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More often than not propaganda is a tool that wraps intelligible minds into believing something and even using something. What the government sells, its citizens buy without a doubt and question. There is an age-old tale that echoes in the ears of the seniors though. The story tells that the doctor would always prescribe a medication that will only temporarily cure. It’s never a permanent cure, or if the medicine treats one problem, it raises another so that the patient returns. And that is simply how doctors fill their waiting rooms and earn more.

Although it runs antiparallel to what the government says but this is the reality. And this is also the exact gist of the book Miracles From The Vault. The book tells how natural treatments are swept under the rug while medications are patented so that patients use them time and again. It is a means of earning money by the government and the medicine companies.

What Does the Book Say?

It is foremost to learn about the credibility of the book first by knowing about the people behind them. Since the book is making tall claims, it is essential to get into that aspect of the book.

This book has the backing of research conducted by the experts at the Health Science Institute. The institute does not talk about alternative medicine without proper clinical support. The Health Science Institute has 18 years of research to boast about. It employs experts at the top of each sphere of medical science, which provide information that is reliable, accurate, and well researched.

Natural treatments discussed in the book

With comprehensive research and reliability having its back, the book examines several major ailments that so far rely on expensive medications and costly chemical treatments. A quick highlight of the natural ways of each of the major disease is discussed below:

  1. H-86 as an alternative treatment of chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is a blind and discriminatory measure to kill all cells regardless of their carcinogenic origin. Moreover, the chemotherapeutic drugs also have side effects. An alternate, therefore, is the need of the hour. The Miracles from the Vault reveals an alternative compound that not only unmasks the cancerous cells so that the body’s natural T cells kill them but also cut off the supply of glucose to the tumor to curb the spread of cancer.

  1. Remedies for sleep disorder

Improper sleep hinders not only the agility of the body but also makes thinking unclear. Good sleep improves memory, longevity, and energy of the body. Dependence on sleeping is anything but beneficial. To combat the problem with an alternative, a formulation containing ziziphus and Magnolia bark is used to reduce the levels of the sleep-depriving hormone called cortisol. The product is 83% more efficient in sleep promotion

  1. Alzheimer’s treatment

The formation and deposition of amyloid plaque in the brain lead to this disease. It gradually heads to memory loss, brain fog, confusions, until finally cognitive damage. According to this book, the discovery of a mushroom called the Lion’s Mane has proven to treat these plaques by first reversing their effects and then preventing future deposition and harm from their side. Mental function is fully restored with this. Two more compounds have also proven to be helpful in treating g Alzheimer’s. These are Amyloba that protects against toxic damage of amyloid plaques and Hericeron that stimulate new neural growth to reverse the effects of this disease.

  1. Treatment for diabetes

HIS talks about a revolutionary formula DBX-13, which is composed of 11 natural ingredients that are free from any side effects and regulate insufficient insulin production and resistance to insulin. DBX-13 is the best alternative to costly and risky medicines that have side effects. It can lower the LDL level in the blood along with decreasing triglycerides and total cholesterol. The alternative also boosts the body’s natural ability to process sugar.

  1. Natural cure for regulating blood pressure

Blood pressure is not only a problem in itself, but it also buds several other problems such as increasing the risks of heart attack, stroke, and cardiovascular disease. Nitrous oxide (NO) that is naturally produced in the body helps to explain deposits of arterial plaque, relax blood vessels to make blood flow easy, and prevent clot formation. The book recommends an alternative that helps enhance the production of NO in the body and ultimately helps to regular normal blood pressure.

  1. Safe ways to reduce cholesterol

Pharmaceutical drugs have been known to have the side effect of type II diabetes by about 50%. Fortunately, there is an alternative that flushes cholesterol naturally from the body. The compound is named Policosanol that reduces the levels of LDL in the blood and increases the level of good cholesterol in the blood.

  1. Naturally fixing arthritis

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs only mask the inflammation and give temporary relief from the pain of arthritis without actually addressing the real cause of the problem. The cause of Arthritis is the loss of cartilage between the bones that cushion the joints. With the loss of the softening pads, the bones grind against one another causing friction, pain, and inflammation. The book proposes a new solution that stimulates the growth of new cartilage using the principle of bone morphogenic proteins, which works to differentiate the stems cells to grow into new cartilage.

The complete package of the book

The complete subscription not only includes this 500-pages book, Miracles From The Vault but also includes daily emails of information snippets and a bonus book called The New Miracles, which delivers information of new researches.


Miracles From The Vault does not talk without credibility and reliability. The Health Science Institute has done extensive research with detailed studies after which they have penned the book that talks about natural alternatives to major common ailments. All the treatments described have been working to get a patent, but the medical industries do not want to weaken their monopoly. Thus, the natural cures go unrecognized.



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