Old School Body Hacks Review – Does It Really Work?

Old School Body Hacks Review

Old School Body Hacks is a program that aims to help individuals over the age of 35 lose weight. Written by fitness guru and motivational speaker, John Rowley – the program is backed by scientific research and helps people above the age of 35 lead a better life. Read on to find out more about the weight loss program.

What is Old School Body Hacks?

Most people, when they are in their teens and their 20s are able to eat as much as they want to without gaining an ounce. However, those days are long gone as soon as they hit their 35s. Aging affects the body’s muscle tissues resulting in low metabolism which in turn leads to weight gain.

Luckily, gaining weight doesn’t have to be part of growing old and there are many ways to maintain the body weight. Old School Body Hacks is one such program that has been proven to be effective and helpful for many individuals above the age of 35.

The author of the program reports that the body’s energy is created with mitochondria. The energy is used by various body functions and is found in abundance when a person is young. However, as they get older, the production of mitochondria decreases which leads to the lack of energy that is common amongst mid-age individuals.

Most people after they hit their 35s often complain about:

  • lack of energy especially in the morning
  • wrinkled skin
  • unable to recover from injuries and illnesses
  • gaining fat that is hard to burn

According to the author of Old School Body Hacks, this is all due to the aging process and the low mitochondria. The best way, John Rowley claims to reverse the aging process is to workout. Unfortunately, most people are not well versed with the right ways of working out and continue to perform exercises that they did when they were in their teenage years.

Old School Body Hacks is a program that teaches the accurate way to exercise when one reaches a certain age. the program consists of short and easy to apply body Hacks that helps increase the metabolic rate, enhance energy, built lean muscle mass, and lose weight.

The program is backed by a lot of scientific research which includes the European Journal of Applied Psychology who claim that the body’s metabolism is increased by 21% within the first 24 hours of applying the exercises mentioned in the program.

The American college of Sports Medicine also reports that the trainings followed in the program are some of the best for burning fat.

What’s included in the Old School Body Hacks Program?

Old School Body Hacks Program comes with the following components:

  • Old School Body Hacks Core program
  • The Metabolic Recharge Eating plan
  • The Habit Fit Program
  • The Old School Body Hacks Workout Plan
  • A 60-Day Free Trial of the Old School Body Hacks Inner Circle
  • Many more bonus material

Advantages of using the Old School Body Hacks Program:

Unlike other weight losing programs, Old School Body Hacks:

  • doesn’t include starving oneself
  • doesn’t require the users to count calories
  • helps burn fat in the most easiest and safest way possible
  • doesn’t require consumption of any supplements
  • increases energy
  • increases blood flow
  • improves the production of antioxidants

Are there any side effects of the program?

The program itself is a series of 3 routines that last for only 15 minutes. Each sequence included in the routine is for only 45 seconds and the users can take rest whenever they require. It is easy to perform and doesn’t require any expensive gym equipments or gym memberships.

Furthermore, the makers of the program claim that the Old School Body Hacks program is not a one-size fits all kind of theory. The program includes several hacks and it is up to the users to implement the program that is best suited for their needs and ability.

Who is the author of the program?

As mentioned above, the program is created by John Rowley. He is well known nutritionists, personal trainer, and fitness expert who are widely acclaimed on several popular television programs. He is also a bestselling author and owner of a popular gym located in Brooklyn which was showcased in the movie “Pumping Iron”.

The method for The Old School Body Hacks was researched by John himself when he, at the age of 35 noticed the signs of aging and struggled with weight gain.

Price and Guarantee:

The Old School Body Hacks program is available in digital format and can be purchased from the brand’s official website. Consumers receive instant access to the program as soon as their payment transaction is completed successfully.

The Retail price for The Old School Body Hacks is $249.00. However, the publishers are currently offering massive discounts up to 89% off on the program. This means that those who act fast can avail the offer and receive the program for only $27.00.

The program also comes with a complete money back guarantee. Consumers can try out the product for 60 full days and if they are not satisfied for any reason, they can avail a complete refund.


Overall, the Old School Body Hacks program is backed with complete and reliable scientific research. The impressive collection of tips, hacks, and strategies mentioned in the book are all designed to help the users lose weight rapidly and increase metabolism.

Designed specifically for individuals over 35, the Old School Body Hacks program seems like an effective solution for those who are struggling with aging problems. The users not only benefit from weight loss but also find their quality of life improving with better health.

The program also comes with a 2 month guarantee which means that there is nothing to lose for the consumers, apart from weight.

For those who are interested in finding out more about the program should visit the official website of Old School Body Hacks.


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