Nutrisystem Diabetic Lean 13 Review: How Does it Help to Effectively Lose Weight?


Losing weight is an onerous task but pairing the weight loss regime with treating an ailment such as diabetes is next to impossible. One only thinks that shedding the extra pounds might risk the treatment plan or might mess with health in some way. This results in a lot of trial and error while handling the twin devils of overweight and disease at once. One solution to the problem is the Nutrisystem Diabetic Lean 13 plan that assists a person to sail smoothly through the dual devils and achieve an ideal, trimmed, weight through the means of a healthy diet.

What is this Plan?

Nutrisystem is an American company that aims to pair together nutrition and diet plans. The company emphasizes on the usefulness of the correct amount of calories in the diet in helping to shed the extra weight. Similar to the ideals of this program is this plan. The Nutrisystem Diabetic Lean 13 works in three key areas namely; frequent meals, portion control, and balanced nutrition.

Resultantly, with the right portions of nutrition, a person is able to lose weight in a healthy manner. Nutrisystem does the correct calorie calculation, the food preparation is also from the company’s end, and food delivery is also up to the company. Therefore, the diabetic lean 13 plan objectifies to make the entire weight loss mission convenient and easy without having to worry about juggling with health on the other hand.

The Key Components

The three key components of the Nutrisystem Diabetic Lean 13 make it effective are:

-Balanced nutrition

The diet plan in this program is based on balanced nutrition that focuses on high-protein diet. It cuts on the carbs that make a person overweight and add to the fat reserves in the body. For instance, a muffin can gifts a person 410 calories in just one go. While Nutrisystem recognizes that muffins and donuts are sweets that are addictive, it also realizes that they contribute heavily in weight gain. One excellent hack then is donut prepared by Nutrisystem that only carries 110 calories. This is how the plan works to reduce the excess weight.

-Frequent meals

Instead of dividing the daily meals in straightforward 3 eating times viz; breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the program divides meals into small portions that are divided in six times of the day. This poses several benefits including keeping a person energetic through the day, curbing the hunger pangs, satisfying the appetite, and nourishing the body in a way that helps to shed the extra pounds.

-Portion control

As mentioned, the lean 13 plan divides the food into small portions of nourishment that not only energizes the body but also help to bring the weight digits down.

Plans under the Program

There are three basic plans under this meal program. These are:

The Basic Plan

The Nutrisystem Diabetic Lean 13 is based on pre-selected meals for all, without any gender restrictions. It is the most reasonable plan under this program, commencing from $9.99 per day so that full four weeks plan will total to $279.72 with auto-delivery. Food will be served ready in microwave friendly packages and a person doesn’t need to waste money on unhealthy eating outdoor. The basic plan covers six small meals in a day that are to be consumed with breaks through the length of the day.

The Core Plan

There is a greater variety in this plan of Nutrisystem Diabetic Lean 13 and is it is the most popular diet plan under this program. It gives access to lots of food so selection variety is great with more than 100 food items to choose from. Additionally, there is an unlimited access to counselors, dieticians, and other weight control tools and trackers. Core plan starts at $10.99 per day

Uniquely Yours

This is the most highly rated plan in the Nutrisystem Diabetic Lean 13 program. It contains every food item and facility provided in the basic and core plans with a wider variety of menu to select from. Up to 150 food items are present with frozen food option also open. Counselor services and weight loss tools are also present. The plan starts at $11.99 per day

Benefits of this program

There are several advantages of going for Nutrisystem Diabetic Lean 13. Some of these merits have been discussed below:

– Convenience

No one has the time it takes to rush to the kitchen every day and prepare foods keeping in view all nutrition guidelines. Thus, he ends up eating unhealthy food. With this program though, one doesn’t have to put in any efforts. He gets nourishing food delivered to his doorstep. He doesn’t even have to fret over the taste being unpleasant because each meal served by this program is delicious.

– Curbs appetite

The fiber-filled foods that the program delivers help people feel full for longer periods. This means that one doesn’t feel the need to munch on something after every few minutes. Most people gain weight because they become habitual of eating either because they get emotional or because they just love food. Either way, this is a bad habit that needs to be stopped. One should learn to control his appetite.

– Free of harmful substances

One thing that many people find disturbing about ordering food from somewhere is that most of these foods contain harmful substances such as chemicals, fillers, etc. With this program, one doesn’t need to fret over these things as the dishes served are free of preservatives, additives, artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors. That makes the meals safe to consume without any negative side effects.

– Diabetes friendly

As the name of the program suggests, it is for diabetic patients. The meals that this plan comprises of contain no artificial sweeteners or other such damaging substances. Each dish is healthy for those who suffer from diabetes. The foods have Low-glycemic carbohydrates, therefore, they support in the stabilization and regulation of blood sugar levels.


The Nutrisystem Diabetic Lean 13 plan is an efficient weight loss program is a natural way. It allows to bring the weight down along with juggling with a health issue such as diabetes safely.


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