NIAGEN by Live Cell Research Review – Top Selling Nicotinamide Riboside Supplement


What is NIAGEN?

Live Cell Research is a high-standard nutraceutical company in Los Angeles California that works alongside advanced technology and recent medical research for producing healthcare products that are known for their quality, safety and effectiveness. Their most recent product is NIAGEN, which is a dietary supplement, specially formulated to provide anti-ageing effects.

NIAGEN is actually a pure form of nicotinamide riboside, an essential nucleoside in the body that has been a current focus of life extension research after David Sinclair published a study in 2013 showing NAD+ levels decrease with age and nicotinamide riboside increases the levels of NAD+ hence providing a beneficial and groundbreaking progression in reversal of deteriorating ageing effects.

Live Cell Research Niagen took their time to formulate, test and approve NIAGEN by choosing the purest and the most effective ingredients in the most adequate and safest amount. This product has brought revolutionary changes in the field of anti-ageing medicine as it continues to change lives of millions of people around the globe to achieve a healthier, invigorated and longer life.

How does NIAGEN work?

Human body comprises of trillions of cells that function on organ level to provide a fully functional coordinated system. It is the exhausted capacity of the cells that leads to ageing and degeneration. Cells age for a single reason, as a recent research proves evidently, this reason is breakdown of communication between nucleus (the central control room of cell) and mitochondria (the power house of the cell). The loss of communication leads to disrupted enzymes, impaired signaling and auto-destruction. Science proves that this communication is promoted by NAD+. Thus, NAD+ has been a proven effective compound to halt ageing and even reverse its detrimental effects.

NIAGEN works on three basic principles. It comprises of nicotinamide riboside, which tremendously increases the levels of NAD+ in tissues. Next it improves mitochondrial function and performance. This boosts the cell’s ability to produce energy. Enhanced energy production leads to reduction of fatigue and muscle/joint aches and rejuvenated body that has plentiful physical and mental energy. Third principle of action of NIAGEN is that it upsurges metabolism to counter high-fat ingestion. This means that NAD+ has essential influence on cholesterol transport across cell.

It has been proven that appropriate dose of nicotinamide riboside increases High-Density-Lipoprotein (HDL-the good cholesterol) and decreases Low-Density-Lipoprotein (LDL-the bad cholesterol). Not only this, but it also plays a vital part in reverse cholesterol transport across cell and thus could correct dyslipidemia and cholesterol excess, a condition which is majorly associated with ageing.

A famous study indicated that increased NAD+ precursor supplementation opposes neurodegenerative processes and leads to a healthier and sharper brain.

Nicotinamide riboside prevents muscle, neural and melanocyte stem cell ageing.  Furthermore it also might improve regeneration of organs such as the liver, kidney, and heart; hence it holds a promising forte for curing widespread autoimmune diseases. Nicotinamide riboside also lowers blood glucose and fatty liver in prediabetic and type 2 diabetic models while preventing the development of diabetic complications on eyes, nerves and kidneys.

Who is NIAGEN for?

Live Cell Research always formulates products to benefit every kind of person. Likewise NIAGEN can be used by any age group but obviously the specific benefits and appreciable improvement can be seen in people after age of forty or in any person whose body system is weak or disrupted due to illness, age or malnutrition. NIAGEN boosts user’s body with loads of energy and vigor of youth that motivates them to achieve the wildest and hardest aims of their lives in an easy effortless manner.

All those distressed people who have been age-stricken, illness-ridden and exhausted in their homes with mountain full of determination and dreams but betrayed by physicality of ageing are the ones who could transform their lives by simply complementing NIAGEN into their daily diet. Within days, it is guaranteed to provide energy, escalate muscle function, sharpen thinking and even improve sex drive to provide the user with revitalized emergence of youth.

This supplement if taken by adult prevents the crippling effects of ageing beforehand. It keeps the body fit and functional by strengthening the immune system and providing continuous round-the-clock energy.

What are the details of intake of NIAGEN?

NIAGEN is recommended to be taken once daily, on empty stomach before breakfast. It comes in the dosage of 250 mg per capsule. It is absolutely safe to be taken with other products like Resveratrol, Fish oil, Glucosamine and other supplementary vitamins/minerals. It does not contain any synthetic additives, no magnesium stereate, no diary, no allergens and no caffeine.

It is packaged in BPA-free dark amber glass bottle that is resistant to heat, light and air.

Live Cell Research always do third-party laboratory testing on their products to make sure that they exceed in quality, safety and effectiveness. Just like that, Live Cell Research NIAGEN has also been under scrutiny of several foreign and expert laboratories and facilities that have tested and approved of it. The safety and effectiveness is guaranteed. And the dynamic response of worldwide users giving commendable, positive and satisfied feedback is potent enough evidence to support the success of the product.

NIAGEN comes with a ninety-days money-back guarantee and user is encouraged to return the product for full refund for any reason whatsoever.

NIAGEN is a revolutionary anti-ageing dietary supplement that has been formulated after thorough testing and research. The remarkable advancements in anti-ageing science have allowed Live Cell Research to put their best sources into play to create the ultimate beneficial solution for mankind that not only prolongs life but improves the quality of it. NIAGEN has turned millions of lives around to enrich people’s lives with energy and health so that they could live life to its fullest. It is unique in the sense that it is the first commercially-available form of nicotinamide riboside and it opens doors to other countless possibilities that would only prove out to be advantageous.

The team at Live Cell research is always easily approachable and user can send in their queries any time with almost immediate response.


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