IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation Review – Should You But It?


It is a universally acknowledged fact that a woman without makeup is like food without salt. And there is no denying that the very base of all the makeup that sets the tone of the skin and gives support to the rest of the makeup is the foundation. Every woman knows how significant it is to have a good base for all the makeup. Despite taking the risks of experimenting with several products and spending a good amount of dollar bills on foundations, though, the end-result is usually cracked or caked makeup.

However, one foundation that stands as promising amidst the crowd and is worth the money is the Bye Bye Foundation by IT Cosmetics. The foundation works on three levels viz; coverage, hydration, and protection of the skin. IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation helps one achieve a clear, concealed skin after the application of the foundation along with moisturized skin without an extra layer of sunscreen.

What is IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation?

Bye Bye Foundation from IT Cosmetics is sold by Guthy Renker and is the product of the struggles of Jamie Kern Lima. The foundation works like a miracle to cover fine lines, pores, dark spots, acne, and other imperfections for a fine, clear look.

The foundation also conceals skin that prominently speaks volumes of aging. The Bye Bye Foundation is packed with several anti-aging ingredients that cover the look of aged skin. So the next time, an individual wears the IT Cosmetic’s Bye Bye Foundation, she will look younger and fresher.

Bye Bye Foundation also hydrates the skin. The cream has a moisturizing formula working simultaneously with making one look younger. With the aid of the moisturizing component, an individual’s skin looks hydrated and soft to the touch.

There is also no need to of worrying about dabbing on foundation repeatedly through the day or refreshing the makeup as the Bye Bye Foundation has been clinically shown to last all day long.

Additionally, this foundation from IT Cosmetics is rich in SPF 50 Sunscreen, so the foundation not only conceals and hydrates but also works on the third level of protection of the skin from the sun. A person using this foundation wouldn’t have to worry about applying an extra layer of sunblock and can go freely in the sunlight.

In a nutshell, the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation works simultaneously on perfecting the look of an individual and protecting and hydrating the skin also.

The Person Behind The IT Cosmetics

A woman who has borne the brunt of a messed-up look of makeup that caked, creased, and cracked is the face behind the IT Cosmetics. Jamie Kern Lima is a Miss USA Contestant who worked as a newscaster in her twenties.  Her profession demanded that she perfected her looks with makeup. So far the picture seems perfect, but a huge part of it is missing, though.

Miss Lima suffers from Rosacea, a skin condition that causes frequent outbreaks of acne. In this way, her skin is sensitive to most of the makeup. She also claims from experience that the majority of the articles of makeup, get collected in the lines of the skin or cracked up in the middle of the day, giving the look of a poorly done makeup. As her condition worsened, she decided to give producing her tested line of makeup a shot.

In 2008, she embarked on her journey to manufacture makeup that was perfected and protected from her Studio City Apartment. She worked towards producing a line of products such as eyeliners, concealers, powders, and more. In this regard, she also collaborated with leading plastic surgeons.

By and by, the cosmetics Lima initiative started gaining popularity. In 2014, her company, Innovative Technology Cosmetics made more than $100 million.

The Three Levels the Bye Bye Foundation Works On.

Here is a look at the three things that the foundation does along with the components used to achieve the ends.

Corrects & Conceals

The Bye Bye Foundation bids farewell to the aged looks of the skin and hides wrinkles, fine lines, pores, and acne. A well-researched blend of powerful anti-aging ingredients such as hyaluronic acids, peptides, and hydrolyzed collagen form a concealing shield on the visibly older skin.

Perfects the Look

With the aid of 3D Skin Flex Technology, which is also described as light diffusing pigments, the foundation perfects the look. The 3D Skin Flex blurs the flaws and doesn’t crease or cake as the light diffusing pigments adjust with the skin.

Protects the Skin

A cherry on top of all of this is the mineral-based 50+ SPF sunscreen lying in the broad-spectrum range. It assists in keeping the skin shielded from harmful sun rays.

Cost of the Purchase

The IT Cosmetic Bye Bye Foundation comes in two beauty kits to choose from, these are:

Your Most Beautiful You Collection

A 7- piece set that arrives in the price tag of $49.95. It includes five products with two bonus products, adding up to total seven products.

Beautiful You Collection

A 5- piece kit that is worth $39.95 per month.

In both the cases, one has to choose from two sizes,

  • The Introductory Size (A 30 day supply) with additional $5.99 as shipping charges.
  • Full-Size Supply (90 days supply) that comes with free shipping.

In the case of the former deal, one would be automatically made a member and a 90-day supply at the monthly price will be sent. Bill can be sent altogether or divided in the span of 3 months.

Money Back Guarantee

Whether the product is used or vice versa, there is a 60-days money back guarantee. Hence, if the foundation doesn’t satisfy a user, she can have her money back.


Available in four shades, the Bye Bye foundation is the need of the hour as the product lasts all day, protects, hydrates and conceals both the age and imperfections of the skin. The only drawback is the auto-ship program, other than that it is an excellent foundation.


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