Keranique Review – Scam or Does It Really Work?

Keranique Review

What is Keranique?

Keranique is a line of hair products exclusively for women specifically created formula to stimulate hair regrowth for fuller and thicker hair. Keranique is unique in its quality and is evidently effective. It contains a scientifically-proven FDA-approved ingredient that stimulates hair regrowth and is at the core of composition of the product.


Keranique comprises a package of products containing shampoo, conditioner, follicle-boosting serum, amplifying lift spray and thickening and texturizing mousse. All these work together to provide ultimate solution to thinning hair on permanent basis. This line of products has been made to be used in complementing fashion to achieve the highest degree of efficacy. Keranique has been a groundbreaking hair regrowth and volumizing formula in fields like dermatology and cosmetology.

Who is Keranique for?

Keranique line of hair products are targeted exclusively for women. This hair-regrowth formula has been manufactured after years of research, study and experiments; moreover it contains an FDA-approved hair growth ingredient and is clinically proven to be effective.

Keranique is for those women who are under routine distress and anxiety over progressively thinning of their scalp hair and no remedies seem to be working to make it better. Some people have nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances or genetic predisposition to female-pattern hair loss. All these root causes can be eliminated by using Keranique. This product is for women who conceal their scalp in embarrassment and misery over scarce and lifeless hair. Ageing plays a vital part in degenerating hair as well. Keranique provides hair with the potent ingredient to boost its growth and alongside provide motivation to women to regain self-confidence in their looks.

Keranique is the product of choice for hair of those women who desire thick hair full of volume. It works like a miracle on the scalp to rejuvenate hair follicles, refurnish hair shafts and provide a long-lasting volume and strength to hair that had been lacking before.

Over 500,000 women have used Keranique hair products in recent time and their response has been dynamic and satisfied enough to be used as absolute evidence of the effectiveness of the product.

How does Keranique work?

Keranique possesses a highly potent ability to stimulate hair growth and provide bulk, volume and strength to hair shafts on individual level and hence providing a whole transformed look to the woman. Over 86% women agreed that Keranique System helped their hair grow healthier.

90% agreed that Keranique System helped visibly volumize their hair while 86% agreed Keranique System helped their hair look fuller. Effects of the product become appreciable gradually but by 16 weeks the hair is guaranteed to look better, stronger, longer and more thickened in every aspect.

The science behind the secret is divided into three steps to categorize the level of affectivity.

Step One is Cleanse and Condition. This includes Revitalizing Shampoo with Keratin (a core substance of hair follicle that provides it support and strength). It reduces buildup of toxins in the hair follicles and enhances microcirculation so that blood and oxygen reaches the essential places that trigger and sustain proper hair growth.

Next in step one is Keranique Volumizing Conditioner with Keranique voluminous shine with look of body, dimension and bulk on a stable and healthy level.

Step Two is Regrow. This comprises of Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment that contains clinically-proven FDA-approved ingredient (2% MINODOXIL) to regrow thicker and fuller hair without any untoward side effects.

Although women who have a pre-existing heart disease or circulatory disorder like hypertension or diabetes are required to consult their doctor before using Minodoxil-containing products even on hair. For them Keranique has considerately launched a different serum called Keranique Hair Boosting Serum that is light, alcohol-free, fortified with peptides, capable of repairing split ends and absolutely safe in patients of heart disease and hypertension.

Keranique Hair Boosting Serum contains Aminexil (also called Kopexil), a safer alternative of Minodoxil in contraindicated women.

Step Three is Rejuvenate. This contains Keranique Amplifying Lift Spray that provides instant fullness and volume. It further helps to repair and protect against breakage and heat damage. Hair breakage is an inevitable consequence that occurs in weak, dull and frizzy hair. This needs to be repaired by hydration and strengthening that is offered by Keranique.

Next option in step three is Keranique Thickening and Texturizing Mousse that promises to protect hair from heated styling tools. This is very important as hair gets more exposed to heating treatments and styling, it loses its essential oils and nutrients and these need to be restored by Keranique.

What are the benefits of Keranique?

Advantages of Keranique exceed those of routine hair products available in the market. This product is specially designed to have volumizing and strengthening effect on hair, promoting its re-growth on a more permanent basis. The unique quality is also that it works on every kind of hair, irrespective of texture, color and length. It also works wonderfully if hair has been previously damaged by styling tools or hormonal imbalances or the user is a candidate of unfortunate balding genes.

Keranique reinvigorates shrunken hair follicles and optimize growth to suit the user’s metabolism and fitness. It thickens hair shaft on cellular level and is backed up by clinical studies and customer reviews.

Some might say that it is slightly overpriced but manufacturer claims that it comes with the guarantee and efficacy. Individual results may vary that’s why some unlucky customers may not get the desired result but manufacturers are confident that most users will and that is why they are offering specific risk-free trial offer.

The recommended usage of Keranique is twice daily. It comes with a thirty days money-back refund policy and 100% guarantee of effectiveness. Limited supplies are available hence the website urges women to buy it soon so as to benefit themselves with the most potent hair regrowth formula available to enjoy a healthy confident lifestyle brimming with self-esteem and flowing long voluminous hair that adds to beauty and self-image in an outstanding way.

N.B. The claims made in this article are in accordance to the manufacturer of the product and in no way imply that they are the writer’s tested opinion.

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