What is Nicotinamide Riboside? Niagen NAD+ Boosting Supplement

Nicotinamide Riboside

Nicotinamide Riboside happens to be a pyridine-nucleoside form of vitamin B3 which has been linked to a plentitude of potent and powerful benefits. It does not render any direct benefits to a person’s body instead only after nicotinamide riboside binds with protein molecules to form active enzymes can it possibly render any potent benefits. Moreover, it helps enzymes work better and render a multitude of benefits within a person’s body.

Improves Cognitive Function & Extends Life Span

A number of supplements of nicotinamide riboside which should be taken orally have been shown to increase the levels of another chemical precursor named nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide or popularly known as NAD+. It happens to be the precursor to NAD+ and could be the world’s best way to synthetize NAD+ within people’s bodies. Instead of using an eight step long process to create NAD+, researchers and experts could use nicotinamide riboside to make it a two step long process, making the anti-aging process considerably more potent and useful.

This is one chemical compound which claims to capably hold-up early and late stage disease progression by robustly inducing mitochondrial biogenesis in skeletal muscle and brown adipose tissue, ruling out mitochondrial ultrastructure abnormalities and deletion formation. Additionally, this dynamic compound switches off the genes of aging, increases endurance, improves cognitive function, extends life span, activates sirtuins and enhances cellular energy. These overall benefits add up to a system-wide easing off and turnabout of particular aging processes.

Kicks Start The Body’s Anti-Aging Processes

As people age, the communication between their cells’ nuclei and their mitochondria as well as between other cells moderately lowers or falls apart due to which aging make tracks and leads to conditions like wrinkles, bone and muscle weakening, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. It claims to kick start the body’s anti-aging processes in a way that no other chemical compound can, making people look and feel younger than before.

In addition to that, a number of researchers and testers have ferreted out that Nicotinamide riboside has been found to increase NAD+ levels and in the process render a remarkable range of longevity benefits that claims to change how people fight aging. Directly boosting NAD+ with Nicotinamide riboside presents a powerful strategy for ruling out the natural decline in cellular energy as people age by promoting youthful vitality.

Furthermore, this chemical compound comes through this NAD+ boosting effect without the bothersome skin flushing and rash caused by the standard forms of vitamin B3. Besides supporting the vitamin’s functions throughout a person’s body by boosting levels of a key metabolic cofactor, Nicotinamide riboside works through a plentitude of other mechanisms to promote life extension. Most dramatic are its effects on longevity and metabolism as shown by present-day researches and studies.

Increases NAD+ For Promising Brain Benefits

This compound has the ability to directly increase NAD+ which renders assuring and favorable brain benefits. According to some studies, this chemical compound has been shown to stall the degeneration of axons which are the communication cables of nerve cells that carry impulses over long distances. When the communication cables wear away, as a result weakness, itch, numbness and loss of motor function can come off.

The mechanism behind this benefit was shown to be a considerable 20-fold increase in the enzyme which converts nicotinamide riboside to NAD+. Besides, there is a company named ChromaDex which happens to manufacture Niagen. Niagen delivers 250mg of nicotinamide riboside per serving.

It claims to be a safe supplementation for athletes everywhere. Its ingredients include 250mg of nicotinamide riboside along with microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide and cellulose in the form of the vegetarian capsule. People are recommended to take two capsules everyday once they wake up in the morning or immediately after eating their first meal of the day. Also, even though this supplementation is created for top-notch and high-ranking athletes but its mind and body boosting benefits can be enjoyed by just about anyone.

Niagen Marks Down People’s Age By Up To 66%

Live Cell Research Niagen prevents age-related brain degeneration by averting the degeneration of axons and neurons (nerve cells responsible for the transmission of information). The supplementation improves communication within a person’s cells and marks down their age by up to 66%.

As a result, people can experience a plentitude of anti-aging benefits which include boosted metabolic rate, improved brain and cardiovascular health, and increased muscle endurance. The pill helps avert cellular damage caused by free radicals from taking place, instead of addressing the harm only after it’s turned out.

Also, Niagen may help support healthy cholesterol levels and cellular metabolism. It can also enhance the amount of energy a person’s body naturally burns without needing them to demark their diet or increase their routinely exercise habits. Moreover, the company claims that every capsule of Live Cell Research Niagen is manufactured in Southern California without the use of toxoids, stimulants or allergens and to be tested by the company for cleanliness, quality and pureness as well as by an independent third-party lab. This is the same company that has produced Vital Stem, one of the best selling anti-aging supplements in the market today.

The manufacturers recommend people to take only one capsule of Niagen every morning on an empty stomach and with a glass of water. This supplementation is available at a price of $46.99 plus $3.95 S&H for 1 month supply, $83.64 plus free S&H for 2 months supply and lastly $117.00 plus free S&H for 3 months supply.

Niagen comes with a 90-day money back refund assurance, less S&H charges which has greatly placed the interest of buyers globally. If in case customers are not satisfied with the results this supplement delivers, they can ask for a refund of their money. In order to initiate the process, customers need to contact customer service at 844-650-5933.


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