Nature’s Sleep Solution Review – Effective and Reliable Sleep Inducing Supplement?


Nature’s Sleep Solution by Gold Leaf Nutritionals is an herbal supplement that induces sleep naturally and effectively. Made from entirely organic ingredients, it doesn’t have any adverse side effects of use and can be taken with other medication as well. It promotes relaxation and helps one get rid of insomnia so he may sleep deeply without any tensions fogging his brain. The pill is manufactured in the USA, in a GMP production facility that doesn’t compromise on quality. Since it is created in an FDA compliant lab, one doesn’t have any reason to doubt the efficiency of the formula.

Insomnia can muddle up the functioning of the brain. It makes one lazy and unproductive. One must take steps and try to incorporate a proper sleep routine. Though often times just correcting one’s sleep timings is not enough. When after trying every trick, pretending to be dead asleep to trigger sleep and trying to quiet the whispers in the mind doesn’t work all that one can do is get prescribed tablets. That is a dangerous route that one must not give in to. A herbal product, on the other hand, can be trusted in this regard one that promises proper sleep without side effects. One such product is Nature’s Sleep Solution, which is dependable, natural and efficient.

The causes of sleeplessness

One problem that most individuals face is insomnia. Sleeplessness sneaks its way into the lives of people due to different reasons. Two of the most common of which are addiction to smartphones and other such gadgets and stress. Use of mobiles phones, tablets or laptops before going to sleep messes up with the functioning of the brain which results in insomnia. The blue wavelengths of light emitted by these devices interfere with the neurochemical process of the brain by irritating the optic nerve which prevents melatonin, which is a sleep inducing hormone, from being released.

Stress, on the other hand, crowds a person’s mind with frustrating thoughts that keep bouncing. This stress can be stimulated due to any problems that one faces in his life be it due to financial strains, emotional trauma or any other unwanted situation. Stress disturbs one’s sleeping patterns, causing him to stay awake at night and ponder over things that he cannot even control. This, in turn, becomes a habit that can be tough to break. With life being challenging for almost everyone these days so much so that even teens are afflicted, stress barges in inevitably, triggering insomnia.

Though there are several pharmaceutical medications that one can take to curb sleeplessness and stimulate proper sleep they aren’t reliable. These come in the form of sedatives and hypnotic drugs that are though successful in helping a person sleep, always come along with many negative side effects such as nausea, drowsiness, and hypertension. These drugs are also addictive so one must try to avoid them. This is where Nature’s Sleep Solution comes into the picture. Made of ingredients derived from plants and amino acid compounds, it is an all-natural supplement that doesn’t trigger any unwanted reactions.

Formulation of the product

Nature’s Sleep Solution has been made with pure ingredients and an effective formula. It contains two complexes; one that boosts sleep and another that is a sleep onset blend. The first one combines hops extract, lemon balm extract, chamomile extract, and passionflower extract, which are all derived from the finest sources, to promote calmness, deep healthy sleep and long REM sleep duration. This complex is essential for enhancing one’s health and making him feel more productive through the day by encouraging restful sleep at night.

The second complex which is the sleep onset blend includes three significant ingredients. The first of these is melatonin, which helps promote sleep. It is vital for combating the blue light interference caused by the use of digital devices before bed time. It makes up for the melatonin which isn’t being emancipated due to a disturbance in the neurochemical process of the brain. The other ingredient that it contains is L-theanine which is derived from tea leaves. This amino acid relaxes a person and decreases the levels of stress. Lastly, it contains valerian root extract which has calming properties.

The bonuses that come along

Nature’s Sleep Solution doesn’t come alone. Three unique gifts tag along with this pill so that a person may benefit from them and get proper sleep. Insomnia can ruin a person’s health. It makes one unalert and muffles his senses. When this happens, one doesn’t feel productive and doesn’t deliver his best at any job. Sleeplessness also takes away the glow from one’s appearance other than troubling him mentally. Thus it is important to put an end to it with this organic supplement. The bonuses that come with it are also advantageous for better sleep.

The three bonus books that are offered for free are called “Sneaky Caffeine Sources”, “Sleep Killing Foods: What to Never Eat Before You Go to Bed”, and “The 3 AM Wake Up Cure”. Sneaky Caffeine Sources informs one of all those foods and drinks that contain caffeine as an ingredient even though in little amounts and then muddle one’s sleep by making him feel energized and sleepless at night. Sleep Killing Foods: What to Never Eat Before You Go to Bed is a guide on the foods that interfere with the sleep process and make him stay awake at night. Lastly, The 3 AM Wake Up Cure is an e-book that contains the techniques to rid of waking up mid sleep.


Insomnia can frustrate a person beyond control. Sleeplessness might not be considered a massive problem by many people though it is actually the culprit behind many issues. It can trigger anger issues or depression. Though it is fueled by stress, it is itself a stimulant of stress. Both serve each other and individuals are defenseless against both of them. It is crucial to nip sleeplessness in the bud before it takes control and one safe way to do so is by taking Nature’s Sleep Solution. This supplement induces proper deep, restful sleep efficiently. One can trust this herbal formula completely.


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