Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol Review – Reagan Alzheimer’s Treatment

Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol Review

Medical experts have claimed that there is no cure for Alzheimer and the condition worsens with time. However, a groundbreaking discovery has been made and can change the future for those who are suffering from the disease. Read on to find out what is the Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol.

Ronald Reagan, 40th president of the United States from 1981 – 1989:

Alzheimer is a common disease and has affected the memory and thinking pattern of more than 5.1 million Americans. The 6thleading cause of death in United States, studies have predicted that the number of Alzheimer patient will triple by the year 2050.

Although, many famous and infamous individuals have suffered from the disease – the most prominent amongst them is Ronald Reagan – the 40th president of United States. In 1994, a heartbreaking letter was published by the former president announcing his diagnosis of the Alzheimer’s disease along with his great love for wife, Nancy Reagan and his country.

Nancy Reagan, the former first lady of the United States is well known for her humanitarian services and various awareness campaigns. But what most people don’t know that ever since her husband was diagnosed with the disorder, Nancy Reagan devoted all her time to care for him as well as find a cure for the deadly disease.

Unfortunately, no one knew that the cure was right there. Just 100 miles from Ronald Reagan’s ranch in Santa Barbara! The miraculous discovery is exactly what is needed to stop Alzheimer’s from progressing.

Known as the Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol, the treatment is easily affordable and can be used by anyone who has been diagnosed with the disease. Clinical studies have proven that the cure found in the discovery can completely eliminate the disease from the individual’s body. Sounds impressive right! Well, it is! And the case studies conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information prove that it defiantly works.

Case Study #1:

The first study was carried out on the 83-year old Linda. Linda, whose condition got worse day by day to the extent that she no longer was able to clean, cook, and use the bathroom without assistance. Sadly, she even forgot her late husband as well as her family members.

Living a completely isolated and lost life in a nursing home, she finally began to act like herself within 12-weeks of following the Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol.  After one full year of applying the treatment method, she was back to enjoying life just like before in the midst of her family and friends.

According to reports, the transition was gradual. At first, Linda’s irritable behavior was minimized. After some weeks of the treatment, she began to recognize the urge to urinate and finally taking part in activities such as knitting, watching TV, and even singing old songs – just like the old days.

Case Study #2:

Another patient, Suzanne was diagnosed with a severe case of memory loss, incontinence, and confusion. After trying all the traditional modes of treatment, the doctors switched to Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol. After a full year of following the treatment plan, she began remembering her friends and family members. The cure also reduced her incontinence problem and she is now living happily with her family members – enjoying her time.

Case Study #3:

A 73-year old painter was prescribed various treatment methods for more than 3 years but nothing worked. According to his wife, he has lost the desire to live. Luckily, after trying out Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol, his symptoms miraculously improved.

Case Study #4:

The Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol is being followed in the Far Eastern Villages for more than a century and not-so-surprisingly – the occurrence of Alzheimer’s in those areas is completely rare. Almost impossible!

Although, one of the poorest country – testing on 5,000 individuals from the area proved that they are free from the plague that is eating up the rest of the world.

Case Study #5:

83-year old Alex’s condition was so bad that he was unable to drive, read, write, or even speak in full sentences. After trying out all the traditional medicines, he and his neurologist came across the Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol. The transformation was so fast that it was unbelievable.

Now 8 years later and living a perfectly healthy life, Alex calls himself an Alzheimer’s survivor.

The success stories go on and on……

How Does Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol Work?

Unlike traditional modes of treatment, the Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol focuses on the root of the problem. Since, inflammation plays a major role in the formation of Alzheimer’s – the miraculous treatment releases a natural chemical to reduce the inflammation process.

Then, it fills the brain with antioxidants. The brain-healing nutrients clean out the plaques that have formed inside the brain and prevent new ones from appearing. The healing process is simple and efficient – making lives much easier for those who have lost hope.

Benefits of Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol:

  • No artificial formulas
  • No chemicals, drugs, or toxins
  • No costly medicines or tests
  • No side effects
  • Incredibly cheap (less than $10 a month)
  • Gives 100% satisfactory results

Why the treatment is not available publicly?

Most people speculate that if the Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol is so good, why is it not yet FDA approved and available openly in the market.

The truth is that Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol hardly costs $10 a year while traditional medicines and treatment methods cost a patient more than $90,000. Due to this, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the pharmaceutical industry is not in a hurry to promote the treatment plan.

How to purchase?

The natural, cheap, and readily available treatment cannot be purchased publicly. Instead it is compiled into the copy of The Little Bible of 77 Censored Health Cures. The book filled with health advice has a sole section dedicated to Nancy’s 90-Day Protocol. It has all the information that individuals need about where to find the herb that works with the protocol and the duration it requires to see effective results.


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