Joint Relief 911 Review – Easy Relief From Joint Pain?

Joint Relief 911 Review

One never knows when they hear a crack and pop that they realize came from their bones. Initially, one may cringe and ignore the pain, convincing themselves that it was nothing. Gradually, though the pain enhances and breaks all records of previous pains. As is the drill, medications and drugs make a false claim and only relief pain for a couple of hours.

The one product that stands prominently amidst the crowd of pain relieving drugs is the Joint Relief 911. The supplement is a pure and natural solution to joint ache. It aims to alleviate the ache not for an hour or so but for forever. This may sound as the product has walked from an individual’s fantasy. However, the product is backed by credible research and has its roots from natural sources, so it becomes reliable.

When Would You Need Joint Relief 911?

It is no secret that joint stiffness and ache has been on the rise. Not only does the senior public become the victim of this terrible trouble but the young generation is also being taken into its fold.

Stiff, achy joints create significant obstacles in a happy daily life. Unhappy joints translate into no morning walks, no evening stroll in the park, zero regular exercise, no long hours of shopping and difficulty in rising to just fetch the television remote. Under such circumstances, the Joint Relief 911 is the need of the hour.

The need culminates into a dire one when traditional supplements such as glucosamine and chondroitin don’t accomplish their joint ache relief purposes. DMSO and MSM also do not help in alleviating the ache in the long term. Supplements derived from natural sources hardly ever disappoint, so this is where Joint Relief 911 works its wonders.

The Science Behind Joint Ache and How the Supplement Works In Eliminating It?

Joints are points where bones meet, held together by a tissue called cartilage. It is no rocket science, but when two structures meet one another, friction is bound to raise its head and create resistance. Likewise, when two bones meet, a lubricating fluid cuts down the friction.

The lubricating fluid between the bones is called synovial fluid. It reduces friction which otherwise would cause pain when bones interact. A joint ache is caused when the synovial fluid dries off.

The Joint Relief 911 aims at maintaining and replenishing this cushion of synovial fluid between the joints to fight off the ache. The means to this end is achieved by harnessing the power of natural ingredients. Without further ado, the composition of Joint Relief 911 is explained below.

The Natural Ingredients in the Joint Relief 911

Two main ingredients are used in the making of the Joint Relief 911 capsules. These are:

  • Andrographis paniculata

The supplement relies on this natural herbal extract that was discovered in a study conducted by the University of Chile. Researchers used this herbal extract to halt inflammatory signals sent to the brain caused by joint pain.

The andrographis paniculata promotes joint flexibility and mobility, fights inflammation and bacterial infections, increase joint strength and lubrication. Apart from this, the natural ingredient also works to boost the immune system and protect the liver.

  • Hyaluronic Acid

This acid is commonly used in joint pain relief to rehydrate the synovial fluid. It is commonly injected directly into the joints for rapid recovery. Besides, the hyaluronic acid is also used found in anti-aging supplements and skin creams.

The manufacturers of Joint Relief Pain claim that similar positive results are also achieved by ingesting it as part of the supplements. Other than these two ingredients, no other are mentioned.

The Dosage of These Ingredients in the Joint Relief 911

Unfortunately, the proper dose composition of these listed ingredients is not mentioned. Although the supplementary pill is made by Phytage Labs of the US, yet there is no clear composition given. Only claims are made that the standard, recommended, and clinically prescribed dosages are added in the making.

The absence of properly numbered measurement of doses plants a red flag. Also, there are no other additional instructions that need to be followed such as any particular exercise or certain diet plan with the regular intake of the pill. However, if other conventional medicines fail to provide relief, then there is no harm in trying this natural supplement.

The Pros of Using the Joint Relief 911

In the long run, several benefits come associated with the use of Joint Relief 911. The capsule targets joint ache from many angles. These advantages are:

  • Lubricates and maintains the cushioning synovial fluid of the joints
  • It brings inflammation under control, therefore, relieving pain
  • The Joint Relief 911 also reduces joint stiffness
  • Makes the joints flexible to be to perform the varied activities of life
  • The supplement also encourages joint mobility
  • Is an excellent alternative to costly medicines and long term drug courses
  • A great solution to painful injections and timely trips to the doctor

The Cons Associated with Joint Relief 911

There are a few cons that come with the supplement. These are:

  • The Joint Relief 911 is only available online, so one would not find the pill in a retail store
  • The exact dose of each ingredient used in the formula of the pill is not outlined

Purchasing the Pill

Joint Relief 911 is available digitally, and order can be swiftly placed on the website. The supplement also comes with a 90-day refund policy so one can return the pill if it does not satisfy him.


Produced by Phytage Laboratories and presented by Dr. Steve Clayman, the Joint Relief 911 is a good solution to traditional medicines that do not pay off with positive yields instead of the price. With credible research and disclosure of the ingredients, the pill is an effective way to get relief from the joint ache in the long run. Although there is a slight doubt about the dosage of the ingredients used in the composition yet that is not a reason to drop the pill.


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