single bottle of Pure Amaranth Seed Oil is available online for $49. This price is for a single transaction. If one wants to commit to receiving the oil on a regular monthly basis, the bottle will cost $43. There is also an option to make a subscription of either one bottle or three bottles in a month. One month bottle subscription is for $43 and the three bottles monthly subscription is for $117.

Contacting the customer care

Since this a new remedy or one might need assistance on the usage or anything else, it is easy to communicate with the company. The product customer care be reached via mail through the mail and contact can also be established through phone on the number 1-866-271-7595


• It is a pure supplement
• Composed of all the natural ingredients
• Each of the ingredients plays its specific, helpful role in the body
• The oil is free from any risks and side effects
• Saves from many diseases
• Helps tone down the body weight
• Nourishes each cell of the body along with making plenty of oxygen available to them
• It does not need a medical prescription for use


• There are not many cons except that the oil is available only online and not present in stores


The Panaseeda Amaranth Seed Oil is an effective remedy for a healthy life. The oil is present in its pure form and is packed with all the side effects free ingredients, so it is safe to use. The main objective of the oil is to enhance the supply of oxygen to all the cells of the body so that cells do not deteriorate due to lack of oxygen. In doing so, the dietary supplement ensures that waste is eliminated from the body, excessive fat is flushed, growth and multiplication of cancer cells are controlled, and all the cells are properly nourished. In case a person is not satisfied with the results, he can always get a refund within a frame of 60 days.


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