Magnetique Hair Growth Review: How Effective Is This Formula For Hair Loss?


One’s hair, hair texture, and hair styling speak volumes about his personality. In fact, the amount of care put into hair styling reveals about the time that an individual invests in his/her personal care. However, the judgment and opinions don’t pause even if one undergoes the severe and common problem of hair loss. Mostly, the audience only blames a person for not taking care of himself. Since there are a number of solutions for hair fall but they don’t come without side effects, it is only wise to resort to a natural solution such as Magnetique Hair Growth.

This is a natural supplement for treating the problem of hair fall. Around 80% of the folks complain of hair loss at one point or another in their lifetime. Some blame it on stress, others on imbalanced nutrition. Still others consider it a part and parcel of early aging. Regardless of the reason though, the problem isn’t the one to be ignored, as consistent hair fall can result in hairless patches on one’s head and even complete baldness. This supplement helps to treat the problem with its natural formula. Since the key ingredients are natural, there are no side effects too.

Magnetique Hair Growth Review

The Magnetique Hair Growth is a potent and natural formula for hair loss. It works on all the stages of hair growth and regeneration to encourage the growth of new hair. Thus, this supplement works to not only curb the loss of one’s hair but it also facilitates new growth.

The unique formula works by nourishing the hair follicles so that new growth can be promoted. All this is achieved at the expense of natural ingredients. The entire composition of this supplement is a blend of essential vitamins and key ingredients that nourish the hair follicles.

Additionally, there is a significant amount of time that has gone into the making of this supplement. In fact, the website of the product claims that the formula is clinically proven to work and will show positive results in a matter of only 21 days.

Phases of Working

The Magnetique Hair Growth works in an entirely natural way. It works to nourish the hair follicles so that they can enter the growth phase. The working can be explained in the following three phases:


This is the growth phase of the hair. The supplement aims at stimulating the growth of the root hair. It tries to speed up the entire process of growth too.


This is the resting phase of the hair growth cycle. In this stage, the formula promises to nourish the hair so that it shines and boasts an improved quality.


This is a transitional phase, where there is a possibility of hair fall. The supplement, however, aims at preventing this phase so that hair loss can be curbed and new hair growth can be seen.


The Magnetique Hair Growth is based on an all-natural formula. It is a blend of all the important nutrients and vitamins that nourish the scalp and promote hair growth. The main ingredients are:


This ingredient is important for converting the carbohydrates in the food to energy that, in turn, supports the development of blood cells. This also enhances the blood flow to one’s head. An increased blood circulation to the region of the scalp is always healthful for better hair growth, as the blood carries more nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles.

At the same time, niacin is also good for improving the hair thickness. This is because it enhances the moisture in the scalp. Other than that, it also boosts hair development.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is known for upholding the health of one’s hair. This vitamin can also be directly massaged into the hair for improved growth.

Vitamin B6

This vitamin is important as it helps to prevent hair damage. Vitamin B6 also enhances the health of one’s hair. As a plus, it also promotes healthy skin.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is good at providing protein for one’s hair. Protein is the basic building unit of the hair cell. This results in improved hair growth. Not only that, it encourages hair growth of healthier and stronger hair.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E works like a massager that improves the blood flow to the scalp. This ingredient enhances hair growth by providing greater blood and nourishment to the root hair.


Biotin is critical for improving the volume and strength of one’s hair. It is also helpful in increasing the number of hair follicles. Simultaneously, the ingredient also assists in cleaning follicles so that they don’t get blocked with dirt or dandruff.

Expected Results

The Magnetique Hair Growth formula works to produce good results for the head that is constantly losing hair. It not only stops hair fall but it also encourages the growth of the new hair. Therefore, these two factors can be expected as part of results from this supplement as per its own claims.

Moreover, the formula not only boosts one’s hair development but is also enhances blood flow to the scalp. Resultantly, a person will get improved volume, thickness, and strength in the new hair that grows.


This is an internal dosage medicine. This means that it comes in the form of capsules that need to be taken orally. The recommended dosage is no more than 2 pills per day that need to be taken separately with only a glass of water. The Magnetique Hair Growth formula is not meant to be externally applied.


  • A natural formula
  • Zero to minimal side effects
  • Promises to show quick results
  • Curbs hair fall and promotes the growth of new hair
  • Enhances blood flow and nourishment to the hair follicles
  • Encourages the growth of strong and healthy hair with a good hair volume


The Magnetique Hair Growth is an effective supplement. It claims to stop hair fall and encourage new hair growth within a very short time frame. There are no side effects concerned with its regular use, as the ingredient list is free from any chemicals and is fully natural


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