Organixx Multi-Vita-Maxx Review – Daily Dose of Vitamins and Minerals?


Organixx Multi-Vita-Maxx is a high-quality supplement that consists of 21 different minerals and vitamins which a person can take to greatly benefit his health. With the use of this product one doesn’t need to rely on separate capsules for his everyday intake of an array of vitamins. It keeps one’s health in check and provides his body with the nourishment it needs.

What are the features of this product?

Organixx Multi-Vita-Maxx is one of the best products on the market for all those who rely on mineral and vitamin capsules. One needs to keep his health in check and for that he must eat properly. Sometimes, one’s diet doesn’t contain the essential nutrients that are required by the body for proper functioning. This is when he has to depend on multivitamin and mineral pills to provide the body with ample nourishment.

Even some people who are fit and healthy take these capsules precautionarily. Rather than taking vitamin B3, vitamin C, etc. pills separately, it is better to go for one supplement that has it all; Multi-Vita-Maxx. It has about 21 vitamins and minerals and 36 high-quality organic superfoods and botanicals. The natural formula ensures that there are no adverse side effects of use.

The ingredients are all fermented to ensure that the body absorbs them better. Since there are no harmful ingredients such as fillers or additives, there is no space left for worrying. The potent formulation is efficient and that is not just because its composition is natural but also because science supports it. As in clinical tests and trials have proven this product to be effective.

What are the ingredients used in this product?

Multi-Vita-Maxx is one of the best multivitamin tablets available on the market. Some of the main ingredients of the product have been discussed below.

Wheat grass:

This sprouted bud of the wheat seed doesn’t comprise of any allergens, gluten, etc. unlike whole grain. It is supremely beneficial for health as it supports digestion, weight loss and metabolism. Since it has a high concentration of enzymes it cleanses the system of toxins as well. This way it saves one from embarrassing issues such as bloating, gas and indigestion along with helping one chop off excess pounds.

Green superfoods:

Enriched with chlorophyll, this ingredient increases the production of hemoglobin in the blood, making the blood rich with oxygen and protecting cells. This element thus enables the supplement to support the very core of the human body – the cells. This is how it plays its part in keeping one healthy.


This cultivated micro-algae has been used since centuries by Africans and Americans. One of the greatest sources of protein it has a 70% of protein content. Research shows that spirulina can regulate glucose levels and control cravings. In this manner, it helps those struggling with diabetes and also those who are looking for ways they can shed off excess pounds. It is also works wonders for the overall health of individuals.


Another source from where the ingredients of this supplement have been derived. This one is enriched with compounds that protect and support the main organ of the body that is the heart. Blueberries can also stop the growth of cancer cells. In this manner this component of the formula is very advantageous for health.

Sweet potatoes

High in fiber, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B6, manganese, and potassium sweet potatoes are full of nutrition. They can maintain blood sugar levels hence they are used for supporting diabetic patients. Despite being sweet they have a low glycemic index. They are also low in calories regardless of the fact that they are packed with nutritional energy.

Chia Seeds:

These have been used for a thousand years. Their plant consists of omega-3 fatty acids that comprise of 64 percent alpha linolenic acid (ALA).  Chia seeds contains a healthy balance of omega-3s and are also a rich source of calcium which is great for the bones. Whereas omega 3 fatty acids have a whole lot of benefits for the health of the heart, brain, eyes, skin, etc.

Coconut oil:

Consisting of medium-chain, easily digestible fatty acids, coconut oil also offers a whole lot of merits for health. It speeds up metabolism and increases one’s energy, helping him lose weight rapidly. It also has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antifungal properties. Many people believe that coconut oil can cure any illness. From this it can be seen how it is beneficial for the overall health of a person.


Filled with all the nutrients of the ocean, these plants can maintain the blood system and can also purify the blood. They alkalize the blood vessels. What they do is that they neutralize the over-acidic effects of normal diets, protecting one from several toxic compounds that are found in the environment, such as pollutants, heavy metals, and radiation by-products. It does so by converting these to harmless salts that one’s system can eliminate.


Broccoli is enriched with vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytochemicals that are called as glucosinolates and isothiocyanates. Scientists have discovered an element in the vegetable that can combat prostate cancer. This compound is known as sulforaphane and it works with cells which don’t have an anti-tumor gene to fight off the illness.


Nettle plants are more commonly known as stinging nettle plants. Although, when dried nettle leaves are eaten, saliva neutralizes the bite and hence the sting is not felt. Nettle leaves increase thyroid functioning, better metabolism, remove impurities from the system, and help in digestive processes.


There are several multivitamin products a person can depend on, one of these is Multi-Vita-Maxx. This supplement is reliable and efficient. It doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients. It is a fine blend of 36 fermented superfoods, 21 minerals and vitamins, humic acid, and fluvic acid infusion. Also, a single bottle of Multi-Vita-Maxx comes for a fair price of 54 dollars. The product is backed by a 1-year long money-back guarantee as well.


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