Active-PK by LCR Health Review – Deep Fat Solution!


Active-PK by LCR Health fires up a person’s metabolic rate and jumps start weight loss! This supplement has the ability to activate a crucial enzyme which is responsible for promoting considerable weight loss by raiding deep fat at the cellular level.

Cellular Health & its impact on body weight

As people age, their metabolic rate impedes and their body does not sop up all the fundamental nutriments from foods anymore. In order to get the inactive body cells to suck in all the needful vitamins, minerals and nutriments again, they need to be unloaded of noxious substances and harmful toxoids that keep them dormant and then reactivate them by using necessary natural vitamins. However, it is not easy to find a source of natural high quality vitamins which halt the body to ingest them. A newly launched supplementation “Active-PK” is hinged upon the conception of cellular health and its impact on a person’s body weight.

This weight loss supplement helps in healing and powering up cells which make up a person’s whole body and hence helps in assisting the discharge of wasteful substances and regulating hormone function. LCR Health Active-PK contains essential natural vitamins, nutriments and minerals which activate the body cells and help people to sop up the needful nutrients and vitamins. The creator claims that when people think of weight loss, only few of them look upon the body cells. These cells are the source of the body’s energy supply and the essence of a person’s health and overall well-being.

These cells help keep people functioning at ideal health and maintain a good health and weight. Active PK is one weight loss formula which helps people manage fat throughout their system so that they can trim down and improve their overall wellbeing.

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Promotes weight loss & improves metabolic disturbances

One scoop of Active Stem contains Vitamin D3 2,000IU, stem cell enhancing blend 1,400mg: L-Leucine, Green Tea Extract, Blueberry Powder and L-Carnosine. A turbocharged ingredient Vitamin D3 aids weight loss and enhances the useful effects of a scaled down calorie diet. All overweight people should have their vitamin D levels tested. Correcting levels of vitamin D could help people cast off unwanted stubborn body weight provided that tests find that they are actually vitamin D deficient.

Moreover, this sunshine vitamin promotes weight loss and waist circumference markdown in overweight people with hypovitaminosis d. A number of researches prove that adequate vitamin D intake is quite necessary for the regulation of calcium and is suggested to supply a protective effect against a plentitude of maladies and life-threatening diseases. This sunshine vitamin also maintains the health of teeth, supports the health of the immune system, regulates insulin levels, supports cardiovascular health and influences the expression of genes involved in cancer development.

Another power-packed ingredient present inside Active-PK is L-Leucine (amino acid) which contains promising benefits for weight and lean muscle mass. L-leucine helps maintain muscle mass. A number of athletes and bodybuilders take supplementations with Leucine in it. According to some studies, increasing this health-promoting amino acid intake can have countless benefits. It upgrades weight loss, strengthens body composition and improves metabolic disturbances.

Builds up the levels of fat oxidation

Another active ingredient Blueberry Powder protects a person’s body from harm by free radicals, unstable molecules that can ruin cellular structures and contribute to aging. The antioxidants present inside blueberries have innumerable benefits for the brain, helping to improve brain function and putting off age-related slump. By eating blueberries, people can shed off abdominal fat, the kind of fat associated with diabetes and heart disease. In addition to that, Green Tea Extract is one vital ingredient which increases the burning of excess body fat notably during exercise.

It also makes people burn a number of calories even at rest. EGCG present inside green tea increases metabolism, meaning that it builds up the levels of fat oxidation and the rate at which a person’s body turns food into calories which in turn aids weight loss. Moreover, this powerful ingredient gets rid of excess water and marks down excess weight.

Another active ingredient L-Carnosine is known to be gifted of halting cellular damage from free radicals such as reactive oxygen species and reactive nitrogen species. Altogether these turbocharged ingredients help shrink a person’s fat cells. People will notice a narrow midsection, thin and skinny thighs and a physique that they have always wanted.

Scales down body weight by burning fat

Active PK is one weight loss formula which fires up a person’s metabolic rate and jumps start weight loss. It has the ability to activate a crucial enzyme which is responsible for promoting considerable weight loss by raiding deep fat at the cellular level, considered to be one of its best features. Another standout feature is that it is made with high-quality power-packed ingredients which do not contain any chemicals, additives, fillers, synthetic substances or other harmful compounds.

This pill helps scale down body weight by burning fat and may also lessen the amount of water a person’s body is holding which also cuts down weight. This fat loss supplement may also encourage increased energy levels which help people burn more calories during exercise, they may also want to increase their resting energy expenditure. Active PK modulates a person’s metabolic rate and helps people fight against obesity. Anyone who has attempted to take a load off excess body weight in the past, this supplement is assuredly a great choice for them.

LCR Health Active-PK is available at a price of $46.99 for one month supply. For a three month supply, customers have to pay $117. The one month supply comes with a $3.95 shipping fee where as, a three month supply has free shipping.



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