NutriSystem Lean 13 Review – Is it the right choice for weight loss?



NutriSystem Lean 13 is a new diet program by NutriSystem that aims to assist users in losing 13 lbs and 7 inches in the first month. The program comes with free delivery of meals and is backed with a full money back guarantee for those who are not satisfied. However, NutriSystem diet plans have worked for many users including the famous singer and actress Marie Osmond who claims to have lost 50 lbs by following the portion-controlled diet.

Read on to find out more about how these plans work:

What is NutriSystem Lean 13? 

Those who are frustrated with their body weight go at all lengths to lose the weight by following various diet plans, exercise routines and even consuming diet plans. However, the commercially available diet plans are either ineffective or hazardous to health. Unfortunately, weight conscious individuals don’t find peace and continue to try out different modes that can help them lose the unwanted weight.

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The NutriSystem is one diet plan that works in a different way. The secret to their success is portion-controlled meals that are delivered to consumer’s doorstep every week eliminating the need to grocery shop, plan, cook, and portion for the users. All the meals and snacks that are delivered by the company are portioned accurately. Users just have to heat up the meals and snacks, add a bit of easily available grocery items and enjoy the calorie-cut meals.

NutriSystem offers various diet plans and Lean 13 is one such incorporation by the company. Lean 13 is marketed to be a clinically proven program that promises to help users lose up to 13 lbs within the first month of diet. The program also claims to help users lose around 7 inches from their waist, hips, chest, thighs, and arms.

As evidence, NutriSystem refers to a case study (also available on their official website) where 2 groups of overweight adults were formed. One group was given the NutriSystem diet while the other followed DASH diet plan that focuses mainly on fruits, vegetables, and non-fat dairy products.

Both the groups were instructed to maintain their current level of daily activities and participate in only 10 minutes of physical exercise each day. The result, after a full month showed that both groups showed significant weight loss. However, those who were subjected to the Lean 13 diet program lost twice as much weight and body circumference.

How does the program work?

The NutriSystem diet plans offer different meals that suit various budgets, body goals and convenience. These can also be customized according to the gender, veg and non veg preference, and even diabetic plans.

After signing up, the users receive food that will last them for 28 days. These foods are pantry and freezer safe. In addition to these meals, users are given a list of foods that can be purchased easily from local grocery stores. These foods include fresh fruits, vegetables, bread, nuts, etc.

The foods that are included in the NutriSystem diet plan cover all meals of the day including deserts. All of these foods are tasty and preferred by most individuals. They don’t deprive weight conscious individuals from their favorite foods and encourage them to eat well-proportioned foods throughout the day.

What about exercises?

Users of NutriSystem Lean 13 are encouraged to take part in moderate exercises for 150 minutes per week. These can be divided according to the user’s daily schedule but most users prefer to break it into five days, i.e. 30 minutes per day, 5 days a week.

Fitness activities can also be decided upon user’s own preference. Some recommended ones include zumba, aerobics, walking, jogging, yoga, biking, swimming, and even fitness videos.

Ultimately, NutriSystem claims to help users lose weight even without partaking in any exercise. However, by following a moderate and a healthy exercise routine, users can defiantly speed up their weight loss journey and lose the maximum amount of weight in minimal days.

NutriSystem Packages:

The company offers several packages that suit individual budget and needs. These plans include:

  • Basic Plan – 4-week plan that offers pre-selected, ready to go meals.
  • Core Plan – 4-week plan that allows users to select their favorite foods from the meal plans.
  • Uniquely Yours – the 4-week exclusive plan offers users the freedom to select from the list of 150 different meals. The plan also gives the users access to unlimited frozen and un-frozen foods.

Apart from that each and every plan purchased from NutriSystem offers

  • Free Fed-Ex shipping
  • Free bars and shakes on first order
  • Money back guarantee

Those are not satisfied with their order or find NutriSystem meal plans as non-effective for their weight goals can return all unused meals back to the company within 14 days of purchase and avail a full refund. However, this offer is only available for first orders by new customers.

Should Weight Conscious individuals use Lean 13 by NutriSystem?

Overall, NutriSystem is one of the oldest and the most reputable diet systems around the globe. The company has over 40 years of experience and is known to help millions of weight watchers lose the unwanted fat from their body.

Truthfully, the program is ideal for those who wish to lose weight without too much effort. Dieting is a challenging task. It requires a lot of preparation, planning and effort from the users. However, the NutriSystem Lean 13 makes it easy for them. The meals are pre-planned, prepared, and packaged according to the user’s requirements. Moreover, the program limits the need of exercises as well as deprivation from foods that are usually craved by most individuals. This is why many prefer NutriSystem over any other brand due to its convenience, affordability, and off course – long term results.

And in the end, users who are not satisfied can easily return the unused food portions of Lean 13 and claim their money back. So there is not much to lose except maybe – a good amount of weight.



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