LifeCell – Best Anti-Aging Cream for Men?


LifeCell is an all in one skin care solution for men. This skin tightening cream reverses the impacts of aging and restores youth. It is so incredible in its working that it’s efficiency is compared to that of Botox minus the harmful side effects. This cream is a blend of several moisturizers, scrubs, and foundations to provide one with a manifold of benefits. Made of ingredients that have been clinically proven to be helpful when it comes to skin tightening and lightening, this product is one of the best in the market.

There was a time when there were only creams for women. Good thing, nowadays there are products for men too. After all, a man’s skin suffers as much as a women’s does. In fact, a recent study shows that men are more prone to skin damage. With age, everyone’s skin starts to sag and gets lines and wrinkles. Apart from the effects of aging, there are many other factors that contribute to damaging a person’s skin. Such as the climate, UV rays from the sun, dehydration, lack of proper nutrition, smoking, etc., etc.

All this makes it important for one to do something and maintain a good-looking appearance. It is better to go for a cream rather than pills or injections which prove to be ineffective. However, most creams just make fake claims for the sake of marketing. LifeCell, on the other hand, comes from a reliable brand name called South Beach Skin Care. It is a popular company, and that is why one can depend on this treatment and gain maximum benefits.

What does it do?

Like other organs of the body, the skin also requires support. The best way to support it is to give it the ingredients it needs to stay young looking and healthy. One of the worst effects of aging is saggy skin. Not to forget wrinkles and dullness caused in the skin because of so many factors. One must take care of his skin so that he may not just look great but feel that way too. LifeCell is a promising cream that works perfectly to ensure one’s skin gets all the nourishment it needs. It makes the skin more elastic and tight.

This cream adds a glow to the skin and regenerates it at the deepest layer so that the impacts of aging are substantially reduced. It fills in fine lines and reduces wrinkles. Dark circles are another problem that this cream deals with by making them bright. Apart from dark circles, aging also causes the eyes to have bags. This cream also combats this issue by lifting skin, tightening it and making it firmer. In this way, it reduces puffiness. It keeps the skin moisturized as well because the skin needs to stay hydrated for freshness.

How does it work?

LifeCell basically takes a twofold approach. Firstly, it serves as a temporary foundation that doesn’t appear as makeup, and neither does it cake or melt. It is impossible to even notice that the skin is wearing any base. This foundation makes the skin more radiant without any glossiness. Just lightens, freshens and tightens the skin for a handsome look. It must be noted that once this layer is washed off, the foundation comes off and so does the magic.

Secondly, it contains ingredients that target the long-term benefits. These positive impacts of hydration, toning, smoothening, clearing, brightening and reversing aging that has been discussed above stay for long. They don’t come off with a splash of water. They stay, and that’s how the skin becomes rejuvenated from the inside out. So this product is a combination of an invisible matte foundation, a toner, a moisturizer and a cream that reverses the effects of time.

Ingredients of the product

All the compounds used in the making of this cream, LifeCell, are of the finest quality. No such dangerous substances have been added to the formula that may trigger any adverse reactions, so one doesn’t have to fret about that at all. Each element is carefully chosen and clinically proven to be effective at its task. Certain ingredients in the cream give instant results even if those results just vanish when the face is washed.

For long-term advantages, ingredients that get inside the surface and improve texture, giving sustainable results have also been added. A brief overview of the six primary and active compounds added apart from the foundation has been given below.

Hyaluronic Acid:

This compound works in the connective tissue. Using hyaluronic acid, hydrates the skin, tightens it and thus removes wrinkles. It makes the skin firm and smooth.

DMAE (Deanol):

This ingredient is extensively used in the cosmetics’ industry and is considered as an excellent alternative to Botox. It tightens skin and prevents sagginess.

Retinol (Vitamin A):

Retinol is an advanced form of vitamin A. It is known for the way it benefits the skin. This element adds to glow of the skin making it more radiant.

Ubiquinone – Super Anti-Oxidant

The skin requires antioxidants to retain itself. This ingredient has powerful antioxidant properties that provide the skin with necessary molecules such as collagen, elastin, etc.

Ascorbyl Palmitate

This Vitamin C component eliminates the adverse effects provoked by free radical damage. It clears the skin, tones it and slows down the toll that age takes on the skin.


LifeCell is a skin lifting, tightening, moisturizing, anti-aging cream that is known for its effectiveness. It comes from a trustworthy company and thus it is safe to use. The best part is that the product is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee that means that if someone doesn’t like the product because he finds it unsatisfactory, he can return the packet even if it is empty and get his cash back. This cash refund policy also shows that the brand has confidence in its product that it wouldn’t fail which further proves its authenticity. Overall, a useful product for men that works miracles on the skin.


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