Isometrics Strength Review – Is It Worthy or Another Scam?



Isometrics Strength is a workout program that one can perform to build lean muscles. The fitness program involves users to utilize their own body weight instead of material weights which ultimately helps them build better body and lose excess fat.

Read on to find out more about the unique program:

What is Isometrics Strength?

Men of all age groups strive to build lean and strong muscles. However, even after putting in several hours a day at the gym, sweating over the heavy weights, taking care of their diets, and consuming harmful pills – they are unable to get the body they dreamt of.

Lucky for them, researchers in Paris, France discovered something that can really help build lean and strong muscles without touching a single weight. They claim that that the western fitness industry is all about expensive gadgets and supplements that claim to help the users lose weight and gain the right amount of muscles. Unfortunately, most of these “advertising gimmicks” are instantly proven wrong as soon as one invests in them. More often than should, these fitness gadgets and supplements are not as effective as claimed and usually harmful for the body. In the end, one just wastes a lot of money, time and effort.

The Isometrics Strength Program is based on the discovery made by the researchers in Paris, France. The program is created by Todd Kuslikis who stumbled upon this research breakthrough that can help change the way one builds muscles completely.

The program consists of simple exercises that one must perform only a few times a week. By following the program, interested users can increase their body strength by 54%. The specific type of isometric exercises gives the users a perfectly toned physique – just like the one they admire on television.

The “Tri-Isometric” Method:

the Isometrics Strength Program is made up of three different exercises that target fat, muscles, and strength in the body. These are:

  1. Static Contraction: In the first isometric, the muscles are squeezed but don’t move or push against anything. These exercises are simple and can be done anywhere, anytime.
  2. Yielding Contraction: This exercise involves activating muscle fibers to increase strength.
  3. Overcoming Contraction: The final stage is the most powerful isometric. This involves pushing against immovable forces.

What’s included with the Isometrics Strength Program:

the Isometrics Strength workout program includes the following materials:

  • E-Book: The 50-paged e-book discusses the basics of the workouts in a detailed manner. The book also includes tips on how one can maximize their workout sessions with breathing techniques and muscle tightening tips.
  • Workout plan and Exercise Description: This manual includes detailed description of the workouts that comprises the Isometric Strength program. Each exercise is simple to perform and takes hardly 30 minutes to complete. These are to be performed 3 -4 times a week. Additionally, colored pictures are included with the written description making it easy for users to follow.
  • Isometrics Training Log Sheets: The log sheets help the users keep track of their workout sessions so they stay accountable for their performance.
  • Bodyweight Physique Academy: A 14-day trial of the online forum is given which allows the users to interact with fellow like-minded individuals as well as see various videos, tutorials, exercises, and interviews. Although not much information is provided about the website, the maker does state that interaction on this website is very helpful for the users to make the most out of this program. Unfortunately, after the 14-day trial is over, users are charged $47 per month for continuation if they wish to.

Furthermore, Additional Bonus Materials are also included within the program. These are:

  • Nutrition for Building Muscles and Increasing Strength
  • 8 Week Meal Log Sheets
  • Recipes for Muscles Support and Recovery

About the Author:

The book is created by Todd Kuslikis who is a bodybuilder that focuses primarily on isometrics training. He has released various online materials related to this niche. His official website contains various free newsletters that are filled with bodyweight training techniques. According to Todd, his newsletter has more than 122,000 subscribers.

He only has two paid e-books. One being the Isometrics Strength while the other is Bodyweight Overload.

However, Todd Kuslikis does not have much professional credentials to his name. although, he does claim to have professional martial arts experience and has been practicing body weight training for many years.

Price and Guarantee:

Isometrics Strength consists of only online materials which means that no physical product is included. The PDF files are instantly downloadable after the payment process is completed successfully. Users can also print the materials if they find reading over a digital medium difficult.

Currently, a special promotion is offered where the product is priced for only $7.00. furthermore, the subscription for the Bodyweight Physique Academy is only for 14-days which will be renewed at $47 per month.

All purchases are backed with a 60-day money back guarantee which the users can avail if they are not satisfied with any aspect of the product.


overall, the product at a price of only $7.00, seems like a must try. However, the only drawback is the $47.00 subscription for the website which features online videos, tips, and community forum. The makers also don’t mention why the subscription for the website is so heavily charged since most websites are not this costly over the internet. However, since the subscription is only for 14-days, interested individuals can cancel their subscription and be free of any further investment.

The makers claim that the program can help interested individuals gain 54% further strength without trying too much in the gym and investing in equipment’s. Hence, it also eliminates the use of supplements which is very popular nowadays.

As per this review, the program should be given a try. One never knows, the claims can be true and consumers may be able to achieve the body of their dreams without any side effects. Hurry now and purchase the Isometrics Strength program now.


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