Neuro Shroom Review – A Cognitive Performance Enhancer


The health industry is full of supplements that target our physical energy and well-being. These support the needs of our body and provide it with the required nutrients to properly function. We also take part in various physical activities and take a healthy diet to keep our body at optimal state.

Unfortunately, we hardly give a thought to the health of our brain.

Our brain, just like our body works consistently to keep us productive, energetic, and intellectual throughout the day. Once overworked, the brain can also get tired resulting in fogginess, lack of focus, and even memory loss.

To combat these issues, one needs to take a regular dose of nootropics.

Nootropics are similar to the multi-vitamins we take for our body. But unlike the supplements that improve our health and body; nootropics enhance the well-being of our brain.

One such supplement that helps in sharpening the mind is Neuro Shroom by Primal Herb. The supplement is available in powdered form and contains nootropic mushrooms that are useful in enhancing cognitive and mental performance by protecting the nerves and the nervous tissues.

With regular use of the powder, users are claimed to find improvement in short-term memory, depression, mental fatigue, and problem-solving skills.

Let’s find out more about the nootropic in this review.

Mushrooms – the main ingredient:

Mushrooms are a great source of vitamins and micro-nutrients. They work like antioxidants to fight off free radical damage. Plus, they are low in calories which make them an ideal choice of weight watchers.

Recent studies have also shown some varieties of mushroom to be powerful nootropics. These improve cognitive performance and fight off any potential damage to the brain cells.

The top three nootropic mushrooms are used in the supplement. These include:

Lion’s Mane Mushroom: Studies have shown that the regular use of this mushroom may improve cognitive abilities by regenerating damaged nerves and stimulate new cell growth in the nervous system. It is a key ingredient in the formula and makes up about 50% of the formula.

Cordyceps: The mushroom is equally popular in both Chinese and Tibetan medicine where it’s used to treat all sorts of illnesses. A study conducted in 2014 showed the mushroom to be a great natural supplement for brain health that improves mood disorders and cognitive function. Cordyceps extracts are also known to enhance energy levels. 30% of the mushroom is included in the formula.

Reishi: The immune-boosting mushroom has a reputation for being anti-inflammatory as well. It is also used to cure viral infections, lung problems, and heart disorders. 20% of the supplement is Reishi mushroom.

Apart from the mushrooms, Black Pepper is also added to the supplement. Black pepper contains piperine which enhances the bioavailability of the powerful compounds in the mushroom for the digestive system.

Working process:

The company, Primal Herb is known to use only quality ingredients along with best manufacturing practices in all their supplements.

All the ingredients used in the Neuro Shroom are cultivated from around the world and are free from pesticides and chemicals. The ingredients run through a 7 stage process which ensures that only high-quality raw material is used while maintaining potency and purity to the fullest.

Additionally, the ingredients are all gluten-free and vegan-friendly which means that the product can be used by anyone regardless of their dietary preference.

How to use the supplement?

The formula is available in powdered form. The users are instructed to add ½ tsp of the powder to hot water, coffee, tea, or smoothie. The recommended dosage is one or two drinks daily but users can adjust according to their requirements.

Lifestyle changing tips to improve mental performance:

Nowadays, mental decline is on the rise. More and more individuals (especially elderlies) are being affected by bouts of poor concentration, loss of memory, depression, and lack of energy.

To combat all the issues, we have to take care of our mind just like we do of our body. Apart from taking a good dose of nootropics, one should adopt healthy lifestyle habits to keep the mind active. Some lifestyle altering habits to partake include:

  • Eating a healthy diet and drinking lots of water
  • Following a moderate exercise routine
  • Joining voluntary or charity service
  • Keeping the brain alert by doing mind-stimulating activities such as crossword puzzles, learning new skills, and reading lots of books.
  • Being socially engaged
  • Take time out for yourself and do the things that you enjoy
  • Take good rest
  • Avoid alcohol and smoke as much as possible

Price and Guarantee:

Those who are interested in purchasing the supplement can do so by visiting the official website of Primal Herb. The formula can also be purchased at

The supplement comes in 4 oz. /114 grams packaging which will last for 151 servings. The regular price of the package is $69.95 but currently, the makers are offering a discount which has reduced the price to only $42.95.

The Primal Herb website accepts all major credit cards and online payment services. Shipping is free on all US orders while deliveries are made within 5 – 7 working days.

Additionally, the makers offer a money back guarantee on all orders which allow consumers who are not satisfied the chance to claim their invested money. The time frame for the guarantee is one year during which the users can return the product for a full refund.

Review – Summary:

Our lives today are more stressful than what our ancestors led. With so much on our minds from our personal and professional life that it’s no surprise our mind gets overwhelmed and ultimately stops functioning like it’s supposed to.

To improve the mind-related condition, it is necessary to keep the brain active and provide it with a healthy dose of nutrients. Since our diet is not as authentic as it should be, it is wiser to go the alternate route and invest in a quality nootropic that ensures mental health and wellbeing to the fullest.

So if you are facing difficulty concentrating on the tasks at hand, feel irritable, or lack problem-solving skills – opt for Neuro Shroom by Primal Herb, the supplement that guarantees to change your mind.






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