Online Counseling and Therapy: How Effective is it?


    When emotions pile, one atop of another, pushing and shoving, and becoming a crowd that loses all order, form, and coherence, one knows that they are going to lose it. Such a mingling web of emotions and an uncontrollable swarm of thoughts often strike during some phase of one’s life, often a sad one.

    Counseling can help a person find some emotional stability and sail smoothly through the doldrums because if such blues are sealed within the layers of one’s skin without any outlet, they only culminate into one form or another of mental sickness. Online counseling can help a person pour some sense into their lives and fight off the devils of depression before they take permanent root.

    An individual’s next-door neighbor was in some crisis but emerged successfully from it with the help of counseling. One may watch with hopeful eyes that they could one day too rise like a phoenix from the ashes, but one does not seem to be having the confidence to go to a therapist and speak out. Words seem to lose their mind when faced with an intelligent person and ruin it all for a person. In such cases, where an individual shies away from speaking to the therapist face-to-face, there is always the option of online counseling.

    Reasons for the Greatness of Online Counseling

    Several reasons make online counseling a better option than live counseling. One such example was explained above. While the world goes from bleak to bright for some people who can speak out their heart to the therapist and some individuals find it hard, there is always the door of online therapy. To sum up, here are the factors that make online therapy a good option:

    1. Convenience

    Several people hesitate to open in front of their therapist and explain their problems. Sometimes, in the middle of the therapy session, they find it difficult to break the rhythm of progress and thus, don’t accede to the punctures of pain or dark thought bubbles that arise suddenly in the path of recovery. These people may then want to save their impression and thus, may not be completely honest about fully improving.

    A Certain set of people also shies away from availing treatment from a counselor. Such people may think that they may be called names if people in their circle find out about their visits to a psychiatrist. In all these ways, online counseling affords one complete convenience.

    Firstly, online session of therapy allows a person the secrecy they desire while getting their help. Since an individual’s meetings with his therapist are all virtual, it is not possible for other to know that they are getting counseling and thus, secrecy prevails.

    Secondly, a person need not shy away and continue bottling their feelings. Rather he or she can write them down and discuss with their counselor all the problems that they feel they could not do otherwise in face-to-face sessions of counseling.

    1. Confidential

    All the details that are shared for the online therapy observe the full norms of secrecy and a person does not have to worry about his information being leaked to the public. Also, unless a person’s friends and the family group has a brilliant hacker, there is no way that anybody would ever be able to find out about a person’s therapy. So online counseling affords two-way secrecy and confidentiality for a person.

    1. Effectiveness

    A person might end up thinking that online therapy is not as effective as live sessions of counseling. But the truth is that everything and most of the matters have moved to an e-solution, which is not only a click away but is also as effective. The same stands for online therapy in comparison to face-to-face counseling. Virtually, counseling is just as efficient and carries the potential of recovery as regular counseling would.

    Online counselors might not be able to sketch a prescription for a person, as the therapist cannot check the live symptoms of a person. Yet when it comes to giving guidance and helping one sail through the turbulent tides of one’s time, online counseling is very helpful and just as efficient.

    Moreover, a study conducted by the Berkeley Institute of Well-being also found out that online counseling was as efficient as face-to-face counseling and yielded the same results.

    BetterHelp: An Online Counseling Source

    BetterHelp is an e-community that offers professional counselors to assist people in their doldrums so that they can fight instead of wilt under the weight of the disappointment and the dark thoughts that lurk around in their minds. It is a community of 2000 professional counselors who are licensed, experienced, trained and having relevant degrees as well.

    Regardless of the reason for one’s problems, there is always a fitting counselor at the end of BetterHelp. An individual only needs to fill out a questionnaire that aims to understand a person’s conditions and accordingly assign the mentor.

    The website and its app allow a person to connect with their counselor at whatever frequency a person prefers and the appointment doesn’t need to be slaves of assigned dates and times just as depressive thoughts know of no schedules. BetterHelp has been featured by famous media outlets as well such as Chicago Tribune, The Atlantic, Wall Street Journal, Huff Post and many more with all the write-ups praising the website as the best source for online therapy services.

    Furthermore, the e-service boosts the features of convenience, confidentiality, comfort, and affordability apart from the professional staff. Already 500, 000 people seek online help from this e-community, which speaks volumes of the website’s reliability and effective services.

    In a nutshell, online counseling is a convenient and confidential way of seeking a therapist’s help that an individual needs during his troubled times but fears to seek for several reasons. It is as effective means of treatment as face-to-face therapy. With BetterHelp the option of e-counseling becomes all the more reliable, affordable and professional.


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