Meditation in a Bottle by Zenith Labs Review – Efficient Product with Several Benefits?


Meditation in a Bottle is a dietary supplement that, as its name suggests brings the benefits of meditation in capsule form. Through the use of this product, users can experience a life free from the harmful impacts of fatigue, aging, and stress. It combines the power of highly potent, natural ingredients to deliver a peaceful and relaxed state of mind. It is backed by science as well, which proves it to be efficient in its working.

Meditation in a Bottle review

Routine life can be stressing. From the pressures at work to the tensions of home, it can often be too hard to deal with everything at once. And no matter how smiling and free of worries one seems from the outside, no one’s life is a bed full of roses. Chronic stress, exhaustion, and growing age can decline one’s mental performance, take a toll on his physical health as well, and leave him emotionally worn out.

In such circumstances, rather than living a dull life, better is to learn how to face the challenges that life throws one’s way. Luckily, there is one product on the market that can make it all easier. And no, that’s not alcohol. But instead, a natural solution that even has the approval of clinical research. A product that can make sure that the troubles of life aren’t able to rust one’s health and wellness. this is a supplement called Meditation in a Bottle.

It comes from a renowned company known as Zenith Labs. This brand is known for several of its organic supplements that can improve one’s health and lifestyle. The creator or this product is Dr. Ryan Shelton who is the medical director of the company and has lots of other successes marked on his resume as well. He, along with his team of medical professionals, has presented a dietary supplement that can aid one live a better life.

What are the features of this product?

There are several amazing qualities of Meditation in a Bottle. Some of these have been mentioned here:

  • It is a convenient way to calm one’s thoughts and combat stress, and tiredness
  • It comprises of ingredients that have been derived from the finest sources of nature
  • It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, additives, toxins, etc. In fact, it is GMO-free
  • It has been manufactured in a lab that adheres to all health and hygiene guidelines
  • Since it has a natural and high-quality composition, there are no adverse side effects of use
  • It comes from a company that is well-known for its products and is, thus, reliable
  • It is backed by scientific research as well that proves its efficacy

How does this product work?

Meditation in a Bottle grants several health advantages, but one does wonder what does it exactly do and how does it efficiently deliver what it promises? Let’s start from here; what is the most calming activity that can bring balance to one’s body and put his physical and mental state in harmony? Of course, that is meditation. But to meditate is not as easy as just sitting down in a stationary position. It is much more difficult than that.

It’s about summoning one’s inner peace and surrendering all the thoughts buzzing in one’s mind. And not everyone is able to or has the poise to reach that stage of meditation, that which grants several benefits by producing Alpha Brainwaves. Now with the help of this product one can reach that stage, without even mediating. How so? This supplement has ingredients that mimic the impact of alpha brainwaves. This is how it works to bring peace and wellness.

Benefits offered of this product

Meditation in a bottle has several merits for the health of individuals. The main results gained by the use of this product have been listed below:

  • Higher energy levels
  • Easy weight loss
  • Decrease in fatigue and stress
  • Sharpened cognitive functionality
  • Strengthened immunity
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Regular blood pressure and sugar levels
  • One looks and feels better

Ingredients of this product

There are several ingredients in this supplement, but the best part is that all are natural. The main ingredients are the following:

  • L‑theanine: the primary ingredient of this supplement, it is directly proportional to higher alpha brainwaves. It also strengthens immunity, regulates blood pressure, betters mood, and lowers weight
  • Scutellaria Lateriflora: reduces stress and anxiety, all while increasing energy levels
  • Holy Basil: supports cortisol and hence betters mood. It also works to sharpen one’s memory and learning abilities
  • Pharmagaba and Ziziphus Spinosa: These two combined together, better memory and mood. They assist with cognitive functionality
  • Magnolia extract: boosts alpha brainwaves
  • Epimedium Koreanum: this one aids in better sleep and sharpening of memory
  • Phosphatidylserine: works to improve mood and memory
  • Five Flavor Berry: betters mental and physical performance
  • Siberian Ginseng: relieves one from constant stress
  • Other ingredients: these are withania somnifera, rhodiola rosea, cordyceps sinensis, and passiflora incarnate

Pricing and money-back guarantee

One month’s supply of this product comes for a fair price of $79. However, currently it can be purchased for a discounted price of $49. There are two more economical packages as well. The first one is a three months’ supply which offers each bottle for $39. And the second one is for users who want six bottles. In this package, each bottle is priced at $33. Another important feature is that there is a 180-day money-back guarantee.

This policy shows that the company has faith in the working of its product and that it is authentic. So those who do not like the results given by Meditation in a Bottle, they can return it and get their hard-earned cash back.


When it comes to dietary supplements that can grant better physical and mental ease, the market is full. However, what is unique about Meditation in a Bottle by Zenith Labs, is that it mimics the impacts of meditation. Through the regular consumption of this product, one can notice several health benefits like weight loss, maintained blood sugar levels, improved mental performance, higher energy levels, and an overall improvement in one’s health and lifestyle.

Date Last Updated: 31st Jan, 2018

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