Ketologic Review: A Healthy Way of Fitness?


Calorie calculations, carbs cancellation, fat upload, fat downgrade, protein onslaught and a lot more form the major points of a confused mind map that tries to trace a fit routine. Weight loss and fitness maintenance aren’t easy nuts to crack. In fact, there are more complexities in them than in a course of mathematics. A good diet is determined by a number of factors and can be achieved in multiple manners; some of these are effective, whereas, others are a pure waste of time. Of course, choosing the right fitness plan and meal items along with the calorie calculations can all be mind-blogging. A simple solution then is Ketologic.

This is an one-stop for all of the queries of an individual. Not only does it provide the perfect recipes for good health and fitness but it also aids a person with products that can speed up and make the fitness plan all the more effective. The basis of this program is the Low Carb and High Fat (LCHF) plan that keeps one full and fit. There is no starvation or confusion to serve as a buzzkill for one’s motivation and dedication. All the logics are nutritionally drawn and well-studied too so a person can avail all the resources from this program and all instructions without a second thought.

Ketologic Review

Ketologic is a comprehensive plan for fitness and weight loss that helps a person by fully covering all the aspects of the herculean tasks of shedding the extra pounds or maintaining the trimmed physique. It provides recipes, products, as well as challenges to keep a person on the track of good and healthy physical fitness.

The logic in the name of this initiative denotes that it is based on sensible weight loss and fitness regulation. Most of the programs require a person to simply start living a zombie’s life with minimal consumption of food or reliance on only one essential diet component such as proteins. Such a fitness plan ends up in a disaster, as the starvation pangs leave a miserable impact on an individual.

Also, most of the plans focus on holding fat as the culprit that is accountable for all the extra body mass. This program, however, does not lock the fats behind the bars. Rather it understands the role of fat in one’s diet plan. As fat accounts for 75% of one’s diet, it is almost futile to try and curb it. So the program barges into a low carb and high-fat diet plans.


There are numerous unique features of the Ketologic that make it stand out as different from others. Some of these:

A comprehensive initiative

This plan is fully comprehensive as it covers everything that one might need for maintaining their fitness. It includes all the aspects that one needs to take into consideration while trying to shed the additional pounds. These include:

  • Recipes: that are healthy, nutritious, easy to make, as well as taste good
  • Keto Videos: these provide essential and informative information for understanding how a person can benefit from a keto lifestyle
  • Keto Articles: this section is almost like a virtual library that provides numerous write-ups on keto lifestyle. These also provide a motivational dose to fuel the best in a person
  • Products: there are numerous products that the program offers that are discussed in detail below

Based on LCHF diet

The foundation of Ketologic stands on logic and science. It understands that fat does not make people fat so abruptly cutting it from one’s lifestyle can never be a good way of leading a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, it introduces the low carbs and high-fat lifestyle, which is healthy as well as helps a person to stay in excellent shape.

No Side Effects

The means to the end is natural so there are no side effects. In fact, the recipe plans and products of this lifestyle program keep a person full so that he does not mindlessly pop food items unnecessarily throughout the day. At the same time, there is no starvation involved so that a person maintains a healthy lifestyle and remains fit without having to give up on food.


Two great products that Ketologic has to offer to keep a person on a potential track to fitness are the Ketologic Meal Replacement and Ketologic Quick Fuel. These are explored in detail below:

Ketologic Meal Replacement

The MRP product by the program is a convenient and delicious source of fuel for all and sundry. All a person needs to do is add the meal replacement powder in the water and get a good start to his day. Mix well and shake before consumption.

The product is an all-natural solution that is free of colors, flavorings, and artificial sweeteners. It encourages fat loss and provides a powerful dose of energy too. Here are the key pointers for this product

  • All natural
  • Well-studied
  • Supports ketone production
  • Promotes fat loss
  • Good taste

It comes in chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavors so that a person can avail the taste that he likes the best. The price is marked at $69.99.

Ketologic Quick Fuel

This is a good source of energy for all those on a ketogenic or low carb diet. The all natural formula fuels the brain and body and prevents any sort of energy fluctuations. It also boosts mental and physical performance.

The BHB formula helps to suppress appetite, enhances mental performance, boosts ketones. It is prepared in the same way as the above product by dissolving and mixing a scoop in 8-12 oz of water. Here are the important factors about this product:

  • Natural composition
  • Great taste
  • Zero sugar
  • Electrolytes in the formula

It comes in several flavors that include apple-pear, orange-mango, and grape to name a few. It comes from $59.99.


In a nutshell, Ketologic has a lot of fitness and weight loss challenges and solutions to offer. The program is packed with helpful and information knowledge on the significance of a keto lifestyle. It also provides products for fueling an individual’s energy.


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