Joint and Muscle Freedom by Patriot Health Alliance Review – Reliable and Efficient Route?


Joint and Muscle Freedom is a supplement by Patriot Health Alliance that relieves one of aching joints and straining muscles together with making the bones and muscles stronger. With the help of this pill, one can get rid of the obstacles in the way of free movement. Made of natural ingredients and free of side effects, this is a convenient way to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

What is this product about?

Aching muscles and joints can be very difficult to deal with. An individual who is suffering from this situation can understand all too well how restricting such pains can be. Not only do they make one feel older than he is but they also make him miss out on several opportunities and events just because he is in agonizing pain.

Those who are victims of joint and muscle pains are in constant fear of tripping. A minor accident of bumping into furniture can feel torturous. Since the pain can be debilitating, one is also at more risk of injuries. It is essential to put an end to the problem before it takes over one’s life and ruins it. The market is filled with products that can be used to reduce the pain.

Unfortunately, most of these products either are ineffective or come from companies that one just can’t trust. Joint and Muscle Freedom by Patriot Health Alliance is one supplement though that is among the few products that come from trustworthy companies and are also efficient at their jobs. This pill enables a person to live a normal life without pains and aches plaguing his activities at all times.

The capsule is made using only natural substances. That is a plus point considering natural ingredients mean that the product wouldn’t cause any adverse side effects. The product is all about helping individuals get relief from inflamed and aching muscles and joints. Another benefit of the product is that not only does it combat pain but it also strengthens joints and muscles.

The man behind this supplement

The company that Joint and Muscle Freedom comes from is Patriot Health Alliance. This brand is known for several of its other supplements as well. That in itself is enough to help a person depend on the product without any doubts. The man who created this product though is Dr. Lane Sebring. This man isn’t some amateur who doesn’t know what he is doing. Rather he is a highly qualified individual.

He’s a licensed medical doctor, an Air Force Vet, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine’s board examiner, an anti-aging expert, a speaker at Harvard university, an instructor to junior docs and nurses about healthy aging and also nutrition. He’s the man big personalities go to. All this shows that this product is reliable as it has been created by an authentic person who is in this field.

The ingredients of this product

What makes Joint and Muscle Freedom effective are its ingredients. The company claims that they use all-natural ingredients that are 10 times more powerful than in other products. There is no use of harmful substances such as fillers, additives or chemicals. So, there is no worry of adverse side effects. The composition is highly potent. A brief overview of the main components has been mentioned below.


This herb is derived from Milk Thistle plant. This component has the property to prevent two inflammatory molecules IL-8 and IL-6 from spreading in the joints’ synovial fluids. It also decreases inflammatory chemicals that can damage the cartilage between joints.

ApresFlex Boswellia Serrata:

This substance is responsible for combating the harm caused by inflammatory chemicals to the cartilage. It also works to decrease an enzyme called MMP3 which is charged automatically by inflammation causing molecules. It boosts cartilage production and also collagen which is required for maintaining cartilage health. This is how this ingredient works to benefit joint health.

Lutein and Zeaxanthin:

These two ingredients are known for improving eye health. Recently it has been revealed that both can also benefit joint health. They help with stiffness and numbness in joints and muscles that occurs with age. They increase the strength of muscles and help with improving their mobility and flexibility. They help with all this as they have the ability to prevent muscle cells from coming in contact with free radical and oxidative damage.

Benefits of going for this product

There are several advantages of going for this product. First off, since it comes in pill form, it is convenient to use. Secondly, since all ingredients are natural, it is safe to consume. it is very beneficial for health as one shouldn’t have to suffer from joint and muscle pain when there is an efficient pain reliever available. By the regular intake of this supplement one would notice his ache going away, stiffness and numbness would also be eliminated while mobility would be improved.

Pricing of the product

The product comes in three price ranges. For a single bottle of Joint and Muscle Freedom, one would have to pay about 50 dollars while three bottles are available at a price of 150 dollars. Similarly, there is another package that offers five bottles of the supplement. There is a money-back guarantee as well. Which shows that the company is confident about its product and that it is authentic. It also gives people the option to return the product and get their cash back if they aren’t satisfied with it.


There are several products available for bettering muscle and joint health. This one, Joint and Muscle Freedom, has the balance in its favor as it is a natural product that comes from a renowned company. It provides a whole lot of benefits. It relieves one of his aches, saves him from injuring himself, strengthens his muscles and reduces muscle stiffness and other issues. It helps save his bones from further damage arising due to increased inflammation. A reliable product that is worth a try.


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